the magician and the rabbit

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... a thunderstorm has taken over, and heavy rain started pouring from the night sky. Lightning flashes are tearing through dark layers of clouds. Woodland creatures, scattering around, desperate to find a place for safety. Pigeons and crows above, swaying recklessly with the wind as loud roars of thunder shook the earth. 

A flash of light lit up a set of trees, where a black hat became noticeable. 

It’s placed by muddy roots from a tall pine tree. It appeared old, worn out, and soaked with rain.

 But this wasn’t just any ordinary hat, it was a Magician's hat...

Dreams, as we know so far, are the “mysterious” and “magical” side of our lives that we each get to experience when we finally decide to lie down, close our eyes and let our busy bodies rest. It’s the chance our imagination gets to shine its beautiful light and lets us experience a life beyond our ordinary lives.

These dreams can show us happiness and joy, or even intense fear and sadness. Sometimes we may not even have a dream, or we just can’t piece them together, the more and more we try to grasp and understand them, they tend to just drift further and further away into a never-ending void of darkness like they never even existed.

There is also a great beyond with these dreams, if we give them a bit more attention. This is when you realize that they actually have true meaning hidden between each crack and each image you’re experiencing, which we look past and ignore, that eventually leads up to something more down the line.

 It’s when these dreams have a recurring theme, when they repeat themselves but with unique changes throughout to get your attention. They’ll actually attempt to give us hints or show actual signs in our dream world that point out to something in our actual world, or about ourselves that we need to understand and give attention to. 

If you catch on to these signs and trust your gut feeling that rises, maybe even follow them? These dreams can become your reality.

Although it may seem like it. This is NOT exactly a story about a magician's hat in the middle of a thunderstorm. 

It’s more like, let’s say, a young child’s dream, a dream which will show them a path that will lead them to an unexpected event, that will provide the child an experience which changes their point of view and confidence in what they're actually capable of accomplishing if they just trusted themselves.

So please, place yourself in a state of mind of true innocence, your true innocence, as if you were this young child experiencing it all, because at the end of each day really, we’re all still that young child at heart. So let yourself escape from your busy life and enjoy.

Because this is where the “Magical” story begins…

Chapter 1

It’s morning and we find ourselves in the middle of a dark room while a young child lay asleep, hidden under a layer of blankets, sheets and pillows on top of a small bed.

The sun has just risen, birds whistling to other birds communicating to each other, maybe about the daily bird news, as they’re posted on the top of each tree around the neighborhood looking down at all. A dog calling out with its loud howls, making sure the world knew who the most dominant creature of them all was and that it’s now wide awake for all to know. A needy cat whimpering for some attention from their masters, begging for food.

The world outside has just now woken up, some from a restless night of tossing and turning and others from a blissful sleep.

A thin light crept into the dark room from a small tear on a window curtain. It aligned perfectly with the child’s face as they began squinting their eyes from the shinning light.

‘‘That was such an odd dream.’’ mumbling to themselves as they wiggled around on the bed from being tangled up in their bedsheets.

‘‘ It felt so real, as if I were there caught right in the middle of it all.”

“And why am I sweating?” the child asked out loud while noticing that their shirt was moist from neck down and their pillow had a wet imprint from their head.

As morning continued that day, the child finally got up from their bed, since sounds rose from other rooms and from an alarm clock that sits on the dresser near the child’s bedside that was fulfilling its responsibility with the constant and disturbing wails. Doors from other rooms being slammed and showers starting up.

“The noises! I’m up, I’m up. Stop that annoying racket!” the child calls out, throwing their pillow at the device.

A few minutes later, footsteps emerge from outside the bedroom door, and a loud knocking occurs. The voice of an older woman, with a dry, raspy, just got themselves out of bed voice calls out:

“Wake up! You better hurry, or I’m coming in to get you. It’s time to get ready for school!”

“Yes mom! I heard you the first thousand times ago!” The child cried out.

"You're nine years old you should know by now how things work." The mother replies with her scratchy morning voice.

"I'm ten mom! T-E-N!"

After the usual back-and-forth morning tantrum between themselves and their mother, about how they just did NOT want to deal with the daily drama of kids and teachers, the child finally gives up knowing that their mother would never surrender and starts their typical weekly routine that we all know perfectly as “Getting ready for school."

Which basically included bathing, struggling to put an outfit together, stuffing unfinished school work in their book bag, to simply eating breakfast, which usually ended up being your typical sweet chocolate chip cookie or a vanilla glazed donut.

Sugar, the child’s most immediate choice for a healthy breakfast.

This child, always scatter minded and in a complete hurry, was always behind on tasks or completely forgetful about things that needed to be done.

Like today, for example, the child forgot to brush their teeth before rushing out the front door to catch the school bus, even though they had their toothpaste and toothbrush in hand.

The child could never have an actual “good morning".

When the bus approached that morning, the child, along with a couple of neighborhood children, stepped aboard wobbling through the middle aisle between seats looking for a place to sit.

