The Lady Of The Mountain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The lady of the mountain spread out the rocks
and sat down - - 
to her special place.
The world moving at its own pace - - 
the phones don't get answered,
nothing is the matter.
There is no one, see,
no one, of whom, to ask too much
or no one to ask too much of you.
The sky is more beautiful,
dripping layers
like a rain-blown rainbow cake
into the rocks it goes, more than anything in the real world.
The sky, there, is a sedimentary layer
of rock, which becomes the mountain, carefully done by God.
The lady is resting to know or
to follow what is not known, that is.
In reach for something higher than the grey mountain peaks
seen cutting against the sky, begging, please, for another piece of it.
It is still there.  The mountain begs to give peace of mind,
beyond what anyone could fathom.
Only the lady of the mountain will be wished the best of luck
to be sure that there is no screaming, that would come from behind to be unfreindly, there.
A bad dream will not become alright, there.
She will still be there as God's yes to her journey, so far, could ordain from the ambiance.
No one behind, here, to push her off-of the mountain-top.
Nothing to worry about down the mountain, the top-climb up there to thee was rewarding
and, frankly, she cracked a smile.
She turned to God with an upturned lip and asked, "Will I lose faith?"
He said, "Go back!" to her whimpering soul, 
"It's the only way you'll find out!" God said.
He said, "if you have to know the answers, but you cannot get the answers"
"You will not know, if you're sick or anything else!" The girl then whispered to God, "I will jump, if you don't tell me what I want to know, frankly and succinctly!"
Instead, God let her do so, but sent a bunny 
from behind a rock that leapt to break her fall onto a rocky bottom
of the mountain;

so she killed the bunny to land down safely and unhurt.
Scuffed and bruised, she learned her lesson,
which was that help is there if you ask God
but he won't live your life for you.

As to anticipate no wars for you,
no crashes for you, or no foolish friends yielding unworthiness to yourself, he will not do.
"So go back down the mountain, carefully!  Leave this sky!" God said through to her thoughts.
"Where I meet you is on your way down, not
on your way up," God said.
"I'll be there to break your fall!" God said.
"At that moment!"  God said, and the bunny got-up and came back to life, right then!
Obedient to God, it hopped away, white, fluffy, and pure from its innocence, in such a task, she saw,
and so, did she observe
as her cake sky melted
into a breeze.

The skies changed for

the lady of the mountain.

Submitted: May 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Rachel. K. Martin.. All rights reserved.

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