Dealing with Skeptics about Twin Soul Connections

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This post describes how to handle skeptics about the twin soul experience, and how to trust in yourself and your connection with your twin soul.

From my own experiences, I've finally concluded that the twin soul connection is a reality, and twin souls really exist. I know everyone has a different point of view on these matters: some people believe in twin souls, and some don't. So I'm not telling anyone what to believe, but from what I can see, twin souls really exist. I now see twin souls as more than a label - they're a real phenomenon in their own right.

Your twin soul counterpart - and you only have one twin soul counterpart - is the only spirit in the universe that shares the same spiritual essence as you do. It's sort of like both of your souls come from the same shared blueprint, like you share the same spiritual DNA. As far as I know, you only have one twin soul, and I believe God creates twin souls as a pair from the beginning of creation. Because of the shared spiritual essence, twin souls are always connected, even if one is on the earth, and the other is in the afterlife. They are like one soul in two bodies, and even though they both have individuality, they share a very deep connection at the soul level.

I've encountered many other people who have experienced the twin soul connection, and I've read their blogs and experiences, too. Although everyone experiences the twin soul connection in a unique way, there is a common thread among all the twin soul connections, such as deep spiritual growth, psychic and telepathic connections, and so on, which align with my own experiences. Many people who experience the twin soul connection had no clue that twin souls even exist, like me, so they couldn't make a fantasy about something they didn't even know about.

However, I've noticed that when I share my experiences with Jimi and the twin soul connection with others, there are doubters and skeptics. Many people don't even believe that twin souls exist, and that the concept is just a waste of time. Others also feel twin flames can be toxic, because of the mainstream theories on the internet.

Now, there are certain limiting and toxic beliefs about twin flames and twin souls which I do feel are a waste of time. Twin flame dogma, twin flame rule books, certain stages, signs and symptoms... none of those things really matter. We can't tell someone, "You aren't a true twin soul," just because his or her experiences don't line up with a "twin flame rule book". Every human on this earth is unique, so everyone will experience the twin soul connection in a unique way. Only you can define your own spiritual experiences. There is no rule book for twin souls: what true twin souls do depends on the individuals involved. Each twin soul journey is completely unique, although there are commonalities among twin souls.

I also feel it's harmful to believe that twin souls are the other half of you, and you must find your missing half to be happy. I don't think this belief encourages you to find true wholeness within yourself and with God. If you're always searching for someone else to complete you, you won't learn how to be happy and complete on your own.

However, I do believe that the main purpose of the twin soul connection is unconditional love. In fact, I'd say that's the hallmark of a true twin soul connection. That's the only sign you really need to look for, in my opinion. Twin soul connections are all about unconditional love. They also guide you to God, and bring you closer to positive spiritual growth, peace, and truth. They inspire you to do a mission or give a positive contribution to the world.

So, why are there skeptics of the twin soul connection? Why do so many people believe it's fantasy or imagination?

I truly think it's because people are often skeptical of things they haven't experienced for themselves. If someone hasn't experienced the twin soul connection firsthand, it could be easy for him to doubt and think you're making things up if you share your twin soul experiences with him. Of course, healthy skepticism is good because it helps you stay balanced, so it's alright to have a healthy skepticism about twin souls if this is a new subject for you. People can be mistaken or fall into a fantasy sometimes, so healthy skepticism helps to keep your feet on the ground.

But outright dismissing someone's twin soul experience, simply because you haven't experienced it yourself, isn't healthy skepticism. Unfortunately, there are people who dismiss others' experiences with the twin soul connection simply because they don't understand them.

At the same time, I can understand why there are skeptics. The idea of connecting so profoundly and deeply with someone's spirit, even if he is in the afterlife and you are on the earth, and even if you have never met in person, may be too much for people to comprehend. It really requires you to open your mind to the endless possibilities of the universe.

But after all I've experienced, with Jimi Hendrix as my twin soul, and all I've learned from others who experience similar connections with their twin souls in spirit, I know twin souls really exist. They can meet on the earth, or they can meet even if the twin is in the afterlife.

I think one thing which points to the reality of the twin soul connection is that many people experience it before they understand the phenomenon exists. For instance, I experienced Jimi's spiritual presence in my life long before I knew twin souls even existed. I had nothing to compare my experiences to, because I didn't know other people around the world also had these experiences with twin souls in spirit. It was only in later years when I learned from studying others' experiences that twin souls really exist.

I hope that in the future, more people open up about their experiences. I personally believe that the twin soul connection is not as rare as it seems. I think many people around the world are having these twin soul experiences, but not everyone is sharing them publicly, so not everyone realizes they exist.