The child found an empty seat towards the back of the bus and slumped down. The chair was cold to touch with tears on the material with a yellow cushion peaking out from children picking at it from boredom.

While looking around, the child noticed that all the children were half asleep or completely zoned out in the unknown. There were even children attempting to finish last-minute school work, while others were fidgeting with their cell phones and munching on snacks.

The ride to school seemed slow as usual, but on this day the child wasn’t able to get over the many thoughts that came up from their dream, stuck questioning themselves on how it seemed so real.

Even at school, the child would get distracted in class, staring out at clouds through the windows, wondering why their dream had them so curious. During math their teacher caught them doodling pictures of trees and lightning all over worksheets, telling them they need to “pay more attention” to what was being taught instead of wasting precious time on pointless drawings.

“How do you pay more attention?” The child mumbled to themselves after hearing their teacher say such an odd thing.

That dream never left their thoughts.

At lunch, while picking at the peas and carrots on their lunch tray, the child came up with a reasonable conclusion while slurping down a small carton of chocolate milk:
“Maybe it was just one of those -random out of nowhere dreams ya know, like the type Mom tells me about when she has a dream of her own she didn’t quite understand and so believes that they really have no special meaning.”

“And it was hot last night so… I was sweating..? since… I forgot to turn my fan on…?”

‘‘Yeah. That has to be it. Right?’’

The child didn’t seem very confident in their answer, but they did finally come up with an idea that they seemed pleased with, so they can continue their day with no interruptions.

Was this dream really as simple as what the child came up with, or was it something more, something much more?

Chapter 2

Night strolled through, and the moon clocked in for its routine shift, expressing itself with the bright shining stars above, all done so beautifully.

It was bedtime for the child and since they’ve already decided that their dream was nothing more than just one of those “random” dreams, they completely put the thought of it in the back of their mind with the rest of their scattered drama and got ready for bed, thinking nothing of it anymore.

After changing out of their clothes they had on from earlier that day and into their pajamas, they laid down and turned off the lamp that sat next to their bedside on top of a shelf and as usual, to get comfortable, the child covers their entire body from head to toe with blankets and sheets, hugging and patting down their pillow experimenting with unusual body postures to find the most comfortable position to rest.

And eventually, getting comfortable, the child fell into a deep sleep and yet again, found themselves in another dream…

“It was night, midst a cold thunderstorm. Creatures scrambling around the trees, striving to find a dry place to be safe.

Heavy rain fell and intense vibrations of thunder erupting all around, as if giants were roaring from the sky above. Flashes of light from lightning illuminating the area.

There was a pine tree in particular that looked as if it was protecting a hat. The branches reached out, hovering over as it sat next to the tree’s roots sticking out from the mud.

It was a Magician's hat, and it appears like it’s been soaking in the rain for hours.
The hat started moving slowly, as if it had a mind of its own. Closer and closer to the pine tree, like it was trying to avoid the rain. Then bounced and bounced once more, bouncing right next to the hub of the tree.

The lightning continued to strike and coincidently lit up the area where the hat was, and in that moment you can see a small wiggling nose with long whiskers poking out from the opening and two furry ears stretched out from a hole in its side.

It seemed like there was a creature hiding underneath.”

Startled, the child woke up from their sleep, tossing blankets off the bed.

‘‘That dream! It was the same as the night before, but the details were much more different, and again it felt like I was actually their witnessing everything as it was happening.”

“It’s not possible.”

“Is it sweat, rain?” questioning themselves, realizing once again that they’re soaked just like the night before.

“If I was, I wouldn’t be laying here in bed. My windows are closed and there isn’t any sign like muddy footsteps on the carpet.”

‘‘It didn’t even rain last night. So.. what is going on?” the child mutters as they open their window to observe their backyard.

“I’m not going crazy, am I?”

Because of the early wake up, it gave the child a head start with their weekly routine of getting ready for school. Yet on this day, the child could get their teeth brushed, eat a decent breakfast, and gather their school supplies in time before the school bus arrived.

First out of the usual bunch of children, sitting alone, waiting for the bus on sidewalk curb, the child started wandering off in their thoughts while observing some ants carrying specks of dirt.

The dream recently, has them curious about how real it seemed, by the sounds of the thunder, the fresh smell of the rain and the way it was almost exactly how their recent dream was, but the bouncing hat gave them an unsettling feeling.

The bus pulled up and scared the child out of thought, realizing that all the children were already gathering together by the steps of the bus waiting for the bus driver to open the door so they can all climb aboard.

Staring outside the window, the child was looking out as the bus was weaving in and out of traffic, passing others as drivers were honking their horns and waving their hands furiously, like they were in a competition with each other racing to an imaginary finish line.

“Why are adults in such a hurry to get somewhere that brings them no joy? Who speeds to unhappiness?” The child wonders and then promises themselves that they’ll never be like all those grouchy adults when they grow up.

