Endless Miles in Universe

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a wonderful scientific fiction.
In this fiction, a scientific exploring team explores the universe and meets many interesting things.
This fiction is suitable for all ages of readers.

Table of Contents

Invitation of Exploring Universe

“CK, CK, you have a letter.”  My colleague Tom came to my lab and handed me a letter. “Thank you, Tom!  How about you... Read Chapter


One week later, I report to the Universe Research Center and complete a two week training program.  After the training, we all live ... Read Chapter


After boarding the spaceship, the captain leads us to our living dormitory, Every team member has an apartment. As soon as entering m... Read Chapter

Take off

After entering the master control center, we sit in the observation room at the back of the master control center.  We can see the a... Read Chapter

Venus landing

After finishing our breakfasts, the captain comes. “We will land on Venus today. Do you have interests to land with us?” Asks the... Read Chapter

Happy life in spaceship (1)

 I find nobody in the hall.  I turn on the big screen on the wall and want to see some news from earth.  I am surprised to... Read Chapter

Mars landing

 “This is what I want to tell you.  We are going to land on Mars.  We will visit the grand seaman canyon first.  Af... Read Chapter

Grand seaman canyon

 Under the leadership of action leader, we leave the planet landing ship and step on the surface of Mars one by one.  Due t... Read Chapter

Happy life in spaceship (2)

 Take a look at the clock on the wall in my living room, it is time to have dinner.  I sit near the small table in the center o... Read Chapter

Bath in space

 In every bath room, there is a sealed bath cylinder fixed on the wall.  I open the door of the bath cylinder, take off my clot... Read Chapter

Space clock

In order to maintain the normal living cycle, we still use the time system of earth in our spaceship.  There is a standard atomic cl... Read Chapter

Abnormal Earth

“Hi, everybody.  Did you have beautiful dreams last night?” I make jokes to everybody. “I have slept all the night without... Read Chapter

Dance in space

“Since we still have spare time, let us play an interesting game.” Suggests Lily. “OK, what is the game.  Tell us about it... Read Chapter

Ancient trace of life and water on Mars

“We will go to Mars again to search for ancient trace of life and water.  We can collect some rock samples under ground and bring ... Read Chapter

Explore deep cave

 “Look! There is a cave!” Shouts Lily before our planet landing ship starts to fly. We look at the direction pointed by Lily... Read Chapter

Crystal forest

Mei and I hurry to the spot and being surprised by what we see:  there is a pile of crystals!  Looking further distance, there ... Read Chapter

Flying object remains

“It is the residue of a flying object.” Says Mei. “Yes, I agree with you.  It is the residue of a flying object.  But... Read Chapter

Alien skeleton

From the video we can see that the diameter of this hole is not big but it is very deep.  People cannot stand up inside the hole but... Read Chapter


Very soon, I find three UFOs appearing from the edge of sky.  It seems to me that they are monitoring us.  This worries me a lo... Read Chapter


At this time, the 3 UFOs beginning to move closer to me.  I inform the action leader about the situation outside immediately. ... Read Chapter

Water ice on Mars

“Hi, everybody.  We will go to north pole of Mars to explore water ice there.  After that, we will visit a Mars satellite.&nb... Read Chapter

Skating on Mars

“Since we are here already, we can play game here.  We can have an ice skating race here. The endless ice plain here is so beautif... Read Chapter

UFO again

“Look! The UFOs come again!” When we concentrate our attention on Tony, Mei looks at sky and find the UFOs. We raise our heads an... Read Chapter

Grand crater

Our planet landing ship leaves our mother spaceship and flies directly to the Mars satellite. Still far away, we can see the satellit... Read Chapter

A journey to Jupiter

“Good!” We all follow the captain leaving the big hall.  At the door, we meet the action leader.  The action leader leads u... Read Chapter

Gym in spaceship

I wear sport suit and go to do exercise on a walking machine. Since I can still feel simulated gravity wearing the special sport suit... Read Chapter

Explore Saturn

After waking up, I hear the voice from speaker that our mother spaceship is close to Saturn. I hurry up to the big hall after washing... Read Chapter

Stroll on the Saturn ring

 “I have a suggestion.  It must be very interesting to stroll on the Saturn water ice ring.” Says Lily. “Although it ... Read Chapter

Explore Uranus

After chatting for a while, we have our dinners. After dinner, everybody returns their own rooms to rest so that we will have good mood ... Read Chapter

Land on small satellite

“OK, we are about to land on the small solid satellite. Are you all ready?” The action leader asks us. “We are ready at any tim... Read Chapter

Explore Neptune

Next morning, when we have breakfast, the action leader comes. “Good morning, everybody.” After saying hi to each other, the acti... Read Chapter

Cultivate living things

First, our planet landing ship flies around the solid satellite a circle. I can see that there are something coming out from volcanoes. ... Read Chapter

Pluto danger

After reaching the outer space of Pluto, our mother spaceship cruises around it while we are still in deep sleeping. Next morning, ... Read Chapter

Land on small asteroid

Under the guidance of our action leader, we enter the planet landing ship and flies towards an asteroid on the outer side space of Pluto ... Read Chapter

Stroll on comet

  “It is still earlier to go home. Let us go to another place to take a look.” I ask the action leader on our way back to ou... Read Chapter

Reach the edge of solar system

Next morning after breakfast, we put on our space suits and board our planet landing ship. “We will go to find the edge of our sola... Read Chapter

Explore the milky way

In the deep space, there is a milk way with stars full of it.  This is the galaxy system.   Our mother spaceship flies towa... Read Chapter

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