Out of the Forest of Darkness

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Faith and Trials

Book 3 of the Series, Parables of the Game Master.
Arthur Pye finds himself in a new and deeply-shadowed Land of the Heart where another person is trapped in their Abyss of Nil, held captive by a massive swarm of lies.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The howling wind drove Amy Ferguson without mercy across the twilit desert. Ahead, a mountain, glowing ghost-like in the moonlight, thr... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

After what felt like a black eternity—even though it had to have been only a few hours—Amy finally said, “Arthur?” “Yeah?... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

The vulture dropped Amy unceremoniously in front of the great throne and landed behind her. “You took a terrible chance doing that,... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Later, Amy mounted the path leading away from the fortress, mulling over her latest dream. It wasn’t the Abyss she hated so much as t... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

In the morning several days later, in the heart of the Plains of Epoch, Amy came upon a tumble-down old stone cottage with a deep thatc... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Joyful-mercy appeared above Arthur, who was jogging along a little-used and overgrown road. “Halt, Arthur. Amy is no longer in this r... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Amy squinted at the pale glow on the floor in front of her and pushed some hair back behind her ear. That parrot had told her Jesus w... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Amy huddled on the floor of the corridor, annoyed she was unable to think her way into that light. She was also lonely, which reminde... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

“Here we are,” came Jacob’s voice through the silence some time later. “There is plenty of food for you now.” Arthur perked... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Arthur felt the mild earthquake, then heard some scurrying. “Oh my! Oh my!” exclaimed Jacob. “I feared that the rock we have be... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

The road eventually brought them to the top of a ridge overlooking a deep and broad valley. Staring down into it, Amy said, “Man oh m... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Late the next afternoon, Arthur settled on the ground a couple of paces back from the blackness of the Abyss of Nil, and Amy sat cross-... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

The new road took Amy southward, and she battled the monsters as a matter of course, feeling a little more relaxed not having Arthur ar... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Arthur settled for the night in a run-down old stable he’d found in a back street, after his meal from the Game Master’s usual ches... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

An arbour covered in vines aglow with flowers of every imaginable colour greeted them at the edge of the Garden of Nysaha. “Ah, s... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Arthur and Amy gazed across the valley at the great black fortress. “We’re here,” said Amy. “Ready?” “I think so.... Read Chapter

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