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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: CC Poetry

I row on Penn Cove. Getting to know it is important.




You watch the water as you prepare your boat

Sensing its mood as you would a wild creature 

You slide carefully as it slumbers beneath you.

For you have learned to be one with the beast.


Rising sun strikes the surface and wakes it from its slumber.

It stirs and stretches and sends small riffles and swells across its length

It is full – sated – swollen with the pull of the moon.

Too full to move, it settles back down to snooze.


With a shift and turn, the setting moon 

Sends crawling tendrils over the beast. 

A twist, a shake, and its skin crumples and wrinkles as if to scratch against the sky

To break away, it thrashes, as it drains and thins.


A soft touch on the cheek, a movement in the trees

You can feel its pulse, its change of rhythm 

as its heart keeps pace with the wind

Its breath quickens, the chest heaves, then shatters with excitement.


Beware the beast when it rages 

When it loses its rhythmic pulsing

As it thrashes, tugs, pulls against its cage

Breaking, shattering, crashing to flow free.


It eats its cage, throws logs and drags rocks

Transforms to a merciless monster

Stand back and watch. Hear its strength.

Listen to it speak and call.Learn its voice when it cries.


The rage slips away into an uneasy quiet.

Seeking the peace of its former repose.

When calm it speaks in soft whispers to the shores

Beckons you to climb on its belly and play.

Does it sleep?


Know how to tell when it wakes. 

When it draws breath to shake off its covers and roam its bounds.

Feel its pulse, move as it breathes. Slide gently, and 

Don’t wake the beast.


CeCe Aguda




Submitted: May 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 CeCe Aguda. All rights reserved.

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Sometimes giving in is the best way...

Sun, May 30th, 2021 4:15am


This is about a body of water seeming like a beast.

Sat, May 29th, 2021 9:21pm

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