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An encounter that Shiji never expect. Read yourself if you wanna found out. GAY novel. don't read if you don't like it. Happy pride month anyway ^-^


Sabishi’s school located at Tokyo, Japan. Full with bad records and police cases but still operate for some reason. Having small amount of student and 5 teachers. Woah, I wonder how this school existed. I laid my head on my desk. It’s really loud but I’m used to it. My sharp ear catches some girl’s conversation.

“Did you hear that there’s someone new here!?” The first girl talks with shocking face. Interested with the conversation topic, I eavesdropped the whole conversation. “There’s someone that wants to school here?” the second girl gasped in disbelieve. “Is it a guy or girl?” I stopped eavesdropping on them once the topic changed. Someone that will exchange here? Definitely crazy. Does their parent don’t worry about their child. At least do some research to the school you want to enrol. Your child going to experience a real hell.

My name is Shiji and you must want to know the reason I’m a student here. I’m also one of the problem students but listen here. I will not be beating someone that doesn’t mess up with me. Beside I’m not that smart. In this school my grade count as top grade. So, it’s easier for me to graduate. I choose to shut my existent since I’m not that strong. Just for my self-defence. The exchange student will change the school in 2 days unless they a Yakuza or bully.

“Urmm...class...” The teacher went in but nobody cares. They just chatting and playing ignoring teacher existence. “Damn, it’s so fucking loud…” Thought it slow the deep voice make class silent and look at the source. The teacher uses his chance to speak. “The-there’s an exchange student. Please come in and introduce yourself.” As soon the exchange student walk in, all the in class is screaming. “It’s Kai!!” I quickly close my ears cause girls screaming like it’s the end of the world. Just who the fuck is this guy?

My name is Kai, an idol.” He just said it with annoying face. “Th-that’s it?” The teacher asks since he just stop right there. “What else do you want to know?” His face looks troubled while the girls can’t stop screaming at every word that came from his mouth. “No-nothing, you may sit at the empty seat.” The teacher said panickily. All of the girl shoves their chair in line. “Sit here, Kai!” “No, here!” “I’m your no.1 fan!” Is he a prince or what? Their all go in heat just by seeing this guy but that guy doesn’t give a fuck and look directly at me.

Does he know me? I look back in the eyes without knowing before I realize it, I already falling deep in ocean. His eyes coloured like deep blue ocean. Dark yet sparkling. My heart beating fast. I immediately look away before I falling deeper. I calm my heart that still can’t stop beating fast. My feeling urges inside me. I feel missing something. It’s like I see that eyes before but I don’t remember.

I look backup and see he already beside me make me let out a small scream. “Why are you here?” He looks back at me with cold face. “I sit, here can’t I?” I shaking my head as an answer. Damn, there a lot of empty sit and you still sit beside me. I could feel all the girl in the class give me a glare. Probably jealous of me but I’m a guy?

I can smell trouble coming. Laid back my head on my desk volume up my mp3 to clear my head. I hope nothing bad gonna happen. I close my eyes went to sleep without realizing a pair of ocean eyes look at me disappointed. “He doesn’t remember…” A hoping voice come from his mouth while spend his entire attention to the sleeping guy beside him.


I walk in with exhausted step. I see sparkling comfy bed wanting to get laid in front of me. “My lovely beautiful bed~ Miss me?” I jump on the bed kissing the pillow. “Never know you like bed that much.” I jump out hearing deep voice behind me. “Since when were you there?!” “Since you kiss the pillow.” He went to his locker and unpacking his thing. Nobody ever arrives the dorm earlier than me. He breaks my record? How it possible? Also, he sits next to me out of other empty bed. God! Why I have such a bad luck today?!

“Huh, pair of losers here I see.” A group of guys come in. I can smell trouble from them. I should just shut my existence. One of the guy grab Kai by the collar. “You think you that handsome to hook my girlfriend!” That guy must get ditch by his girlfriend. I try my best to hide my laugh but a small chuckle escape from my mouth. “You think it’s so funny?!” Fuck my damn mouth. Now all of the attention is on me.

