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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Misfits is a raunchy comedy sifi story started on May 2th to find out more guess you will have to read to see what happens


Chapter 1

Monologue for the story of Misfits begins with Gage The Galactic Retard going to a planet on his hover-bike while wearing a mask with a breathing tube inside of it having pipes going out of the mask into the oxygen tanks on the side of the hover-bike going to planet Dakota home to all the furry dwellers while having the thirst of throwing them to the shadow realm while burning their homes as he lands down on a grassy field while he sees some Furries fucking in the bushes and some voring each other as he thinks to himself.

Gage: "This is going to be messy fucking Christ they're already voring each other".

He steps off the hover-board keeping his mask on but removing the tube from the mask as he takes a look around then sees a weird looking baby furry in a log cabin house then he throws a grenade inside its mouth yelling

Gage:"Merry Christmas you filthy animals!"

Before the furry military unit arrives Gage goes into a small town kicking the doors open to a church while they are crucifying a small naked furry on a cross with a lewd expression on its face then he goes to the furry priest and grabs him by the throat cutting off both of his ears then tail and shoving them down his throat while shooting down the furry nuns as they scream allahu! Akbar! "As they say "die you non-fur" as he just appears behind them and shoots them both in the back of the head then he proceeds to drown the priest's body in the holy water as the water becomes red from the blood of the priest as a group of cult followers try to run out of the church then he cartwheels to the door first and locks them inside with them proceeding to twirl while shooting all the cult followers while one tries to run away screaming "oh lord! Save us from this devil!"Gage proceeds to take a tiny gun and shoot through the furies head leaving a small bullet hole about the size of a cheap tic tac as he walks away the body falls and he kicks down the door, and it flies off the hinges hitting one of the furry police officers car windshield killing the furry inside

furry five star general with a megaphone yells out to Gage

The General Furry: "uwu have bwoken the fuwwy waw numbew twenty thwee come with me in peace ow pay with youw non fuw bwood"

Two furry officers get behind Gage and proceed to pin him down then uses space handcuffs on him as he tries to resists arrest then one of the furry officers tases him while removing his mask revealing his face as a large space aircraft with a police logo on the aircrafts front while Gage looks up at a light coming down making him disappear with his last words being

Gage:"oh fuck....."

Chapter 2

The story starts in the year 4025 July the 5th on earth in a post-apocalyptic land in city of Manhattan with the sounds of a cop car sirens going off and gun shots from the distance where an unstable shity apartment scottish screams can be heard as what seems to be a women literally rolling out of bed and landing on her feet as she continues to walk to a kitchen to make some cheap ramen to eat for breakfast as she gets changed ready to start the day arming herself with a rifle on her back as she walks outside where the land is taken over by talking italian mafia monkeys and monkey headed scottish people and she thinks to herself Jesse: "another day another mhoncaí killed..." She notices a faint bright light from the sky but shrugs it off and goes to a near by abandoned shop to search for food and ammo saying to herselfJesse: "jesus christ I feel like an American soldier looking for oil"She would find some packs of ramen noodle and some ammunition then she would take the cash out of the cash register looking around keeping her guard upShe steps outside and on the corner with a furry wearing a trench coat opening it up revealing a popsicle shaped as a penis smirking at her saying in the fakest Russian accentFurry man: "you like this baby girl?" Jesse looks at him disgusted responding withJesse: "what the fuck is this tiny shit? I feel bad for your past lovers"Then she proceeds to kick him in the nuts then walks away with a disgusted look on her faceAs she walks around town where signs with pictures of monkeys on them with it saying "we own you so obey" with random broken english at the end while having a lifeles wits look on her face as she walks towards a jungle labyrinth where there's an abandoned empire state building where she would hear yelling, glass shattering and gun shots from inside then a chair gets thrown out a window as she thinks to herself Jesse: "fucking hate this job.. Why did I sign up for this again?"She walks in seeing the main floor empty then goes to the elevator going up to the top floor as the monkey screeches gets louder while having a concerned mad look on her face then finally the doors open and she steps out of the elevator greeted by a flying monkey in a suit landing on a wall almost hitting her face then she sees their boss sitting at a desk, Sir Vinny "iceman" PaulVinny: "so we meet again Jesse.. How's the family? Oh wait you don't have one!"He laughs to himself as the monkeys screech then he tells them to shut their mouths then looks back at Jesse as she clenches her fists in a aggravated state giving him a cold stare as a tiny monkey with a glass tray handing drinks to the two with Jesse looking at the glass with suspicion as she takes itVinny: "come on take a sip.. You're not afraid are you?"Jesse looks at him then swallows it while throwing the glass behind her as a monkey screaming can be heard as Vinny shows his fangs laughing as a bunch of monkeys can also be heard laughing then he slams his arm down on the desk to make them shut up as he notices her not being able to breathe then she'd faint and fall on the ground as they watch it happen silently as he taps a watch on his wrist as it shows a hologram contacting the police having a female monkey come over telling the police to come and pick up Jesse as he orders two other monkeys to pick her upVinny: "just drop her off somewhere she has no use for me"As he lights up a cigar and begins to smoke it while laughing as the two monkeys put her into a hovercar as the two monkeys begin talking about Jesse as she begins to wake up noticing her arms being handcuffed with a part of old-fashioned handcuffs as she struggles trying to break free while the monkeys laugh at her while one of saysMini Chump: "there's no use trying to struggle even though they're old they can still keep your little Scottish ass in check" As she kicks the backseat while they drive to a abandoned gas station as they pull over and throw her out as they drive away she quickly runs to a old lamp post using it to break the chain as she sighs as light can be seen from above with someone on a speaker talkingAn Officer: "the Individual down below come calmly or we will open fire"She tries to pull out her gun noticing she does have her gun so she just sighs and puts her hands up as a blinding light can be seen making Jesse vanishes into a holding cell in the ship She finds herself in there as she saysJesse: "oh fuck my life this is not how I planned to spend my weekend stupid cunt mhoncaí"