“There has to be something more.”

As traffic built up, and the bus now stuck, waiting for the red light to turn green.
Something caught the child’s attention, for a brief second, from the corner of their eye. The child saw a flash of gray speed out from behind a white truck as it drove off. Some type of animal, the child yelled out, catching the entire bus off guard.

‘‘ A rabbit! There was a rabbit running across the street!’

All the children sitting in their seats stopped what they were doing and just stared awkwardly.

“Did you see it..?” the child asked two children sitting in the seats behind them.

Still questioning what the child was talking about, the two children just kind of sat in alarm. It was dead silent and awkward till one child up front giggled, which led into a domino effect, causing the entire group of children to laugh and mumble words to one another.

Now embarrassed, and blushing red, the child buried themselves deep into the seat covering their face with their book bag, weeping silently for the remaining trip.

As the bus arrived at the school, and the children were rustling up their items, the child realized that what they just saw may have been the creature from their dream that was hiding underneath the black hat.

‘‘Was it the same rabbit?”

“It couldn’t be.. it was all a dream, right?”

Chapter 3

When the child got home from school that evening, they turned the television on in the living room just to pass time, avoiding an incomplete English assignment and studying for a math test the next day. But really, it was just an attempt to help them forget about the random rabbit from earlier.

Scrolling back and forth from channel to channel, with nothing catching the child’s attention, the television randomly turned off.

Unaware, the child continued pressing the buttons on the remote till they realized the emptiness on the screen; the child became agitated.

‘‘Ah, come on, seriously?’’

The child tried to turn the television back on, but no luck.

‘‘The one time I decide to watch something, this happens?’’ mumbling to themselves while crossing their arms against their chest.

Thinking it was just the batteries, they got up to grab a recently purchased pack from a drawer on the opposite side of the room, hoping it would fix the issue.
Even that didn’t make a difference.

‘‘I didn’t want to watch you, anyway!’’

The child hurled the remote to a nearby couch, hoping that this would somehow get the television to feel bad for them and magically turn didn’t.

There wasn’t one patient bone in this child’s body, so they didn’t bother with it any longer and walked towards the kitchen that was behind them in the next room to grab a drink from the fridge. But before reaching the fridge, the television unexpectedly turned back on with the volume, much louder than before, because of the child’s continuous button mashing.

Unsettled, the child turned around and stepped into the living room to see what was going on, and nervously questioned:


But nobody was there.

“How did the tv turn back on?” the child whispered to themselves while tiptoeing through the room to grab the remote on the couch, hoping they can lower the volume, but it still had no power.

“Mom, was that you?” The child called out, no answer.

The television was showing a commercial about some sort of automotive dealership dealing with new and used vehicles that was showing scenes of endless rows that were filled with large robotic looking work trucks, small to medium-sized cars, all in a variety of different colors, with their own unique features. Giant RVS with camping chairs and tents with various camping supplies under the vehicle’s canopy. There was also a random school bus parked in front of the main entrance of the building.

The commercial continued with a closeup of a man dressed in a black and white tuxedo pulling a rabbit out from his black hat mentioning how he can make the prices of vehicles disappear and reappear just like magic to fit your price range with a wiggle of his wand saying “Abracadabra.”

The child froze, dropping the remote on the carpet, staring at the television set.

‘‘Yup, I am definitely going crazy..’’ as they confirm to themselves, they turn around and scurried out of the room in a hurry.

You can only imagine what was going through the child’s mind at this moment.
The events they recently experienced actually appeared in their two recent dreams which involved a Magician’s hat and a Rabbit.


Chapter 4

As I mentioned before, there are some dreams that we have that will find some sort of sneaky, yet creative way to show us signs to catch our attention, about something particular that it wants us to know. It’s the part of us that’s desperately wanting to be expressed.

This is exactly what has happened with the young child in the dreams that they’ve been having. And even though they haven't realized it yet, these dreams are reaching out and manifesting in actual life, like the events, with the rabbit darting across a busy street and the random commercial on the television screen.

A light has shined over a set path waiting on one special child.

Night came as it usually does, and this time with rain falling from the sky and thunder all around. A heavy wind passing through along with a low drop of temperature. Light posts were flickering and different creatures were flying, running, digging. Anything they can do to find a dry and warm place for shelter to hide. There was also a mist that seemed like fog that hovered over everything that made the whole situation a tad bit creepier, as if being in the dark wasn’t already.

Some neighbors are creeping out their windows, possibly questioning when the storm will pass.

At the neighbor’s small off-white house, that had a red roof and door, with a giant aged tree planted in the front yard waving side to side, a vehicle rushes up into the parkway nearly knocking down a mailbox, a man rushes out of the vehicle nearly slipping on the cement, with his coat covering his head so he wouldn’t get wet. Lightning struck, and it caused him to jump up, frightened, dashing towards the entrance of his house, shivering and meddling with his keys, trying to find the correct one for the door.

