Mr. Linden's Library

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ramona finds an odd book like no other at the library and has the guts to read it, but from the day she took it home, strange things started happening in her life. She had been warned not to read the book, now it was too late.

It was a sunny day and Ramona went to the library to get a few books to read. This time she was looking for a different book that she has never read before.


After a while Ramona finally found a book that she might like. But it’s definitely an odd book and not like the other ones! Ramona checks out the book at the library and Mr. Linden asked, “Are you sure?” Ramona replied, “Yes, why?” Mr. Linden explained, “This book isn’t an ordinary book. It has a history of weird things happening to the person who has taken the book. It says take at your own risk.” Ramona said, “That’s okay, I’m still taking the book” Mr. Linden gave Ramona a worried look and scanned the book.


While walking back from the library, she thought why Mr. Linden warned her about the book. But she was too thrilled to read the book, so she decided to read it right after dinner.


After dinner, Ramona started reading the book and got sleepy so she put it down on her nightstand. While she was trying to sleep, she saw a shadow on the wall in front of her. It can’t be someone she knows since she lives alone with no roommates or family members. It also can’t be her shadow either because she was in bed and the shadow was of a girl standing. She got frightened and stood up but the shadow disappeared. The next morning she got ready for her work shift but she couldn’t find her purse. She could’ve sworn she put it on the table. She kept it there everyday after coming back from work. So she found it strange how it wasn’t there. She realized she was running late for work, so she had to go without her purse. 


She came back and was shocked. The purse was on top of the book. Like before, she was surprised as she was confident that she had not kept it there as she read the book before bed last night. Ramona decided to forget about it since it wasn’t that big of a deal. She made herself some dinner and went to bed. 


She was tossing and turning in bed and couldn’t get any sleep so she decided to read some more. She ended up reading it for an hour and a half before she fell asleep. 


Suddenly she woke up in the middle of the night , and felt thirsty. So she went to get some water. While she started to drink, she realized that there was light coming from somewhere. She looked around and saw where it was coming from. The book. Her jaw dropped in shock and she dropped her glass cup. She didn’t know what to believe. While she was cleaning up the mess she started thinking if Mr. Linden was right.


Early in the morning she got a phone call from her work saying she had her shift in another town. This wouldn’t be a problem since there’s a bus that drives there. 

She got ready and headed out. While she was closing the door she heard a faint whisper saying “You’re next”. She was confused and creeped out. She saw her neighbor coming out of her apartment building as well. Ramona asked “Hey, did you hear that?” He responded confused,“What?” Ramona replied “Oh, never mind.” She walked out with the chills. 


Then, she got on her bus and headed to work. She got on her elevator and realized there weren’t many people there today. She went up on the second floor and scanned her id and got to work at her desk.


In the evening,she finished work and went down the elevator and there was no one to be seen. Maybe it was because it was a rainy day. She got to her bus stop and got on her bus.


When she got to her stop, she froze. She found bold red spray paint that said “You’re next.” and the book underneath it. The book seemed to have some leaves and vines growing out of it. The next person from the bus walked out and Ramona just stood there so the lady asked “Are you okay, ma'am?” Ramona pointed to the spray paint and the lady said, “What?” Ramona was just standing there freaked out and confused so the lady rolled her eyes and walked away. 


This was the last straw. This time Ramona decided to take action. She decided to return the book to the library. She took the book from the bus stop and ran to the library. She got to the library and started banging on the doors. Then she looked at the time and realized the library was closed now. She was really scared now. She decided to return it tomorrow. When she got to her apartment, she wanted to stay as much away from the book as possible. She buried it outside her apartment with the flowers and ran upstairs but she saw something which she didn’t want to see. The book. It was on her nightstand. She grabbed it and threw it under her bed. She sighed in relief and went to the bathroom. When she got back, the book was there, again. Something was wrong with this book and it was definitely not like the other books. She decided to go to bed early so she could return the book before work. Suddenly, she woke up and saw that she wasn’t in her bed. She was someplace else. She saw a little girl there. Ramona said “Hey! Where am I?” The little girl said “Sorry”.  Ramona said ,“Why?” The girl sighed and said, “You’re inside”. Ramona replied ,“Inside? Inside where?” The girl annoyedly said, “The book, duh. I have to go now”. Ramona said “What? No! Wait, where are you going and why am I here?” She said,“Alright, sit down ma’am.” Ramona sat down. 


The girl said,“I’m Rose. I’m one of the people who read the book too, just like you. Weird things started happening to me and I was confused. I thought better not to tell my parents. Then I tried everything to get rid of it. But it kept coming back.Then, one night, I got stuck in here, just like you did just now. When I came through,  the other boy, who was here, told me that I had to wait until someone else would get the book. Then the same thing will happen and I can be free. So that’s what happened. You got the book and ignored it just like me, and now you will have to stay here until someone else gets the book. After someone does, you can be free again, and go back to your normal life like me.” 


Ramona said, “Oh, so you’re going back to your life? Rose replied, “Yes, back to my friends and family. Hang in there.” Ramona sighed and nodded. Rose started walking away and turned and said “Oh, and don’t even try escaping, it doesn’t end well. Trust me.” “The book teleports back to the library”  Ramona nodded and waved bye to Rose. Rose then slowly walked away and disappeared. 


Ramona said to herself, “Well, I guess it won’t be that much of a difference for me. I never had any family or friends anyway and I love being independent. This should work out well.”



Submitted: June 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 nina07. All rights reserved.

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