Chapter 3 

The year 4023 inside an underground laboratory a couple of scientists working for a company called I.S.O.M.A.B another one of the scientists wearing a hazard suit walking into a laboratory while holding a cybernetic cat carrier as he presses a button and a small male calico cat and drops him in a small containment cage then he walks away with an aggravated tone as their colleague walks up to the containment cage as they take it off to reveal themselves to be a latino woman and the only one working at the lab as metal lubes with syringes start injecting into the small cat as it yells in pain as it mutates changing its body once the machine stops she goes over to the poor thing and pulls it out of the containment cage taking out the syringes as it grows and grabs her arm biting it as she just pets it shushing it as she sits it on her lap the story continues as a year goes by as the scientists start experimenting on the earth animals such as Frogs,Dogs,Quokkas,Foxes and Monkeys all kept in a large underground Aviary with a build in Force field to keep the experiments in later on in the lab a latin male voice is heard?????: "Maria where are we going to?"Maria: " we're just gonna get you another medicine but it won't hurt so nothing to worry about"?????: oh ok well is my ass gonna hurt again?"Maria: "...why is that your question Pablo?"Pablo: "eh" he shrugsShe shakes her head as she picks him up putting him on the table preparing the syringe as Pablo looks at her doing that with a worried/concerned look sayingPablo: "you sure that big fucking needle won't hurt?"She looks at him answering calmlyMaria: "yes it won't hurt now be calm and don't scream"Pablo" excuse me not scream? That shit is bigger then my fucking nail are you retarded?"Mara: "language Pablo language and yes don't be a little baby bitch"Pablo: "whatever just get it over with"She goes over to him and injects it into his arm as he yelps then she looks at him then rolls her eye taking it the syringe away to get something from under the deskMaria: "told you it won't hurt idiot"Pablo: "oh shut up that shit hurts like hell"Maria: "yea yea just don't bitch about it next time"He gets off as she gets a drink from under the desk escorting him back to his roomPablo: "wait a fucking minute is that a bottle of whiskey?"Maria: "yea and It's all mine kid"Pablo: "did you just call me a fucking kid?"Maria: "yea deal with it"She opens the door as he walks back in then shutting it behind him locking the doorPablo: "if I only can drink some"Maria: "you don't want that no questions no nothing now go sleep we have work tomorrow Pablo"Pablo: "alright alright but I'm getting a sip of that drink bitch"Maria: "good night you bitch baby"Pablo: "fuck you too"He flips her off then goes to sleep as she walks away to write some notes about Pablo and his behaviour, a monkey taps on Pablo's glass then he looks over and sees a Gelada baboon Pablo: "uh.. Yes? What do you want?"???: "I saw you go with that woman to the other room.. What was in there?"Pablo: "nothing much why?"???: "interesting interesting" Pablo: "...ok then I'm going back to sleep"Or cats areHe ignores the monkey going back to sleepThe next day Maria goes to Pablo's room waking him upPablo: "five more minutes.."Maria: "wake the fuck up Pablo we got work to do" She'd sprays water at him as he gets up quicklyPablo: "Hey! What was that for?!"Maria: "Rise and shine bitch"Pablo: "ugh fuck you"Maria: "no time for arguments we have to go back to the lab"Pablo: "oh I hate it there Maria"Maria: "I know just fucking deal with it, it's only for today"Pablo: "fine fine"They go over to the lab as a couple of scientists start to give him a physical examinationPablo: "hey hey don't touch the tail pal"They would starts putting an electroencephalogram on his head running tests on him to see his mental and physical healthPablo: "this is not how I wanted to spend my Friday"Maria: "don't worry about it and don't be a bitch baby"Pablo: "fuck you"Minutes pass by as they take it off of him letting him get off the table going to MariaPablo: "that was annoying"Maria: "the most annoying thing is hearing you bitch about everything like a baby now come with me let's get you back to your room"Pablo: "yea yea I wanna sleep and a sip of whiskey"Maria: "still no"They go back to the room section and Pablo goes to his room as Maria locks the door behind him leaving a box inside while he sleepsShe would go to her office to work on her computer Maria: "everything seems to be fine and in order.. Good"The monkey next to Pablo's room would start to try to break his door's lock in an attempt of escaping ???: "I must get out of here and go back to my gang"He would successfully break it