"DARE ME" Season one episode 2 "Thrill of the dare"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

episode two is more intense and a nail bitter for sure. true fact I was on the edge of my seat the whole time writing this one out :)












Jim *Takes several deep breaths as he opens re reads the message from “Dare me” Telling him to go to an abandoned building where a killer still may be hiding. “This is crazy I really shouldn’t go. But I mean its $12,000 on the line I could use that money for my family. However I might die.

Jim enters his parents’ bedroom and opens the closet door and pulls out his dad’s shoebox and recovers his pistol. *Jim makes sure it’s fully loaded and puts it on safety and in the gun holster.

Jim takes a couple bullets and puts them inside his cargo pants just in case. Jim shuts the shoebox takes several deep breaths leaves the bedroom and goes down to his car. Jim says a quick prayer and then he gets inside his car and he is off.

 “Seriously should we go after him? It’s not safe. “Look I understand you’re afraid I am too but we can’t get involved we’re not players we can’t help. Skeeter tells Elizabeth. “But we can’t just let him die.” “I know but even if we did get to the building what if this killer saw us? We could die also. But seriously I know Jim we have been good friends for a long time he is capable of this he will make good choices he won’t risk anything I believe in him.” Skeeter says. “Ok.” Elizabeth says.

The group manages to fall asleep for a few hours. *Jim approaches Redview Industrial Center* It was an older looking building it was a four story brick walled building that looked like it was falling apart.

 Jim opened up his door and suddenly got chills as if somebody or something was watching him from a distance. *Jim grabbed his gun from his holster and approached the building. *Jim slowly opened up the front door and the door creaked open. The building of course was pitch black. Jim pulled out a flashlight and could immediately tell there were several rooms downstairs. He was going to play smart and stay downstairs. Chances are the killer was probably on the fourth floor and if he stayed on the first then he would probably be safe.

 Jim stayed as quit as he could as he walked down the empty hallway when he got another text. Jim pulled his phone out and read the message *TAKE PICTURES” *Jim put on his camera and snapped a photo of the abandoned hallway showing several rooms. He took several other photos as he entered the room to the left and saw what looked like a work station with a desk. The words “Dead Inside” were spray painted on the desk. Jim shined the light around the room and felt cold air as he noticed the window was smashed. Jim stepped on a piece of glass and it made a loud sharp crack sound. Jim froze as he listened preparing to here footsteps running after him.

But after a few minutes there was nothing so Jim continued to walk out from the room and approached the next room witch appeared to be a break room with cabinets and a refrigerator. Jim opened the fridge door it was empty. Jim snapped a photo. Jim left that room and entered the last room he heard the ground start to move from under him. He stopped as he noticed the floorboards were loose so he stopped and left that room.

Jim sent the two text messages to the App. The app responded back almost Immediately “GO UPSTAIRS” Jim got chills as he did Not want too he wanted to leave but the dare was to stay till 3:30 and the time was only 12:45 am. Jim slowly made his way up the steps as he heard a sound coming from down the hallway.

He got down on his knees and hid beneath a broken table and peaked his head out at the direction he heard the noise. There was silence for a moment and then a bird came shooting passed him. He figured it was just the bird and he continued to make his way down the hallway. He snapped several more photos. He took several deep breaths as he continued to make his way down the seemingly never ending hallway.

When he heard a door open from behind him. Jim froze as he slowly tilted his head in the direction that the door opened. Jim Nervously made his way over towards the room and he saw the door was opened a jar. He approached the door and right as he got towards the crack where he could see inside the door two eyes blinked right at him. Jim terrified fell backwards and landed on the ground as the door opened up and a teenager was staring at him.

“What are you doing here?” The kid asked Jim. “I’m here for a dare.” Jim said. “Dang on that new app? I’m afraid to play it. I am here because I am a huge paranormal fan and I heard a murder took place and wanted to experience this place for myself.” “This place is dangerous.

The killer may still be here.” Jim said to the kid. “Oh wow you think? Maybe we should leave?” “You should Jim told the kid. “I have to stay till 3:30 to complete the dare. I will make $12,000 dollars if I complete it. Jim said. “Wow that’s a lot of money. Ok I will leave you to it. The kid said. “Be safe.” The kid walked down the stairs. Jim followed halfway down the steps to make sure he actually left. The kid opened the door and exited the building.

But what Jim didn’t know was that this building had a lock on the outside of the door and the kid locked the door Insuring Jim stayed locked inside of the building until 3:30 am basically making sure Jim was trapped inside this building with a killer. Jim continued to walk back up the stairs when he heard his phone ring.

