Saving the Magical Forest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Stuti Sripuram is an young reader who is inspired by her reading from adventure series by Enid Blyton.

This is Stuti's first attempt to write a book. In this short tale, she has expressed the adventure of four children who just moved to a remote place next to forest. Their new discovery and rescue of The Magical Forest from a bad witch

Saving the Magical Forest – By Stuti Sripuram



Chapter 1: The Shifting


There was a family in London. It had four children, two boys and two girls. They were about to shift to India. The children were so excited about going to new place. When they reached India, their house was near the forest. There was a stream next to the house and an open ground where they could play.


Jill, the eldest one among all was playing near the stream. Penny, the youngest girl was too shy. Jake was second eldest among all and Peter was younger to him. Jake heard a sound from the trees in forest. The sound was like ‘Wee wee hoo hoo’. Penny got scared and she hid behind Jill. Jill, Jake and Peter thought of a plan and said at once “Lets go to the forest tomorrow morning”. Penny was not happy with this plan. And wanted to stay back in the house. But others convinced her that it will be fun to explore the secrets of forest. She agreed to go with fear. The next day, all four of them woke up excited. They quickly finished their breakfast and packed lunch for later. Children told parents that they are going to play in ground near the house and will have picnic there itself. However, their plan was to secretly go into forest to find out where did the strange sound come from.



Chapter 2: Is it an animal? Is it a beast or is it a Dwarf?


When they reached the forest, they again heard same noise from the trees. Penny was about to cry with fear and asked her brothers and sister to return home. While she was talking, the noise in forest became creepier and sounded like “Boooooo Wooooo Hooooooo”. Children started walking faster and soon reached a place with one big mushroom and five little ones around it. They saw a cat and a dwarf too. The dwarf was trying to catch the cat and it ran so fast that the dwarf couldn’t catch it. the cat ran into bushes where the children were hiding. When the dwarf moved bush, she was surprised to see four children. Penny was holding the cat. She thanked penny for catching the cat. She introduced herself “My name is Miya and my cat’s name is Ben”. They all hugged each other and started talking.



Jake asked Miya, “Why do the trees of this forest make creepy sound?”.

Miya: “these trees can talk, looks like they are trying to tell you something.

Jill: “But how do we listen?”

Miya: “Keep an ear on the tree trunk and hug the tree. You will be able to hear it clearly”



Chapter 3: The sleep over


Come with me, you must be hungry. I will take you to my beautiful dwarf village said Miya. I will tell you everything about this forest and village. The children listened to Miya carefully and talked for a long time.

Then Miya said, “Whenever you want to come here, just tell “Dwarf Door” two times and a secret door will appear in front of you“. The children said bye to Miya and left the forest.

They talked about their discovery all evening and kept whispering to themselves on dinner table. The next day the children woke-up with big smile on their faces. They finished their holiday assignments and had lunch.

Just then, Jill got a phone call from Miya. Miya said, “I have put a sleep over party today and you four are invited“. All four at once said “Yes, we will come” with excitement. They quickly finished food and packed their bags for sleepover. They went to their mother and said that they will be playing in their room and have already packed dinner to eat. They don’t want anybody to disturb them.

They went back to room and said magical word “Dwarf Door”. A magical door came in front of them and they entered it one by one. They saw Miya in front of them. They said Hey to Mia and Ben and thanked Miya for inviting them. They all played games and dance and read stories all evening. They slept on ground under the sky and stars. They talked till late in night.

The next morning Jill woke-up and started screaming “Wake-up guys, it is time to go home“. The other three quickly jumped out of their bed and got ready to return. Miya said “oh wait, I forgot to tell, don’t come here tomorrow“. “Why?” asked Jill surprisingly. Miya was about to tell something and then…..



Chapter 4: What is it in the sky… Wait, is it a …..!!!


The chief of dwarf village, Mr.DwarfKing told children that they should not question everything. It is not safe for them to come here tomorrow. Miya will call them when it is safe. Children agreed to the chief and returned home. Next day when children were playing near the stream, they heard a noise “Heeee hee heeee” from deep inside the forest. Children were curious to know what is that sound. Penny got very scared and wanted to go home. Just then, they saw something fly up in the sky.

Peter: “Is it a big bird?”

Jake: “It looks like someone flying a plane”

Peter: “No, there is no plane. Its someone flying without wings..”

Jill: “Wait….. Is it a witch?. Look she is on a broomstick with big basket of food”

Jake: “A witch!!!!!, witches are bad, I hope our dwarf friends are safe!”

Peter: “Let us go to the dwarf village tomorrow morning to check”

“Yes !!” said all three. Penny was still afraid but agreed as she did not want to stay alone. The next morning after breakfast, the children went near the stream and whispered, “Dwarf Door”. As soon as magical door appeared, they quickly got into it.



