WoodCreek Village

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

WoodCreek Village. A once up and rising community that gained the attention of numerous Lords and Kings. What the natives were able to accomplish in some short years drew crowds by the sea. A town on the edge of a deepening forest prospered better than some kingdoms far away. So why did it suddenly disappear?

Prequel to The Woodcreek Village.

Table of Contents

Home in the Forest

Reading one book after another well into the mornings...and all through the night is a regularly scheduled program for Elu. Completely di... Read Chapter

Their Generation

“Missed, Mato.”. Elu eases out the creek gathering her things. Hearing Pala’s voice...and laughter... he’s always with someon... Read Chapter

A Certain Level Hatred

Just as the sun touches the forest the following day, Elu is already up, getting ready to head to that field. The walk there is uneventfu... Read Chapter

Finally Docked

“Arnold! Get up!”. He groans as Francis hits him with a pillow. “You were the one who wanted to stay up late...reading.”. ... Read Chapter

Missed Our Lead

“Looks like someone is making a profit on the side.”. Kirk knows they can exploit this, especially if there are others with this gree... Read Chapter

Contact Made

Somehow it seems like more people have landed today. Leaning against one of the pier posts, Arnold takes in the scenery. People from all ... Read Chapter

The Camp

After some more boring hours, Arnold is buzzed and ready to get things going. He, Kirk, William, and Francis stand in the outhouse, holdi... Read Chapter

Beauty of The Forest

A couple of nights later, they find themselves at the little camp again with four different men. They aren’t as friendly as the previou... Read Chapter

The Search Starts

When they make it back to the ship, they settle around the cabin. Arnold and Kirk have an idea of what they need to do. Since time isn’... Read Chapter

The Cottage in the Woods

For the...next few hours, they closely follow behind Francis. They’ve been wandering around...for.........William has had enough! “We... Read Chapter

The Right Direction

“Nervous?”. Fidgeting with her dress, Elu chances a glance at Pala, seeing that question was meant for her…... “Why is yo... Read Chapter

The Cave

Night falls as they finally appear to have reached their destination. From the sound of the numerous voices drifting into the forest...th... Read Chapter

Ceremony Day

Dynai watches as Elu squirms in her sleep. It’s the middle of the day...she doesn’t understand why she has so many nightmares. She th... Read Chapter

Elu's Blame

Elu’s anxiety kicks into overdrive, seeing the large crowd gathered at the ridge, but the most terrifying presence to her...is Calian. ... Read Chapter

The Generation of Troubles

Before Calian’s hand connects to Elu’s face, Citali appears, grabbing his arm. “You will not touch my woman again!”. Mato and... Read Chapter

The Past Plays a Factor

Calian and the others rush into the forest, leaving Mato, Citali, Pala, Elu, and Dynai alone. Once they are out of sight, the five of the... Read Chapter

Deep in the Cave

Walking along yet another path in this cave is making William go crazy. No sense of time exists in here. He doesn’t know if it’s day ... Read Chapter

A Voice, a Coffin

Unknowingly of how much time has passed, Arnold and Kirk are still wondering about the clustered section of the city. This end has more o... Read Chapter

A Change of Heart

“I think you need to set another charge.”. Francis inspects the rocks William just blew. The explosion did clear the loose boulders, ... Read Chapter

True Monster

By the time Francis comes into view, William, Kirk, and Arnold stone over. Neglecting to breathe, they can’t believe what they are seei... Read Chapter


Something...Elu can tell something is going on. Today...has been a puzzle for her ever since this morning. She waited in her cottage the ... Read Chapter

Why Did I....

Arnold violently shakes as he cowers in a bush just outside the village. Somehow he survived. He listened as the Monster tore through the... Read Chapter

Elu's Guilt

"Do you see what you did, Human?". This pain that has found a home inside of her, Elu can't bear with it. Watching Citali...Mato...Pa... Read Chapter

Losing Herself

When Wiyot and his brother steps forward, Elu's attention falls to Leonard's silence. For some reason, it's quiet...but she can still fee... Read Chapter

From Elu to Sofia

Time nor space seem to matter in this dark place Elu lives in. It's been so long since she's heard anything, but the silence she doesn't ... Read Chapter

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A good novel, that is well written.

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