{Generation One}{The Astral Assassins}{Arc 2}{2021 Revisited}

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Hit Squad is Hired to murder Megan, and Pharaoh Lyons encounters the other side to his Coin.
This is the Second Arc.

Table of Contents

{An Introduction}{Part One}

It is a pretty chilly Monday Morning in DeKalb City, and I can perceive that Pharaoh and Megan are taking the busy route to scho... Read Chapter

{An Introduction}{Part 2}

It is a little later in the morning, and it is the beginning of Homeroom; Master Weird, Master Azeri, and Master Manic are standing bef... Read Chapter

{Meet as One}

The Legendary Witch Salada- “I will tell you about my plan right now.”   The eight Witches...well, the seve... Read Chapter

{A Coin of Both Sides}{Part 1}

Back within the Training Room, Captain Nick, the Captain of Division Nine is obtaining a bulletin on his phone from Captain Mike... Read Chapter

{A Coin of Both Sides}{Part 2}

Jaw is coming down from the air with aggression, avoiding the multiple Energy Darts firing for him as he is blasting Cosmic Magi... Read Chapter

{Eternal Chains of Bonds}

I can see that Jaw and Tyler have slashed up one another pretty good as Jaw is cleaning the blood from his Face, and Tyler is st... Read Chapter

{Because Fate Has Been Played}

Pharaoh- “Kitty McMittens, huh…? You really call yourself that? That is so lame, but more importantly what the hell are you ... Read Chapter


Tyler Greenwood is currently on his knees, defeated and within skepticism as Jaw is standing over him, smirking at him.... ... Read Chapter

{Hyori Ittai}

Battling the immense pressurized Aura that is coming from Master Shido, Pharaoh and Kitty are Dashing after the Master with Stre... Read Chapter

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