The struggles of a young woman.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

She’s longing for her breathtaking, sweet and beautiful love story to begin. She’s hopelessly waiting for that special someone to come and sweep her off her feet. She wants that happy ever after too. When will it ever be her turn?

Chapter 1


Her longing heart.




She would look at the wedding dresses from the shop’s window, wondering when it would be her turn to wear it. 

She didn’t have the courage to even take a step inside the shop. She felt like she didn’t belong there. Not yet anyways.


Her friends are getting married. Her cousins are getting engaged. She’s left wondering... when is my prince in a shining armour going to come. Will he find me. How will we even find each other in this crazy world full of people. 

What are the chances he would find and choose me amongst all these other girls.


She walked back home hoping that it’ll be her turn one day. One day she would go and buy that dress. Wear it and feel the most beautiful girl in the world. She would turn around and see the most loving, caring and manliest man in the world. He’d be astonished by her outer and inner beauty. 


He would tell her how lucky he feels to have her. He would make her feel safe and loved from the bottom of his heart. She’ll realise... wow this is how it feels to be truly loved. This is true love. No games. No distance. No misunderstandings. Just pure love. 


They would walk hand in hand. Feeling the warmth being transmitted into their bodies. She’ll think to herself, he’s mine and I’m his. No one can come in between us. It’s just you and me forever. 


She lays on her bed. Snaps out of her daydream and realises that reality is too harsh and disappointing. She’s been patient for a long time. She doesn’t want to loose hope.

She believes in miracles. It’s just that she can’t help but wonder when will her wish come true.


I want to get married too she said to herself. Her heart tightened and tears slowly rolled down her cheek. Just be patient she reminded herself. But her scarred heart felt uneasy. She wasn’t sure if she could ever be loved properly without the other person reviving her old wounds. 


She wants that breathtaking true love like the ones she read in books and novels, but then a part of her can’t help but wonder if it even exist. Does true love even exist in this world.


She closes her eyes. Remembers that one important person who didn’t appreciate her. She thought they were forever. But they ended before it even began. He broke her heart stepped on it and left. He didn’t show any sympathy or mercy. She was left wondering... did I really deserve this.

The memory haunts her even though she moved on. She no longer cares but she gets scared every-time someone shows interest in her. When will they get sick of me too is what she asks herself. She knows she shouldn’t think like that but the damage has already been done.


She’s fragile. She’s scared of getting hurt again. But she also wants love. She craves that pure true love. If only a strong loving and caring man would come along and cherish her fragile heart and embrace it. 


Love is all she ever wanted. True love. Everyone around her is falling in love.

She’s trying to stay strong. She hopes that if she stays strong her Prince Charming will find her. She can’t give up. Not yet.


She takes a deep breath. Then a deep sigh. I’m hopeless she thinks to herself. One sided love is what bruised and completely scarred her heart. No matter how okay she may feel, even if her wound is not bleeding the trace is still there. 


She falls asleep. Her body becomes light as she gets into a deep sleep. She knows that tomorrow she’ll pass by that wedding dress again on her way from work. The cycle of loneliness is never ending. She has nothing to hold onto but hope. 

She’s hopeful.

Hope is all she has left.

No one knows how sad she really is.

She’s an expert at faking a smile.

Love... true love is all she ever wanted.



Submitted: May 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 sally99. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

I like the introspective style of storytelling you used. It makes the MC's thoughts and emotions more intense. I also like that this story starts with a wedding dress, a very fitting symbol of what it is she desires. Lovely job! :)

Sun, May 30th, 2021 2:18pm

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