open and looks around then explores while staying away from everyone's sight Minutes pass and Pablo wakes up to see a box in front of his door Pablo: "eh..? Is this one of Maria's pranks?"He would get up to pick it up opening it to see a black collar with his name on the tag and on the back is his ID on it then he'd see a letter Pablo: "...huh, this is nice but not whiskey.. Anyways let's read it"The note would read "Hey Pablo by the time you wake up you'd prob be reading this and I want you to have this as a gift from me and as a thank you for being my friend for the past year yea we have our arguments but I want you to know how much more I see you then just some stupid lab experiment and just thank you Pablo - Maria"Pablo would crack a small smirk as he puts it on Pablo: "she even has it as my favorite color haha"As soon as he puts it on a loud alarm starts making Pablo jump then the door automatically opens as animals can be seen evacuating and running around crazily while gun shots can also be heard while a masked figure starts shooting up the place killing all the scientists and animals with single shots and while having bandages wrapped around his face then Pablo would walk into an empty room with a small test chamber big enough only for him as someone can be seen quickly picking Pablo up putting him inside it locking it and it starts filling up with liquid as a tube covers his mouth as he slowly starts passing out and the last thing he sees is Maria turning around to see the masked figure shooting her through the head with a single shot then Pablo would completely pass out in the chamber A year passes by as the glass starts to crack slowly then it gets enough cracks for the liquid to starts leaking through short-circuiting a dashboard near it unlocking the chamber as Pablo falls out onto the floor waking up coughing as he stands up wondering what just happened he walks outside the room being overwhelmed by the moss and plant life growing on the walls and floor he then sees the decomposing skeletons of the scientists that once worked there walking towards a hole in the wall revealing the outside world as he begins to travel outside he stumbles upon a pretty poor city where they have late 2000s technology as a week-old news paper showing him a year has passed he then walks into a store and simply waves walking inside as people look at him with confusion he walks down a toy aisle seeing a doll about the same height as himself in a box he then shrugs savagely opening the box throwing it at a random women with her child removing the pants proceeding to put them on himself then he walks out of the store wearing them as a couple of old cop cars can be seen parked outside the store then Pablo would look at the cars thinking Pablo: "hmmm I do need a ride"Then proceeds to unlock the door getting in and driving away as the other cops look at each other then go after him in a hurryCop #1: "stop n the name of the law!"Pablo: "this isnt a farm you fucking pigs go back to eating shit out of a asshole!"Cop #2: "are we seriously chasing a cat driving a car?"Cop #1: "we've seen worse now let's get that fucker"They start to catch up to him Pablo: "oh fuck how do I make this go faster?"He'd somehow make the car get faster but ends up crashing it flying out the window into a wall then falls down as the other cop cars pull up to him getting out Cop #1: "we got you now fuck!"Cop #2: "how does a cat even drive a fucking car..."Pablo can be seen on the floor of the car putting both hands on the gas pedal as the car hitting a lamp post can be heard and before Pablo stands up turning to his side as the two cops just stand there with a single pair of handcuffs as they realize they won't even fit on the cat so they just throw him in the back of the car grabbing an old radio receiver as they radio another officerCop #1: "Am I talking to officer 01-32?"Furry Officer: "Yes thawt's me iws thewe any pwobwems officew wawtew?"Cop #1: uh... yea we got a cat who stole one of our vehicles and tried to escape but we got him and we need you to take him in"Furry Officer: "Ooo thiws wiww be intewesting.. awwight send him tuwu me awnd i'ww put him with the west awso cawn uwu send sowme uh.. sowme of the toys? Ehehehe"The officer would just cuts the signal saying Cop #1:"why did I sign up to this" He'd shake his head while sending Pablo to the other Officer with a disappointed look on his face throwing the cat in the air as a bright light appears from the sky making Pablo disappear into a large holding cell in a ship finding himself there looking around Pablo: "this place looks worse then the time I puked on a rainbow carpet then blamed a dog for that"

op #1:”why did I sign up to this” 

