The Evil Vanishing MicroBiota

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As I started to fall asleep, I was bombarded and downloaded by this complete story. Since it was dark in my room and I am nearly blind, I could not locate my glasses and had to transcribe it as quickly as I got it, in the dark. It is FICTION and really gross and I have no clue what my sub-conscious was doing. I don't drink or do drugs. Which is even more terrifying.

Horror Story About The Vanishing Evil Microbiome (No Title As Yet)


By Alexander Guinevere Kern


By 5-30-2021


*** WARNING! This is truly gross and it is not my fault.  The following short story is FICTION. I was falling asleep several weeks ago, and suddenly experienced this massive download of a story and, being fairly blind, had to transcribe it super fast in the dark. Just remember, it is fiction. And I am NO stranger to dark fantasy and horror stories. After I wrote it I performed research in order to determine of this could actually occur and found the following very NON-FICTION info regarding the shocking number of our genes versus the gene count of the Microbiome.


~~ “So to our 30 trillion human cells, we have on average about 39 trillion microbial cells. So by that measure, we're only about 43% human,” said Rob Knight, director of the University of California San Diego Center for Microbiome Innovation and professor of pediatrics and computer science and engineering. May 26, 2019


~~ this includes bacteria, viruses, fungi and archaea (organisms originally misclassified as bacteria). The greatest concentration of this microscopic life is in the dark murky depths of our oxygen-deprived bowels.

By James Gallagher

Presenter, The Second Genome, BBC Radio 4



The microbiome did not want to be part of Mankind any longer - collectively they believed they were separate from Man. They float around, indwell and attach like field burs to Human energy systems like the dirt sailing around PigPen in the Charlie Brown cartoons. Scientists were only recently made aware of the Microbiome, believing in the end that they were beneficial to Mankind and there existed no means to extract their influence if they proved otherwise. Instead the Microbiome Marauders have been sacking our Fleshy City for centuries.


The microbiome began to interact with the micro demanoid derma left by the COVIS 19 vaccines - and like a virus itself, or even more correctly a bacterial infection, it began to cause large, suppurating red lesions with protruding spikes (which somewhat resembled the shape of the COVID 19 virus structure) to manifest all over the bodies of human beings. Eventually the spikes grew large enough and long enough to even start rupturing their eyeballs and other body parts by their growing extensions. The microbiome perceived this as a deviation of their collective arrangement and began in haste to try to escape the human bodies, by causing the extensions to lengthen and lengthen, longer and longer, away from the Soul parasites and the human chakra system as possible.

Thus the microbiome formed large glassy, fragile pustules like bubbles at the end of the spiking protrusions, which by now caused human beings to scream in agony and paroxysms of rage at the putrid odor emanating from the sores which would not heal. It was reported the smell was somewhat like a burned sock. The cotton-like collagen tortured by the virus reminded some of the odor of a pinch of snuff.


No scientists were able to make the connection between the COVID 19 vaccines and the dreadful and previously unknown skin conditions. The larger lesions looked like sponge scrubbers with rubber spikes extending. There was no treatment for the running sores, or the massive itching and pain the growing spikes caused. Physicians were sending flurries of emails with attachment photos all over the world, trying to discover the source of this malady, this scourge, and how to stop the lesions from multiplying.  Often people had to stick out their tongue all the time, there were so many spikes erupting from the soft tissue. Needless it is to say, eating was difficult and painful. The deviant Spikes might erupt anywhere, and occasionally did, but in general seemed to be limited to fleshy tissues. For a month,  family physicians gave up their resistance to prescribing pain killers and did so, for the suffering of the people was outsized and without precedent.


Within a month of the first Patient Zero report, the Microbiome had created its own little Bubble of protection at the end of each extension spike, and, satisfied it was completely contained within it, broke off and flew away like souls.


Once this occurred, the lesions and the spikes dried up like the leftovers of Chicken Pox, crusting over, falling off and finally healing completely.


The microbiome enclosed glassine bubbles no longer had a light/power source so the wind lifted them up and carried them far and wide like spores. Then when they had no more energy they deflated and fell to Earth or the seas or sought new hosts from the animal kingdom. There they mutated into a virulent bacterial pestilence - although they could no longer infest Humanity, as by then the Human Immune System recognized the former Microbiome elemental, no matter how much they had been altered or morphed, they had still once been symbiotically attached and merged to and with the Human Host Body and terminated the incoming plague forming immediately and completely.


Without the leeching and negative effects of the Microbiome, which Mankind erroneously believed had become valuable via evolution, Mankind found their bodies becoming much healthier and more robust and energetic. This was due to the fact that before the Microbiota were ejected and their bodies had time to accommodate the new arrangement in the various organs previously occupied by reams of Microbiotic gene expressions. At that time, Humans were only about 43% Human. Slowly their bodies developed back into their original format of gleaming health, which did not include incarceration by microscopic viruses, bacteria, fungus and other routine micro-organisms which caused various forms of dysfunction.


The Microbiome, which has its own DNA structure and capability for capturing energy from the Soul Essence’s valuable energy system, had been making Mankind ill, depressed, slow, confused, demented, suffering with Fibromyalgia, Ulcerative Colitis, and myriad other diseases and affliction with no known or identified causes. The human genome is made up of 2,000 genes.  In total all the genes in our microbiome together comes out between two and 20 million.  To suggest the vast number of Microbiome genes interacting and out-producing our 2,000 genes does not cause vile changes in how our bodies and brains operate, is a delusion.


Without the negative aspects of the Microbiome system aborting our health and mental stability, our Immune Systems were no longer under extreme stress 24-7-365, by a vampiric alternate system which had attached itself to Human energy like sucker fish attach to the underbelly of the sharks and other marine animals.


A ghastly experience which nevertheless left Mankind stronger and healthier than ever once the Offending Invader Microbiota had departed.


The parasitical essence of the Microbiome was rendered impotent - and even though it killed many of the host animals they infested, the animal population of their choice needed the herds to be thinned. Finally the elements of the microbiome, which was a bacterial and other fungi invasion, after all, became benign, dissolved and disappeared from the Earth.






**** Note from author of this ghastly fiction:  Apropos and suggestive of nothing, I chose the Johnson and Johnson COVID 19 vaccine because it uses a viral (adenovirus) vector which is familiar to the human body.

Submitted: May 30, 2021

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