Death and Ghosts

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Who is most likely to be scared? Read this poem between the spirits and souls.

Deaths and ghosts

I opened my eyes,

With my head aching,

Legs feeling paraplegic,

And whole body being shaken,

I was not at home,

I was frightened,

The room seemed to get colder,

Yet my senses heightened,

My fear mounted again,

I shut my eyes,

And snuggled down under the blanket,

I could hear the clock ticking clockwise,

I shut out the room and cold,

But not the fear,

And I heard a sound,

I catch some voice through my ear,

“I am gonna eat you up”,

“You bet”, I said,

Something heavy was being dragged along the landing,

I shivered with fear on the bed,

The sound came closer and grew louder,

A wet slithering sound,

And with it came a smell,

A sickening smell, of oh, bloody battleground,

I could hear breathings,

The sounds grew louder,

Harsh breathings,

Long choking breaths coming closer,

Then there is silence,

No sound at all,

I sat up in the bed and listened,

The awful slithering noise had stalled,

It had gone,

The ghost had departed,

I hugged myself with relief,

I felt lighthearted,

It had been a dream,

That’s all,

I had imagined it,

Just as my brother imagined trolls,

Then I heard the breathing again,

The shuddering breaths,

And I knew the thing hadn’t gone,

I could see my death,

The door opened,

The choking breaths seemed to fill the room,

And the smell, and the slithering wet sound of a shape,

Something coming towards me in the bedroom,

Something huge and dark and--,

And I screamed as the claws,

Yes, the claws, tore at my hands, my chest and my face,

And the sharp big jaws,

Bit my neck,

Darkness folded me,

So loudly I screamed,

And then dived into the Dead sea.


Submitted: June 01, 2021

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