Larry Slade is Full of It: Act 3, Scene 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jane is at a crossroads. She and Charlie talk about it, and the meaning behind the play's title is revealed.




Coffee shop, immediately following the fight. JANE and CHARLIE stare into space.


CHARLIE: What were we thinking? Caffeine at a time like this?


JANE: Stop being cute. I need to think. 


CHARLIE: Jeez, I’m on your side. 


JANE: I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to do. 


CHARLIE: Heyl he might be dead by now for all we know. 


JANE: I said stop joking. 


CHARLIE: You’re right. It’s what I do. 


JANE: It’s what he does, too. 


CHARLIE: Is it? Shit. 


JANE scrolls through her phone for a minute. CHARLIE stares out the window, his leg violently jerking up and down. 


CHARLIE: What was all that Larry Slade stuff?


JANE: Larry Slade from Eugene O'Neil's The Iceman Cometh. 


CHARLIE: That play is pretentious as fuck.


JANE: Tell me about it. 


CHARLIE: And boring. 


JANE: And endless. 


CHARLIE: Oh, yeah. 


JANE: Ever read it? 


): Can't say that I have. 


JANE: Lucky. I've had parts read to me. A lot. It's about a lot of things, even though nothing much happens until the end. Anyway, there's this guy Larry. He's always complaining about how life sucks and he wants to die. And he goes on and on about it. For years. Until this other guy (it's mostly guys) shows up and says that's “bunk” because, if he really wanted to die, he'd just kill himself. 


CHARLIE: Sounds like quite a few dudes that I know. Me sometimes. 


JANE: I never got that. I don't want to die. I want to live. Or at least, well... you know. 


CHARLIE: “Well, you know” can be alright sometimes. Not always. But how does that all relate to your dad?


JANE: He always loved Larry. And he called the other guy, the one who looked like Herman Munster in the movie, always called him a “dirty hypocritical sonuvabitch” for insulting Larry that way. 


CHARLIE: I guess he saw himself in the character. 


JANE: Obviously. 




JANE: Sorry. 


CHARLIE: Anyway, that actually sounds like a decent play. 


JANE: Like, “Let It Go” is a decent song. 


CHARLIE: I see. I’m discounting the indoctrination. 



JANE: He uses big words, too.


CHARLIE: Really? Dammit!... Well, that’s your dad alright. They’re both full of shit. 


JANE: Wait!




JANE: That’s it!




JANE: Larry Slade is full of shit. Hickey proves that. 




JANE: Alex was right all along. 


CHARLIE: I’m not following. 


JANE: We have to prove him wrong. 


CHARLIE: Slow down. 




CHARLIE: Please!


JANE: Try to keep up!


CHARLIE: I need more coffee. More coffee, please!


JANE: I’ll explain. Hickey says he killed his wife. 




JANE: Let me. 




JANE: Hickey says he killed his wife. Don says he betrayed his mom. Larry leaves. They drink more--don’t make a joke--they drink more. We hear the thd. It was Larry. 


CHARLIE: I still don’t follow.

JANE: He jumped off the roof. 


CHARLIE: Ohhhhh… but what’s the point?


JANE: He tries to drink it away. 


CHARLIE: The shittiness of life, right?


JANE: Thank you. 


CHARLIE: So how do we really show that to your father? 


JANE: We need to visit another hospital. 


CHARLIE: Which one?


JANE: Forget the coffee. We can make it by sunrise. 


CHARLIE: To the hospital?


JANE: To New York. Reinforcements. 

End Scene.

Submitted: May 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Tony Chiba. All rights reserved.

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