Oddly, inside the Childs house, it was very calm, even though there was a very intense and scary storm taking place outside.

‘‘How is everybody sleeping through all of this right now? Am I the only one awake hearing all of this?’’ the child complained as they were lying in bed.

A bright light shined through the window, lighting up the entire room, which really caused a scare.

Pulling the blankets down from their head, the child cautiously got up and walked towards the window to see where this light was coming from.
As they approached, another bright light shined through.

“There better not be someone outside toying with me and shining a flashlight through my window.”

“Maybe it’s an alien invasion!” the child said before they chuckled to themselves. “And they’ve finally come to take me home!”

Another bolt of lightning struck, brightening up the entire room, causing the child to leap back right onto their bed, covering themselves underneath their blankets.

It was just enough to scare the child and keep them restless and shivering with anxiety through the night.

Chapter 5

An hour went by and the storm was only getting worse. The child, in bed, still underneath their blankets from trying to avoid the rumbling thunder and bright lights that repeatedly passed through their windows.

A sudden urge of courage came from within that provided the child with an insane idea; to get up and find out who, what, or where these lights were coming from.

Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn't it? Why would anybody, even a child at that, decide to set out in the middle of the night during a terrible thunderstorm just to search for some random lights? But it is those little hunches we ignore that are only trying to help if we just paid a little more attention.

With this new sense of courage the child got up, searched their closet for a jacket and layered themselves with clothes they had on from that morning. They even came across a pair of rain boots that were found under a mountain of clothes, grabbed a flashlight from the hall closet and cautiously started walking down the stairs trying to avoid making any noises to wake anybody from sleeping, and most of all, avoid getting caught trying to leave the house in the middle of the night.

‘‘Isn’t it kind of funny when you try your best not to make any sort of noise and in that moment of silence is the exact moment you actually make the loudest of sounds without even trying?’’

The child thought, as they stubbed their toe on a table that was at the bottom of the staircase which caused a small lamp to fall over onto the floor.

Holding in their expression of pain, words stumbled out “Point proved!” giggling quietly, pushing the broken pieces of lamp aside.

When the child approached the front door, they turned their flashlight on, pulled the jacket's hood over their head, took a few deep breaths, and opened the door.

Instantly regretting how far they’ve come, they realized that the experience of rain and thunder is a bit more intense outside than the view from inside their room.

They took one more deep breath, stepped outside, and gently shut the door behind them.

Chapter 6

‘‘What am I doing?’’ the child questions themselves.

Wind forces the child side to side.

‘‘This is crazy!’’

‘‘You can turn back anytime you want. I will not judge you.’’ the child said, trying to calm themselves down.

Rain kept falling, as it was covering the streets and filling drainages.

‘‘Why am I still walking?”

“You’ve gotten this far you can’t just give up now.. might as well continue on.” the child said, trying to give themselves some confidence in what they are setting out to do.

The lights seem to be over by a woodsy area not that far from the child's house, but it seemed like miles from their point of view. They’ve never wandered out alone like this before and with the weather, how it is, they can’t really tell where they’re headed. Even looking back, their house seemed like it disappeared.

Determined, they continued on, following the lights.

Luckily, they brought a flashlight. The area where they’re headed to was dark, other than the lights that randomly shined through all the tree branches. A muddy path revealed itself and everything became noticeable like they’ve been there before. Kind of like a déjà vu.

Lightning struck again, and it lit up a small dark area for a quick instant. The child noticed something black standing out on the floor by a tree and walked up to what looked like a hat. Which coincidently reminded them of the one in their dream.

A loud crackling sound creeped out from behind, scaring the child again, as if someone or something pushed them right into the hat. It caused a rabbit to stumble out into the muddy grass in fear, chaotically hopping away with the hat in mouth before entering a dark path with tree branches grasping out like hands.

Surprised and out of instinct, the child turned around and chased after the rabbit.

Rain was continuously coming down from the night sky, making the mud a lot more slippery. The lightning was only providing glimpses of where the rabbit was. The child, having trouble keeping up with the creature, is breathing heavily while stumbling over branches, stones and splashing water from the mud with every step. It was nearly impossible trying to keep up with the animals’ chaotic movements.

Left to right, right to further right, then back to left, which finally led the child to ask themselves.

“Does this rabbit really need to be caught?”

The child tripped over their feet, then stumbled back up. There was no stopping them.

If it wasn’t for the lightning randomly lighting up the sky, the child wouldn’t of been able to see and catch up to the rabbit.

Finally, within view, the child forced every bit of strength, pushing themselves to run faster, but once again, the rabbit came to another complete stop, like meeting up with a brick wall with nowhere else to go.

Not able to stop in time, the child tripped over some tree branches with their hands spread out, launching face first off a small ledge into some muddy grass.

The exhausting chase was over, as they noticed themselves sprawled out on the floor with the magician hat bent, dirty and slightly crooked, perfectly placed on top of their head with a special guest appearance from the mysterious rabbit poking their head out from under the child's arms.