He’d shake his head while sending Pablo to the other Officer with a disappointed look on his face throwing the cat in the air as a bright light appears from the sky making Pablo disappear into a large holding cell in a ship finding himself there looking around

Pablo: “this place looks worse then the time I puked on a rainbow carpet then blamed a dog for that”


Chapter 4

The year 2019 in the city of Philadelphia, an Idiotic man named Tyrone can be seen driving in a 

old beat up trunk to a local gas station with an ATM as he steps outside walking to the back of the truck taking out a rope as he ties it to the ATM but while he does that the manager can be seen walking outside looking seriously pissed off

The Manager :"Hey yo what the fuck you doing man?"

Tyrone :"Im fixing your ATM machine bruh"

The Manager :"if you don't seriously stop what you're doing I'm calling the cops"

Tyrone : "but I'm just fixing the fucking ATM machine "

The Manager : "okay then would you care to explain what's wrong with it then?"

Tyrone :"Ye so basically i came here last week and i tried pressing buttons on the machine right to get the money that comes out of it so i figured today when i randomly drove here in the truck, that I stole the other day to come and slightly move this a little since its broken"

The manager :"i didn't need to hear any or all of that"

Tyrone :"bitch you just asked you be smoking that serious pack" 

 A cop car pulls up to the gas station as he steps outside his vehicle slamming the door close and he walks up to Tyrone and the Manager

The cop : "Are you seriously doing this shit again?"

The manager : "again?"

The cop : "yeah he does this dumb shit all the time just last week he walked into a bakery trying to steal beard and had a fight about the gluten inside of the bread"

Tyrone : "he didn't want to take out the  gluten so i took his cash register it really is simple"

The manager : "aren't you going to arrest him or something?"

The cop : "sir i alone have arrested this man three times this week no matter what or who we just can't really contain him"

Tyrone "I'm like one of those anime fuckers"

The cop sighs 

The cop : "look can you at least get inside the back of the car"

Tyrone : "nah that shit is uncomfortable"

The cop begins to call back up on this  radio as the manager gets tired of the situation and goes back inside

Tyrone : "shiit can i borrow that I want to order some subway"

A swarm of cop cars start pulling up with a bunch of cops pointing guns at Tyrone

Tyrone : "damn where are those Black lives matter movement people when you need them"

They begin to fire at him shooting him killing him in the process


A year rolls by as 2020 becomes out of the worse years to date with a world wide pandemic as scientists all throughout the world are trying to come up with a cure but in a secret laboratory in Mississippi they can be seen experimenting on Tyrone's corpse injecting a blue serum into his body as he can be seen yelling in pain as he comes back to life

Tyrone :"I'm going to need some serious Tylenol for this"

The scientists see him and start  evacuating and screaming as hes confused to it but he stands up and walks out of a door as a SWAT team is waiting for him there

Tyrone :"bitch what the fuck happened did i get really high again or something?"

One of the guys in the SWAT team takes a gun out and fires at him while he sits there clueless

Tyrone :"is that one of those Nerf guns or do you just shoot like a bitch?"

One the SWAT guys :"my god not even  bullets hurt him"

Tyrone : "woah am i like a superhero now?"

He then walks away from the SWAT guys as he walks to a elevator with a camera in it

Tyrone :"where the actual fuck did i wake up"

He looks at his hand as he notices his skin is st arting to peel off looking at it like he has some kind of idea as he walks out of the elevator being nothing but a skeleton but as he walked out another SWAT one is standing in front of him with rocket launchers

Tyrone :"the uh black ass nigga your looking for went that way"

As he points down a hallway on his left side

Tyrone : "as you motherfuckers can see I'm white now if you excuse me i have some cheese to eat"

They begin firing at him as he runs away forgetting nothing really is going to happen to him but he runs to a door that says exit and stands there trying to read it

Tyrone :"ah who cares a door is a door"

He then opens it and escapes the  laboratory and after that nobody saw him again after that

The year 4045

After living for 2023 years Tyrone is now in Jail for trying steal drugs to a furry outside a convenience store and we now continue to our story

A loud siren can be heard signalling the inmates to eat Tyrone goes to sit on a chair in his cell bored out if his mind holding a picture of a women with the words Mom written on it as the ship  carrying Gage Jesse and Pablo begins to enter the prison but thats another story for another time


Submitted: May 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Slystudi0s. All rights reserved.

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