A Mythical Reality

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Mythology

What if the Olympic Greek god's were real and returned to our modern world with all their powers? Military and technology meet mythology as the god's try to orient themselves to our rules and culture. Religion and politics try to cope with the new powers and beliefs and the god's seek to rebuild their followers. In the middle of it all stands Emily. A average girl of no special talent except bursting people's bubbles who has a chance meeting with Poseidon. With government orders and her own idea she is sent into a seemingly different world to try and stop what is quickly becoming an all out war.

Table of Contents

So much has changed

  ‘It is good to be back in the real ocean again. So much has changed. Aphrodite teased that I might be in for a bit of a cu... Read Chapter

Olympic god's council

"Dominus Poseidon," says a young, blonde, woman with thin pink lips as I step into Zeus's Domain.  "Domina Iris," I reply, makin... Read Chapter

a deal

I run my fingers through my hair, feeling tired and no closer to the answers I want. My computer sits open in front of me, with tab after... Read Chapter

Poseidon's Oasis

Things cannot be any worse. I haven’t gotten a proper breath before going under and my lungs are soon burning. We shoot forward with un... Read Chapter

A Nymph's Nature

The first thing I realize is that I am warm. The sound of falling water, and laughter reach my brain. I slowly shake myself awake, moving... Read Chapter


Sure enough I sit in the water for what feels like ages with no sign of Namalise. Deciding enough is enough, I stand and start to look ar... Read Chapter

An Unexpected Test

  "Domina Aphrodite. I'm surprised you came so quickly." I say, a little shocked at the number of bags she is carrying. "I was s... Read Chapter

A Journey With Hermes

I feel like the nymphs are like an alarm that tells me when Poseidon is home. The first thing I hear when he arrives is them greeting him... Read Chapter

Unexpected News

"Well I think you've done very well Miss Taylor. You've kept yourself safe, learned as much as you could and even got yourself home despi... Read Chapter

weapons verses divine power

Watching the news is quickly becoming the worst part of my day. It’s been almost a month since Hermes deposited me in Lago and still th... Read Chapter


I lay on the bed I normally only use as an extra shelf in a total haze. I can hear Namalise tiptoeing in and out of the outer section of ... Read Chapter

Second Council

I stretch slowly when I awake, feeling great. I’m still in my swimsuit, and I hope I will time to hit the water again before I need to ... Read Chapter

More Suprises

When we arrive back everyone is split up into small groups talking. Everyone is politely avoiding Hades. Poseidon and Hera are by one of ... Read Chapter

Guests visit

We take our time returning, camping for two more nights under the stars. It’s somewhat embarrassing that continues to try and woe me. H... Read Chapter


The drop off point is near an air force base in Colorado Springs. Hermes doesn't seem keen on sticking around in case they try to spring ... Read Chapter

who's your god?

Before an hours was up I am ready and pacing my room with anticipation. I jump at the sound of footsteps coming down the hall, hoping it ... Read Chapter

Picking a new Head god

I am feeling a little better in the morning. Having all those scrolls taken care of is such a relief and with Emily back things are looki... Read Chapter

Coral Respawning

The memory of the kiss still lingered the following morning. Poseidon's words kept echoing in my head. 'I'll never let go of you, I'll ne... Read Chapter

A 2nd Candidate

Not surprising. It is hard to fall asleep and I awake up with a jolt, my heart beating fast and panicking, like the shell is being shut o... Read Chapter

Trying to get everyone to agree

Aphrodite stays for a whole week, which is an adjustment. I think both of us have gotten used to having Poseidon all to ourselves when we... Read Chapter


Everything is dead. All the life down the trench, even the fish who must have been passing over top. The water feels weird, warmer than i... Read Chapter

Who was it?

I lay in my bed crying as quietly as possible for a long time, listening to the silence. The god's had gone a few hours ago except Athena... Read Chapter


It is worse than I had thought reading the newspaper. As I had suspected the other gods had gone on another rampage with no mercy or warn... Read Chapter

A visit to the underworld

I don’t like traveling to the underworld. The water feels weird and it is so dark it is hard to not feel trapped. It takes awhile to un... Read Chapter

Missing Person

First stop is Hephaestus’s oasis, which Poseidon explains was in the middle of an active Volcano in Hawaii. Since Hermes can’t take e... Read Chapter

The Search

Mexico is definitely convinced that Hades is a god, or maybe I am not understanding what is going on. The locals are putting out candles ... Read Chapter

Hephaestus's Oasis

I was in Mexico longer then I should have been, but I was loving it. The music, the food, all the friendly locals. Still no sign of Hepha... Read Chapter

A Show of Force

It takes longer then I would have liked for Iris to return with Apollo. He looks so helpless and pathetic lying there with parts of his s... Read Chapter

The Aftermath

I had been so relieved Poseidon hadn’t been killed that it was hard to stay mad at him. I insisted Poseidon take me back to the mainlan... Read Chapter

Meeting the Mortals

I arrived at the Philippines, heading for the large, northern island just like Athena had told me. Hermes had dropped her off here a few ... Read Chapter

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