Covered in mud and broken tree branches tangled in their hair, the child sits up, exhausted on the grass, attempting to gather themselves together and catching their breath from the wild chase the with the rabbit.

Rubbing their eyes to regain clear vision, the child looks up and finds themselves in front of an opening to what leads to a small yellow tent.

There was a sign on a wooden pole just before the entrance that read:
“Come one, come all!’’

Before the child can even think of anything to say, the sign changed

“Yes, young one, even you! C’mon in, everything has already started. It’s Free!”

What was free? But, most of all, what was going on inside this yellow tent and how is that sign able to change like that?

The child sat up and the rabbit snatched the hat from the child's head and hopped off in a hurry, like it knew where its destination was.

The rain suddenly came to its conclusion.

‘‘Did the storm really just come to a complete stop?’’

As they questioned themselves, they looked around at the night sky, noticing the sudden change, but quickly pushed that aside and walked towards the entrance of the tent.

It seemed like there wasn’t anybody around, just a small tent in the middle of the woods. No vehicles or people around in sight except two giant spot lights that were still pointing out towards town.

“These must be those lights, this has to be where they were coming from.” the child says while inspecting the area.

Cautiously reaching their hand out, the child softly pushed open the entrance and looked inside. It was as if they just experienced another world, instantly blinded by bright colorful lights and a wave of unbalanced claps and laughter.

Such a powerful wave of energy startled the child enough to back away from the entrance.

Everything went silent and back to normal with the yellow tent in an empty lot, surrounded by a starry night sky that smelled of rain.

The child didn’t understand what was going on and once again; the child reopened the entrance. And there it was, right in front of their eyes, where the muddy, chaotic rabbit led them.

They took a deep breath and walked into this questionable yellow tent filled with powerful waves of energy and loud laughter, not knowing what lied ahead.

Chapter 7

A magic act of some sort was being held. There’s a man with dark brown hair fluffed to the side, standing tall in the center of a giant ring, with a bright, confident smile placed on his face with his chin up high. He’s wearing a white button-up shirt and black blazer with a maroon vest and bow tie that is tucked under his collar. A long black overcoat flowed over his tapered black slacks that have a white stripe on the lining of each leg. The glare from his set of ebony leather dress shoes represents hours of polishing.

A rabbit hopped out from behind and started bouncing around playfully, causing an awe moment from the audience as it placed the magician hat near the man’s left foot.

The man was watching out towards the audience that were sitting down in their chairs with such excitement that were nicely organized row by row.

The bright, colorful lights were actually poker cards, glowing and changing colors. Audience members’ heads were turning left to right, trying to keep up with the cards dashing here and there as they flew around the room. And if able to catch one, it would disappear. Children were getting upset realizing this when they attempted to grab ahold of them and couldn’t.

The man in the center of the ring picked up the bouncing rabbit and placed the hat on top of his head while whispering to the rabbit nose to nose: “Well hello there, where have you two been, hmm,?” as he began swaying his hands around as if he was directing the flow of an invisible orchestra’s performance.

Even though there wasn’t an actual orchestra in form, soft classical music was still being played. The music notes were flowing out of the wand into the air.

The magician turned to the rabbit, grinned, winked his left eye and pointed out with his wand to four cards that came to a halt in front of a family sitting down, and with his wand he somehow started pulling each card towards him, as if there was an invisible string tied to each of them, and began raising them up hovering over the entire audience.

With a sudden clap of his hands, the four cards exploded into giant sparks and fireworks formed as rabbits that were now hopping around the entire tent, single lined one behind another, then he called out:


Everything stopped, went silent, cold and dark. Not even a cricket cried out, and with a snap of his fingers, creating an echo, the entire room turned into a night sky of stars flying all over the room and planets spinning in place, moving in a constant rotation around the audience.

Gravity had no meaning at that moment. Everything and everyone in the room floated in an infinite dark space. Jewelry, women’s purses, cell phones all sliding out of jackets as they were rising, yet The Magician stood grounded to the floor- with the rabbit planted on his shoulder- smiling as if what was occurring had no effect on them, chuckling to himself while watching as the audience members were paddling hopelessly like dogs trying to swim. Children were laughing and crying out as their parents were flapping their arms, reaching out to grab ahold of them, as some were slowly turning upside down.

Then the magician snapped his fingers once more and all that was floating in midair came gently down, softly, like a feather, with the chairs being placed right where they once were. The audience, still laughing in excitement.

The magician took a deep breath and calls out:


Ballerinas appeared through a blushed pink cloud, dancing around the room, gliding and swaying, as a piano appeared flying alongside, playing gently in synch with the dancers. Even the rabbit joined in, following behind.

Rose pedals started sprinkling from the ceiling. The room was now a romantic maroon colour and smelled fresh, like the early morning hours after a night of rain. There was a soft breeze that was just enough to make your spine tingle, raising your arm hair.

