Camp of Legend Part 2 A novel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A year later, Alice Hardy, the sole survivor of Camp Crystal Lake, struggles to survive, as she lives in a house near the haunted woods. When Jason Voorhees attacks her, Paul Holt and Ginny Field, the new camp counsellors, open up the new Counsellor Training Camp, unaware that the killer is on the loose.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

__ The storm ravaged the town of Crystal Lake. The little girl skipped in the small puddle. 'Emily! Dinner's ready!'. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Alice Hardy awoke.  She stared at old art work on mahogany table.  Suddenly the telephone rang.  'Mom. I know ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Alice Hardy waited. She felt uncomfortable.  She saw the billowy yellow colored curtains; she knew she would hear screams of... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

The summer heat was stifling.  Jeff Anderson was eager to deal with the terror of the town of Crystal Lake. Sandra Becker looked... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

The bell rang. Paul Holt was watching the next group of campers.  He had long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and average height.&n... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

'Muffin! Where are you?', Terri asked Jeff.  'He's gone', Jeff answered.  'He didn't like the camp', Scott suggested. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Around the campfire, as the campers had dinner, Paul spoke.  'I don't want to scare everyone, but I will give it to you about Ja... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Mark was with Vickie.  'Are you good with computer games?', she asked him.  'Yes', Mark answered. 'Is the wheelchai... Read Chapter


Ginny was on the bed. 'Open the door, Paul', she said. He did so. In a matter of seconds, Jason Voorhees smashed through the ... Read Chapter

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