The guy let go of Kai collar and come to me. His hand form into fist ready to hit me. I close my eyes get ready to getting hit. Fuck this day. Instead of fist hitting my face I could here a loud bang noise. I open my eyes and see the guy that want to hit me already fell in front the locker with bloody head. “I don’t give a fuck about your problem” Kai clean his fist while looking at the other guys. “So, who else want to go?” Kai ask sarcastically. They all step backwards get out from the dorms. Before they go out Kai called them back make them flinch.

“Take this guy with you.” Kai point on the guy that faint on the floor. One of the guys hurry up and take the fainted guy on his shoulder but his weight to much for him to handle make him stumble. I try my best to not laugh but miserably failed. They look really scared of Kai and they almost piss on their pants. “You have so much fun I see.” Kai look at me with small smile. I can’t protest that his smile is very charming. I mentally slap myself. You should realize that you in tiger den.

I quickly grab my painting bag and run out. “Wait, where-” I shut the door before he could finish his words. I should be careful and don’t mess with him. I may look strong but I hate getting hurt. I calmly walk to my secret place. Entering the bush at the back of school. There a small forest and if you go a little bit further you will meet hidden abandoned wooden hut. “Luca, are you waiting for me?” The little fox sits on my laps once I seated. Luca is a fox I saved. Luca also the reason I found this secret place.

I pet the little fox while my mind wondering about what happen earlier. His smiling face comes on my mind. His whole existence is art itself. I take out my art material and start sketching. From pencil to paintbrush. The time pass by as I finish my coloured portrait. I stare at the portrait feel satisfied. “It’s beautiful.” “Arggh!” I almost dropped the portrait. “What are you doing here? No, I mean how did you find this place?” I look at Kai shocked. “I searching for canteen and end up here.” “Who search canteen in the forest?” “Me” I look at him in disbelief. “Can I see the painting?” “Sure…”

He looks at it as I feel nervous out of sudden. Is he gonna judge my painting? “This is me, right?” I feel embarrassed now and just nod. What the fuck wrong with me? All of feeling inside me mixed when he’s around. I don’t know how to think anymore. “It’s beautiful, haru.” This time he showed me his whole smile with gentle voice called my name.

A sharp pain attacks my head. I groan as I holding my head unreliable pain hard for me to bear. “What’s wrong, haru?” Haru? Who is that?  I hear it before. Lost memory comes through my mind. “Haru, let’s play together!” That is little me with Kai? “Haru, I promise to protect you forever.” “Pinkie promise!” Just what is this memory? I never remember this before. Suddenly, the memory turns dark. There’s a lot of blood coming from Kai body but he still hugging me. I’m crying in his embrace.

“It’s okay, haru. I’m fine…” Weakly little Kai try to relax me. I cry even more see that’s happen but there’s nothing I can do. “I protect you as I promise you see.” He still smiling make my heart broke even more. “Haru, calm down!” Kai voice awake me from the memory rush. I looked at him with tear rushing my face. “I kill you…” Kai pull into hug. “I’m alive and standing in front of you. You do nothing wrong.” He whispers inside my ears and soothing my back. “But, why? You could just leave me and you will never get hurt that day-” My words get cut off by his lips. I’m so shocked to react. His warm lips wrapped against mine. He looked at me in the eyes. “It because I love you that I’m willing to do everything for you.” I cry again in his embrace. “You idiot…” We stay in that position for hours letting out the forever logging. “Let’s go back. The sun almost down.” Kai help me get up. He intertwined his finger against mine. “Your mine now.” He cupped my cheek. Instead of reacting my cheek turns red for his sudden act.

He chuckled and continue walking back to hostel. My lost piece of me and my memory comes back completed my life.

~ END ~

Submitted: June 16, 2021

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