The entire flow was soothing, and set a calm, romantic mood that made the performance seem very emotional.

This was no ordinary magic show as the child stood in awe, astonished by what they were experiencing, smiling and laughing with such joy.

When the magician noticed the excitement in the audience’s eyes; it caused him to get a little too cocky and changes things up with his performance.

He twirled his wand around his fingers and smiled as the ballerinas spun into bright, beautiful light purple and deep blue flames. He raised his hands, moving them around in a swift polite manner, rendering his cards out once more, to fly around, building it all up into a mesh of different hues.

It was getting faster and faster, which made the children laugh with even more excitement, causing the magician to turn away from controlling his creation, losing concentration of the flow of swirling cards.

The magician turned back, humming a melody as the cloud of colors got bigger and combined into the tornado that is now touching the top of the tent. It was getting out of hand; taking in objects that surrounded its path, some chairs here and there, even some audiences' items.

Some audience members actually got up from their seats, looking around to see if this was part of the act or not, but the Magician raised his right hand in the air and swirled his wand in a circular motion as the tornado finally calmed down and in sync with the wand.

He started laughing, while looking towards the audience saying, ‘‘Almost lost it there didn’t I?’’

The audience, less tense, nervously laughed it off. He held his left hand out with his palm facing up, swayed the tornado around just to stir up the audience some more. Then slowly, lowering it over the other.

The closer the tornado got to his hand, it would slowly disappear. Raising his right hand up above and with a sudden force, he struck his top hand with the other, causing the tornado to disappear. Leaving left over sparks and debris.

One card, without the magicians knowing, flew off his palm from the force of the impact and landed off to the side of the tent. The card, still lit up, had just enough of a spark that it built up into a flame when it landed on some rope tied up to a wooden post, which held that side of the tent up.

Audience members began coughing and grasping for air as smoke filled the area. The fire was spreading at a fast pace, making its way to the top of the tent and reaching out downwards on the opposite side, edging down to the floor.

The audience scrambled and scattered around, knocking chairs over and forcefully pushing each other in different ways into a buildup by the entrance, desperate to get out.

Even the rabbit rushed off with the audience leaping from the magician’s shoulder, knocking the hat from his head onto the floor, forcing him back, tripping over his own feet as he tried to avoid a chair.
The impact as he hit his head on the floor caused a sudden snap back to reality.

But it wasn’t in time for him to understand what was happening and to prevent any more damage to what he is now witnessing.

After the fire calmed down, and the audience members disappeared, all that remained were the chairs now burned and scattered around with ashes and torn pieces of material from the tent.
The magician stood in the center of it all alone with all the wreckage completely oblivious, quietly whispering to himself:

“What happened?”

Chapter 8

Morning arrived, and it provided the neighborhood with new life. The thunderstorm from last night must’ve given everything a fresh start. Children’s laughter outside, birds chirping and fanning their wings in puddles of water and neighbors tending to their gardens.

So much life going on outside, but inside, the child laid on top of their bed passed out with twigs stuck in their hair and everything they were wearing from last night still on with mud and grass all over the bed.

There were noises coming from the other rooms. Dishes clanking and conversations being held. It must’ve been all this that finally woke the child.

‘‘What happened last night? Was any of that real?’’ the child said, trying to put themselves together and understand the event.

“Wait, how did I even get back home?” questioning themselves, realizing that they were back in their bed. “I don’t remember walking back.”

‘‘That show, I hope everyone is okay. I know that the fire got out of hand but wow, that show was incredible! How can a person pull all of that off?

“There’s no way.”

After all, it was magic, and anything is possible if you truly believe. But the child didn’t quite understand that yet.

Constantly coming back up was the experience from last night as the child continuously kept thinking about the chasing of the rabbit through the dark muddy woods, the random yellow tent in the middle of nowhere which randomly burned down and of course the magician and everything that he did.

And just like the cat, they rushed off to solve their curiosity for the night before.

Without even changing out of their muddy clothes, they stepped outside with the bright day looking out towards the street and then realized something; they didn’t know where to go beyond the woods. Everything that occurred last night was in the middle of an intense thunderstorm and them running around chasing a rabbit in the dark.

But as the path continued, it all came together as they slowly remembered areas where they stumbled and fell, also to the exact spot where they first came in contact with the rabbit and the hat.

The path they were on made sense the further they walked, and eventually they came across a tent, but this time it was red.

“So at least I know I’m not crazy,” the child mumbled.

It was only red because the magician burned the yellow tent down the night before, and a sign that read “Magc shoe” that could mean, “Magic show” just misspelled. Nothing interesting like before. Just a plain cut out from a cardboard box hanging by a bent, crookedly placed post.

