Alison Stone and the Castle of Magic A novel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Alison Stone is a ten year old English girl from London.
When she arrives at the Castle of Magic, her life is changed forever.

The first children's fantasy novel in a new series.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

The first thing that happened was when Alison Stone saw the strange wizards outside her London street; her blue eyes flickered in the d... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

'How was your day, Alison?', Margaret Stone asked her daughter.  'Good, Mum. I met some new friends', Alison answered.  ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

____ The short witch stood near the gilded Dragon's mirror. She grabbed the red coloured cloak, and put it on. She saw the bur... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

____ Alison want to bed after dinner.  She watched television.  The movie was 'The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrob... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

___ The swirling mists of darkness coursed through the city of London.  Deane Caddein stood near the black barrel from the P... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

___ The next morning Alison was prepared for school. She slept well.  When she was dressed, she saw Margaret was cooking... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Alison was at school.  'Be careful', Margaret Stone said. 'I will, Mum. Good bye'. 'Good bye', Margaret said. As she... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

___   The wizards sat on their thrones. They glanced at the spy, Murchinson.  'What about the news of the girl witch?... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

___ Shadows hovered above the stricken city.  They reached the grim road that caused the Wizards to retreat; they were eager... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

___ Alison waited. She was eager to deal with the tales of magic from her Grandmother. She looked at the darkness. 'Is that the ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

___ The last time Rycher stood near the bowels of Klifh, which was near the Flames of Berne, was last night. He ate some chicken th... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

Part 2 In the Woods of Despir, Eamon Wainwright stood near the Cold Lake. He whispered to the ravens; he was sure, deep down, he sa... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

  ____ Alison Stone walked towards the Roaming Circle. She glanced at the Table of Exertion. She wasn't strong enough to d... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

Shadows fell into the Rivers of Time.  There was no inkling of faded doubt; a doubt that loomed in the mind of the wretchedness ... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

___ Alison waited for the car to arrive. 'Did you have a great day, Ali?', her Mum asked.  'Yes, I saw all kinds of people... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

The last time Tolman sat on the brown seat at Hyde Park was two months' ago. He looked at the time, as if the madness was gone. He wasn... Read Chapter


The ringing of the bells chimed Midnight.  As everyone in London slept, the distant shadows came forward.  And the grim... Read Chapter

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