*Jim reached into his pocket and grabbed his phone it was a message from “DARE ME” “GO TO THE FOURTH FLOOR WHERE THE MURDER TOOK PLACE.” *Jim just stared at that message for several minutes he swallowed and walked very slowly up the steps to the fourth floor. Thought were know racing in his mind was he about to walk right into the killer? Was he going to stumble across the body of the women murdered? What condition would she be in if she was deceased? Jim Froze as he made his way to the top floor.

Jim saw only two rooms and one room was across the hallway and it was the manager’s room. Jim slowly made his way to the closest door and opened it up. Jim saw several Desks and a window. Jim shut that door and opened the next door and saw some cabinets and several desks and there was a key on the wall. Jim grabbed the key figuring it was for the manager’s room. Jim approached the managers room and he expected it to be locked but the door was open he entered the room and saw several files on the desk and equipment on the desk along with several other items that a manager would have including radios to keep tabs with his employees and a lunchbox.

Jim saw that there was a sandwich in the lunchbox. Jim stared at it and though how long had this been there? It was weird. Jim snapped another photo and sent it to the app. The app texted back “GO IN THE BASEMENT.” Jim was now terrified. Jim sat down in the chair for several minutes he checked his phone it was now 1:35.

Jim got up and made his way back to the first floor and down to a room he thought looked like a basement. He inserted a key inside a key lock and opened the door. Jim caught the key lock and placed it down on the ground very gingerly. Jim opened the door as it creaked loudly. Jim froze as all he could see was darkness going down a staircase. Jim made his way down halfway to the basement when he smelled something horrible and feared it was the murder victim.

 Jim was now very nervous. As he got another message “BE AWARE THE KILLER COULD STILL BE AROUND.” Jim shined the flashlight at the bottom of the steps and he walked down onto the basements pavement. Jim saw several Chains on the wall. Along with several different sharp objects. It was clear to Jim somebody had been living down here and had very bad intentions.

 Jim walked over towards where the smell was and almost dropped his flashlight as he saw the body of a woman in her thirties. He quickly looked away.

 His phone app went off and he read a text “FIND THE MURDER WEAPON FOR AN ADDITIONAL $300.” Jim froze as he thought about it but then ultimately said No I don’t need an extra Three hundred dollars. Jim started to walk back when he heard a loud noise coming from the top of the steps “WHO LEFT MY DOOR OPEN?” Jim froze as he looked around and saw a locker in the back part of the basement.

Jim quietly made his way to it and opened the locker and hid inside of it. Right in time too as he heard another sound this time it was the sound of a chainsaw and footsteps darting down the stairs. Jim horribly looked on as a man entered the basement with chains dragged around his clothes he was wearing. The chainsaw was running as the man called out “Come out Come out wherever you are little piggy.” *The man stopped and looked over at the locker.

He stared at it for several minutes and then said to himself “I must have left the door open.” Jim prayed for several minutes as he watched the man he walked towards the table in the middle of the room and set the chainsaw down and walked away from the room.

Jim looked at his phone now it was 3:15. Am. Jim thought I can almost escape this building but I need to make sure he is gone first. Jim suddenly saw a shadow and the man reentered the building. The killer had turned his chainsaw off and opened up a cabinet and set it inside and closed the door. Jim could only watch as the man then grabbed a sleeping bag and lay down.

Jim patiently waited about a good twenty minutes. He heard snoring as he slowly opened the locker door and made his way out and he silently tip toed across the hallway towards the man. He had to tip toe over the man.

Once he did Jim made his way towards the Stairs and once he managed to get to the top step he heard the chainsaw again and a man yelled “TIME TO DIE.” Jim opened the door and sprinted as fast as he could towards the entrance door where he got inside but realized the door was now locked. Jim grabbed a chair that was nearby and threw it at the glass as the killer ran up the steps and saw Jim. Jim darted out of the window just as the man rushed at the window. Jim started to run as fast as he could out of the building not looking back until he was near his car.

Jim took a bunch of deep breaths shaking in fear as he looked over at the window and he heard the chainsaw was still running and the man was watching him from the window screaming. *Jim slammed his key into the ignition turning the car on and sped out of there.

 The time was around 4:00 Am. So Jim texted the app the final photo he had taken inside the locker. The app texted him back.




Jim took several deep breaths and yelled “WHOOO!” In excitement. The Next morning it was a Saturday and Skeeter had gotten a knock on the door.

 Skeeter half expected it to be Jim’s mom asking where he was. But to skeeters surprise it was Jim. “I’m glad to see you.” Skeeter said to Jim. “Same here.” Jim said back to Skeeter as Fred and Elizabeth walked down stairs and ran over to Jim.

Jim put his phone up and showed his ATM account to the gang and showed off his $12,000. Jim then said to everyone “Man I need a beer and some sleep.” Skeeter laughed as Jim entered Skeeters house and shut the door behind him.

Submitted: June 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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