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Random Short Moment

"Protect your peace."
I heard from someone I stood next in line. I was in a transit station waiting for the ride that will take me home. The tone was calm and sweet. I felt the concern.
I took a glimpse of the speaker. She was on the phone. She was older and taller than me.
Moments later, passengers started to move. I carefully looked at my steps and the steps of someone in front of me.
'Protect your peace. What does it mean to her?' I was curious.

I intentionally sat next to her.
"... is knowing she is okay. I'm in peace knowing he is doing well. Though I'm dealing with some things, knowing that they are treated well, they are doing fine, and they are better ... that brings me peace." She said calmly.
"But knowing she wasn't. He was troubled. Knowing that they are experiencing pain, tell me how I can protect my peace?" She paused and looked outside listening to the one in the other line.
"You don't expect me to stop caring. Tell them to think positive and they'll be fine the next day, or me to think that I made my help, express my support to their battles, and move on."
There was silence.
"Now, protect my peace?" She sighed.

Submitted: May 29, 2021

© Copyright 2022 juan zilch. All rights reserved.

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