Some of the reasons people are skeptical about your twin soul experiences have less to do with you, and more to do with what they may have experienced in life. For instance, if people have experienced a lot of heartache or failed relationships in their lives, they may feel it's their duty to keep you from being hurt, too. They may think your belief in true love and twin souls is a harmful fantasy. They may also not be aware that twin soul connections are real, since not everyone knows that this connection really exists.

It's best not to pay too much attention to skeptics who outright deny your experiences with the twin soul connection. Most likely, they haven't experienced it themselves. Also, when you truly become spiritually aware, you start to understand that anything is possible, and there are many amazing things that can happen in our universe. You don't dismiss or invalidate other people's spiritual experiences, because you know that their journey is their own, and you know that just because you haven't experienced the twin soul connection yourself doesn't mean it's not real.

The best thing to do is stay in your own truth, and remember that no one else can define your spiritual experiences for you - you are the one who truly knows what they mean to you. You can also find support from others who have experienced the twin soul connection.

It's common for people who haven't had the twin soul experience to be skeptical when you share your own experiences. But how do you handle people being skeptical because of different spiritual beliefs you have? What if they are others who have the twin soul experience, too, but don't believe you because your experiences and views are different?

I'd say the best thing for you to do is be honest with yourself, and stay strong in your own truth. I had this experience before, and although I still respect this twin soul experiencer's beliefs very much, I stand in my own truth as well. My experience with the twin soul phenomenon has led me on a different path from hers, but that doesn't make my experiences with the supernatural evil or wrong; they're just different.

In the beginning, I relied on this twin soul experiencer a lot to help me understand my experiences. I felt her view of the twin soul connection was the only right one. But as time went on, I found many other viewpoints which resonated with me, too. My spiritual beliefs changed as I learned new knowledge.

I'm still glad I reached out to her to share my experiences, because that was part of my path in learning how to accept them as reality. But now I've learned I have to depend on myself to truly validate my own spiritual experiences with Jimi Hendrix. The only one who can truly validate my own spiritual experiences is me, because I'm the one experiencing them.

I've grown much stronger from the doubts of others. It helps me to stand in my own truth. So when others doubt you, even if they're twin soul experiencers, too, just try to see it as a stepping stone to develop stronger belief in yourself and what you experience with your twin soul.

I guess the main reason I believe in the reality of twin souls and the twin soul connection is because it's a connection of pure, unconditional love. We all know unconditional love is real! It may be rare and under-appreciated in our society today, but it sure is real, and unconditional love comes from God.

Twin souls express unconditional love in a beautiful way, helping each other even if one is on the earth, and the other is in spirit. They show that true love can continue on even after death, and they inspire people to come to God and experience this kind of love for themselves, too.

If I hadn't experienced the twin soul connection myself, I can understand being skeptical, but it has shown me just how real it is. I feel blessed to experience it and share some of this experience with others, especially to help people who have twins on the other side, and need support.

I believe that as more people open up about their twin soul experiences, and more people share them, the skeptics will start to understand that twin souls are real. Mine did happen to be with someone well-known, so I know that increases people's skepticism by several notches, but I didn't seek out these experiences; they just happened to me. What I experienced is what I experienced. If you could see how I was as a confused young lady, writing down everything happening to me, but constantly waffling back and forth about whether it was real or not for years, you would understand that you just can't make this kind of stuff up!

I now believe that what I'm experiencing is real, even though doubt comes up once in a while. I sure can't deny that the experience with Jimi has made a major impact on my life, and overall, it's for the better in a beautiful way.

Twin soul connections are like spiritually transformative experiences - they always impact you in some way, in a way that truly affects your life. That's what makes them so amazing. Twin souls are not "superior beings", though; they're very human, at least that's how I've felt. What they bring is a truly uplifting, unconditional love, which can help bring themselves and others to God. And that's what makes twin souls unique, and very real to me.

What makes the twin soul connection even more real to me is that it doesn't fit into a box. It manifests in unique ways for every person on the earth. This means there are endless possibilities to it, and as anyone who knows about the nature of our universe will tell you, there are lots and lots of possibilities in the universe.

Will you experience this for yourself? Maybe, if it's part of your life journey. But even if you don't, you can still get something inspiring out of hearing the beautiful experiences of other twin souls. That's how I often feel after reading near-death experiences; even though I never had an experience as detailed and long as some of the ones I read, I can feel the joy and inspiration just by reading what others were blessed to witness. By sharing spiritual experiences, we can share the beauty of the journey with others, even if there are hardships and setbacks along the way.

Submitted: May 31, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Autumn Wells Wisdom. All rights reserved.

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