Yet again the child walked into an already in process Magic Act. The whole environment was dull, even the audience seemed bored, yawning and dozing off. The once colorful flying cards are now just flickering lights with the chords tangled up and hanging from posts. No giant ring set, no ballerinas, no stars up above and definitely no raining rose pedals. It was more like humidity that caused you to sweat and carried an odor of old furniture found in abandoned homes. Even the music lacked. It was coming from a banged up radio that was skipping through each song. Nothing was the same. The child walked up to find a seat by what is now a normal, expected small stage. And there he stood, the one in charge of it all.

The Magician appeared tired, but cheerful. Not one bit of confidence was being shown, he oozed of tattered and dirty. There was a light within him, but it just didn’t show. His spark is no longer.

The performance was far from special, but still entertaining. The normal card trick here and there, with a few cheesy jokes. Well, to be honest, it was a rather depressing show, and it was quite obvious by the child's expressions.

What seemed like forever the show finally ended and the audience half heartedly clapped their hands, sat up and walked towards the exit.

‘‘Was that it? That was the show? So I am crazy then. It was bad.’’ The child said in a depressing tone.

‘‘No, that can’t be it!’’

What the child thought was truly ‘‘Magical and Remarkable’’ was no more. However, the child could not accept it. Rushing off to the back of the new set to get answers from the magician.

Chapter 9

“What was that?!” the child blurted out to the unexpecting magician scrambling through some cards and flowers on a table.

‘‘Well, hello there! What do you mean, what was that? That was the show child.’’ the magician calmly replied.

‘‘That? that was not the show!’’ the child corrected the magician.

‘‘Child, I was just in that show. I in fact just came from performing that very show. I AM that show. So yes, that was the show.’’

‘‘Where were the bright lights that were cards flying around and the shooting stars, the ballerinas that turned into bright flames?!’’ the child questioned the magician.

‘‘Ballerinas? Where did you get Ballerinas from?’’ the magician replied?

‘‘Wait, what? I saw them.. They were there! And they were gorgeous.’’ the child cried out.

‘‘Humph. I must’ve missed them, huh? Dang it! That would’ve been very interesting to see! Oh well. Next time, I guess.”

‘‘Huh? It wasn’t just that. There was nothing special about the show.’’

‘‘Well, that was rude, don’t you think? I never mentioned that unpleasant odor, hovering over you like someone rubbed a wet, stinky animal all over your body, or how you’re covered in mud when you came up to me, did I?’’


Feeling proud, the magician replied ‘‘Exactly!’’

‘‘But that’s not the point.’’ the child sighed.

‘‘Then what is?” the magician questioned.
“The show existed. Were you there? Because I certainly was.’’

‘‘Yes! I was there. Thats..’’

The magician interrupts the child

‘‘Alright. So… what is the problem, young one?’’

‘‘Ugh!’’ The child took a deep breath then answered, “The show I just saw a couple of minutes ago.’’

The magician interrupted:

“There was no show a couple of minutes ago. It was just you rudely mentioning how bad you thought my show was.”

The child is getting frustrated and quickly rushes their small index finger towards the magician's mouth, kindly shushing him up from saying anything else and said:
‘‘The show earlier was not as Magical as the night before.’’

‘‘Well, I apologize for that. I must’ve been off my game today.’’

‘‘Off your game? That’s your reason?’’

‘‘The show was how it was. Nothing has changed since the last. Well, not to be cocky, I changed a little here and there just to stir things up a bit but hey! I’m not bragging.’’

‘‘That makes no sense.’’ the child said looking around the room.

‘‘Child, it won’t make sense when you’re forcing it, just allow it as it is. You saw the show how it’s supposed to be seen. So stop trying to understand and just let yourself accept it just as you did last night.’’

Still confused by everything and even more by how the entire conversation with the magician is going, the child simply gives up.

‘‘You’re of no help...’’

‘‘My job is not to help you use your eyes to see and understand what they take in. I refuse. Sorry, but I believe my job only includes pulling rabbits out of hats, making cards disappear and reappear in your pocket, like so.” as he pulls a card from the child’s muddy jacket pocket “shoot sparkles out of nowhere. You know.. Simple things. And I don't even get paid enough for that!’’ then makes the card disappear only to reappear behind the child’s ear.

Distraught, the child took the card from the magician’s hand and stands there questioning the magician's intelligence.

‘‘I know what I saw, and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever come across in my life!’’

The magician gently mumbles to himself. ‘‘Well, that’s not very long. You’re what, 10 years old? How much of life could you have experienced in such a small amount of time?” Then chuckles
"But I’ll take that as a compliment. So thank you.’’ He blushes and smiles.

The child now sitting on the floor with their hands covering their face. You can hear mumbled words being said under their breath, but only the child knew what they were.

Standing by the table, looking down at the child, the magician was piecing together what the child was trying to explain to him about his performance.

Then it clicks.

Why he wasn’t able to remember anything that happened the night before, other than randomly waking up to his original set and entire yellow tent burned down and how the child explained this entire performance that he didn’t even know he did.

‘‘Follow me, young one, there’s something I want you to understand.” The magician said while reaching his hand out to the child, to help up from sitting down, and leads them towards the entrance.