Chapter 5: The witch and her story

When they reached they saw Miya. She told them to return home immediately. The children were about to ask her reason. But Miya said, “Magic door, magic door take them home”. The magical door pulled the children inside and left them home. Next morning Jill got a call from Miya. she said “Can you please visit village today?“

The children quickly finished food and went to room. They whispered magic words “Dwarf Door” and reached dwarf village. There, they met Miya. She said “I had told you not to come to the village but you came”. The children said sorry. They told her that they were worried about dwarf village and came to see if you were fine. Miya forgave them.

Jake: “Miya, Did a witch come to your village? Did she hurt you?”

Miya: “yes, it is a long story”

Jill: “Please tell us story about this village and witch. We will keep it secret”

Miya: The stories goes like this, “This witch comes to our village to take food from us. One day when we, dwarfs where working we saw a star on the ground. we put it in between the big mushroom. Suddenly a shield appeared. We prayed it daily. One day, this witch came to our village and broke the shield. She took our star and threw it on top of a tree. Since then that tree has got magical powers.

This witch keeps coming to our village to take away food from us to witch land. If we don’t give her enough food then she takes away one or two dwarfs as food. So, we keep collecting food for the witch. She does not like any outside people in our village. If she gets angry, she will destroy our homes and hurt us.”

Peter: “Is there any solution to get rid of the witch?”

Miya: “Yes, there is one solution to get rid of the witch. We need to find the magical tree and get the star from it’s top. This star needs to be kept back on top of the big mushroom”. This will create a shield which does not allow witch to enter dwarf village.

“We will help you to save the Dwarf Village” said the children together.

Chapter 6: The Magical Tree


The children and Miya got on to one of tree houses and started planning. Miya gave them a map which will help them to find the magical tree. They all started to search the magical tree by following the map. When they reached the location, they saw that the magical tree was missing. Miya then told them, “Oh no, I forgot to tell you, the magical tree keeps moving. Each time the magical tree moves, our spy dwarfs will make a new map of the tree’s location. This new map will be kept safe in chief’s house. We need to get the new map from Mr.DwarfKing’s house.

Just then they heard a voice from trees “Wisha washa wisha washa”. Suddenly all five of them went to the tree and hugged the tree trunk to understand what the tree was saying. The tree told them “The magical tree is near the oak tree next to six mushrooms”. All five of them quickly ran to the oak tree and saw a huge tree standing right in front of it. “This is the magical tree!” shouted Miya happily. All five of them started climbing on the tree immediately.



As they climbed a little high, they saw a window. As they peeped into the window, they heard angry Bob shouting. Suddenly a jug of water splashed on Peter and Jake. “Don’t peep into my window!” said Angry Bob. They started climbing further up. They saw a door and knocked at it. A fairy came out of the door. “Oh, Hi Jinnie!” said Miya.

Jinnie: “Hi Miya, How are you?”

Miya: “I am fine, thank you. How are you?”

Miya further said, “we are going to the top of the tree to get back the magical star”

Jinnie: “Oh, that’s great, May I also join you all?”

Children said, “Of course, we will be happy to have you”. Jake heard a snoring voice. “It is sleepy head Mr.Joe” said Miya. All six of them tip-toed and passed him without disturbing him.

When they climbed a little further, they saw another door. “Who lives in this door?” asked Jake. “It is Smart Sandy’s house. He makes very useful magic potions and medicines to help dwarfs. He also has a slide which connects all the houses of this magical tree” said Jinnie. Just then the door opened and Smart Sandy came out. “Hi Miya and Jinnie” said Smart Sandy. Miya and Jinne greeted him back. We can use his slide to reach down the tree after we pick the magical star suggested Miya.

They finally reached top of the tree and saw a small hut. Very bright light came out of the hut. When they came closer, they saw a shiny thing. “There it is… That is the magical star !!” said Miya. They tried to pick the star, but it had a shield around it. They all tried one by one to pick it, but they could not break the shield. Then Jill screamed “Oh look, there is a button over there”. Peter pressed the button and immediately the shield broke. They picked the star and reached Smart Sandy’s house. They borrowed Smart Sandy’s slide and reached the big mushroom very fast. Miya placed the star on top of the big mushroom. She then whispered a magical spell “Star shield, star shield, rise up this forest with shield”. Immediately a very bright light came from the star and it formed a big shield around the forest. After this, the big mushroom swallowed the star and hid it inside it’s umbrella.

All dwarfs of the village and chief Mr.DwarfKing came running towards big mushroom as soon as they saw the bright light. They all saw that the children and Miya have brought back protective shield to save the magical forest. All dwarfs bowed to worship the Magical Star. Then they all started dancing in joy. The Chief Mr.DwarfKing thanked the children for saving his village and the forest from the bad witch. The dwarfs gifted goodies and chocolates to the children.

“We made it guys!!! We saved the Magical Forest!” said Jill to her brothers, sister and Miya. They all gave a High-five to each other.

----------------------- The End -----------------------

Submitted: May 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Stuti Sripuram. All rights reserved.

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