Chapter 10

‘‘Look, I Understand how everything right now to you seems very confusing, trust me I do. I’ve been in your shoes before. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean.”

“You experienced something that nobody, not even myself, will ever be able to experience, even though I was the one you said performed these tricks that you saw. You visioned something more when you witnessed this show. You Completely took everything in. You felt it, embraced it and let it take you to another world.”

“Child, you actually created everything. The audience and I were merely pieces of your masterpiece that you had complete control of, by making the impossible, possible. I once saw the world like you but I lost contact with that feeling long ago when I gave in to the normal routines of the world, but now, you’re the one experiencing it.”

“Today, the Audience just took in what I gave them, they saw what they are used to seeing with the blind eye. Entertained? Yes, but that’s all it was to them, nothing more than a man performing a simple magic act. They’ll leave the tent in amazement but it will only last till another awe moment or new trendy idea that occupies their space and distracts them again. But you, there’s something about you.”

“Something about me? But how could I have done all of that and how can I see it all again, how it was before, why can’t I go back to seeing that?” the child in more confusion replied.

‘‘You’re already here seeing everything as it was before.’’ the magician trying to get the child to understand.

‘‘What’s wrong then. Why can't I see it? Please, just tell me, show me how.’’ the child begs.

“Stop trying so hard to understand, young one. Just let it be. In time, you will understand everything. Because your true self finally woke up from their dream and can now understand what needs to be understood, and the signs that reveal themselves to you will only help and guide you along on your journey.”

“So before you leave, please, take this advice with you. Magic is real. Trust me, it all comes from within, it’s your source of energy, it’s the truth of what you are.”

“When you finally wake up, realize your potential and combine your inner and outer worlds into one, you have that power. Because you are that power which allows you to create and accomplish such amazing things beyond what you believe are the normal capabilities.”

“This is who you are, who you’ve always been. That’s why you came here. It wasn’t all just a coincidence. You needed to witness your true potential so you can wake up and realize that you’re other than what you think you know. It’s now your time.”

“Young one, You are The Magician.”

Chapter 11

A day passed, and it was once again back to the same pattern, but there was a new peaceful feeling that surrounded the child’s room.
The child woke up without a stir, got dressed, brushed their teeth, ate a healthy breakfast, and gathered all of their supplies.

They were more prepared than usual, casually walking out the front door of their house without a bother.

Sitting on the usual curb outside patiently waiting for the bus, the child remembered the conversation with the magician the other day, trying to understand what their advice really meant.

“Magician? what does that mean? I’m no magician, there’s no way, I’m not capable of doing such things. It’s impossible. Maybe if I stop by the tent real quick, he can help me understand everything better.”

As the child approached the area where the tent once stood, there wasn’t anything there anymore. No small tent, just faded grass and a tall metal fence that will prevent anyone from entering. There was a sign on the fence that read ‘‘Private Property. NO ADMITTANCE.”

The Magician must’ve packed their things and moved on to another town, maybe to perform another show.

‘‘Now I’ll never know what he meant by me being my true self. A Magician? And what did he mean by signs revealing themselves? Everything he said, it all just doesn’t add up.’’

When the child started walking back home through the woods to get on the bus to go to school, they were thinking back on everything that happened recently. Their first dream with the hat that appeared in reality on the commercial, then the race with the rabbit that led them down a dark and muddy path to the magician’s tent. Then a new feeling came from within, something so unique and unexplainable that all they can do was relax and let it sink in, not questioning a thing about what caused it.

Taking the advice the magician gave them. They finally just gave in, left everything as it is and simply went with it.

The bus came to a stop at a light in the middle of town. The child was staring outside the window, simply enjoying the view. But a glare from a door that opened from a store outside caught their attention as it shined on their eyes.

Curiously, they glanced out the window and saw a Giant Red sale sign that was sprawled across the store’s front. It turned out to be for a local pet shop. Apparently, the shop was having to shut down due to lack of business, so they were having a get rid of everything sale for pets and supplies. A child sitting in the bus's front mentioned this as the bus was waiting at the stoplight.

Behind one window, there were small animals inside a large glass case filled with small energetic puppies chasing their tails to yawning kittens, a ferret squirming around in circles, and even a small turtle hiding inside its shell.

But what really caught the child's eye that stood out of the group was gray and ragged, and appeared to be curled up in the case’s corner by a water dish, distant from the other animals. It was a familiar creature, shy, distant, afraid of its surroundings, with whiskers and a set of floppy ears.

If you pieced it all together, you can tell what it really was. At the right time, at the right moment, and this was it.

And just like that, everything finally made sense. The child now understood what the magician was talking about that entire time, the signs and who the child really is, and what amazing things they were truly capable of.

The child turned away from the window, took a deep breath, chuckled to themselves and announced in absolute confidence:

“I AM the Magician.”


Submitted: May 30, 2021

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