the unbalanced feelings

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

once upon a time in a world of many realms there was one realm that was known for one thing and one thin only, peace. the realm had existed for over a hundred years in peace, until the reckoning day where everything changed

The unbalanced feelings

Once upon a time in a world of many realms there was one realm that was known for one thing and one thin only, peace. The realm had existed for over a hundred years in peace, until the reckoning day where everything changed.

Warning, story contains the following things: death, panic attacks, trauma, violence.

Chapter one: the beginning

In the realm of peace the king and queen got a child, a blessing as they Sayed. The child was named stasis. The name held more meaning than what the public saw. In this universe there are a lot of realms and none of them have managed to do what our realm did, Said the king with a tone of sadness in his voice. Do you know why my child?. The child gave his father a look of confusion and said: I don’t why is that so?. Because of you, the father said. The son looked more confused than before. The king continued talking and said: you are the symbol of balance and although you might not understand now you will in the future, when I am not here anymore. The father whispered to himself just as the queen entered the garden where they had been siting the whole time. A garden you never have seen as before, all types of flowers and all types of trees where there. It was a place that could calm a raging dragon.

The son continued after that day without thinking about what happened, after all he was just six years old, he couldn’t comprehend nor understand the responsibility he had waiting for him when he grows. One day while the little prince was playing with his parents in the throne room a guard bursts in the room calling out for the kings help. When they went outside to see what has happened, they saw a scene they wouldn’t have imagined in a million years. It was their realm…. Set on fire. People where screaming, buildings where burning and the worst of all, the attackers where laughing. The king held his sons hand as he pulled his sword out. When I say go you run to my room, under my bed you will find a crystal…break it. Said the king to the little prince. The mother began crying realizing her fate, this realms fate, her sons fate. The king ran at the enemy screaming while cutting heir heads of, but he was nothing compared to a full army. He quickly fell to the ground as he got stabbed by the troops. The mother took her son into her arms and said: you must restore the balance, now go, go and don’t look back, GO!!!. The prince took of running as the flames were approaching the castle. He found the crystal and broke it to find himself opening a weird portal, it looked like the light a the end of the cave and without hesitation he jumped in it. When he woke up he found himself in a foreign land with nobody else. The day was the prices thirteenth birth day and also the day he lost his family. The prince swore revenge as he cried in grief in the middle of nowhere alone, with his thoughts of revenge. On that traumatic day the darkness began taking over the prince, unleashing his powers that took control. A power made out of unbalanced feelings.


Chapter two: the revolution

After the massacre of the peaceful realm there was nothing left. No houses, no survivors, nothing. The only visible thing to the eye was the fire burning everything and turning it all into ashes. At the same time Stasis was trying his best to survive, to know where he is and most importantly to get his revenge. After 12 days of eating bugs and drinking river water, finally there was hope. Stasis was about to give up and let the world get the best of him, but then he was rescued. Do you think he will make it. Said a stranger’s voice. All we can do is pray and wait. Said another voice. Stasis tried to open his eyes but he couldn’t he was tiered of everything. All he wanted to do was stay in the peace of his sleep, but he knew that he cant. After a while he woke up. He saw a man and a woman standing in front of him, the woman was on the verge of crying and so was the man. They immediately went out of the room calling for the doctor. After the doctor had checked Stasis and confirmed that he was okay someone walked into the room. A man that had a scary aura, in one second Stasis knew he was facing a dangerous man. So are you going to tell us your story young man or not. Said the dangerous man. After Stasis explained what happened the man was in shock. I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that, I cant imagine how hard it is for you, if you need anything you can always ask us. Stasis held the shirt of the man to keep him from leaving. Who are you guys and why did you rescue me. Said Stasis with a voice full of fear. Ok first of all you don’t have to be that scared of me, second of all we are the rebels of this country. Stasis looked confused and asked. What are you rebelling against?. Against the government. Said the man. The government has been controlled by the royal family since ages but this generation has been very cruel, to say the least. The man looked kind of sad do Stasis didn’t ask more questions. Anyways, if you want you can join us we will be needing some extra help. I will. Answered Stasis as quick as lightning. Really! That’s awesome, I will go and tell everyone and by the way… you can call me leader from now on. Through out the next five years Stasis trained with the rest of the army of rebels and worked his way up until he became the co-leader of the revolution. Everybody trusted him and loved him. He was kind and strong, smart in battle but clumsy outside of it. He was perfectly balanced and everyone wished that it stayed the same. In the time Stasis lived with the rebels there was one thing he never was told and that which realm he is in, every time he asked the question would be dodged as if it was dangerous for him to know. And it would have been better if he never knew. after all this time, we are finally going to make a move and a big one. We will be fighting the finale battle against the royal army. The only problem is that we are double out numbered. WE WILL NOT GET OUT OF THIS BATTLE WITHOUT LOSSES BUT WHEN THIS BATTLE ENDS WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS, SO ARE YOU WITH ME MY FELLOW REBELS. The field filled with cheering as the leader walked away into his tent. Nice speech. Said Stasis as the leader walked into the tent. You better quote it. Said the leader jokingly. The final battle start tomorrow.


Chapter three: the final battle and the rise of the dark

Its finally the day the rebels have been awaiting, the final battle. Everyone backed their items, potions, weapon and everything else they needed. The royal army on the other side was a power not to reckon with, but it was to late. The rebels began moving towards the capital not knowing what awaits them. While the rebels were going to this battle holding onto their hopes, the royal army was ready with troops triple the expected amount. When the rebels arrived the leaders of both armies went face to face to negotiate the possible peace… or so they thought. The royal army refused their offer and said: if you dare to lay foot on our land, we shall let our weapons speak instead of our words. The situation was intense and the leader didn’t know what to do… or so the rebels thought. The leader shouted: they have declined our offer of peace so we shall let our weapons collide, if you are against this speak up. I repeat if you’re against this say it because I don’t want anyone to regret joining this battle. Again… no one said a word. The with that I declare the start of the war. The whole time this was happening Stasis was in front of the crowd, holding his sword and ready for the battle. Then… ATTACK!!. Screamed the leader as the rebels ran into the enemies, but before they could even get to the enemies all of them died. The only ones alive were Stasis, the man and woman who cared for him at the beginning. They turned out to be generals in this revolution. And the leader. Stasis heard a hard laugh, a laugh that will haunt him for the rest of his life. Did you really think you would win? Or even have a chance. You guys were the definition of weak and still had hope? How funny. Said the former leader. You did this… Stasis said. And what i… before he could finish his sentence his heart was pierced by Stasis’s sword. They were all I had… you were all I had!!! I lost my family, my land, my people. I trusted you just for you to betray us like this… why!. The former leader didn’t day a word and stayed smiling. Stasis took the sword out of his body which lead the former leader to fall dead on the ground… smiling, but that wasn’t enough. Stasis took his sword and stabbed the former leader’s face, again and again and again. It was a horrifying scene, but the was plenty where that came from. Stasis fell on his knees crying, screaming and raging. His emotions were to far on the dark side. A dark aura darker than the night sky started taking over him until he was fully black. In a glimpse of an eye the whole royal army was gone, and so was Stasis. The man and woman were in shock of what happened in the last five minutes but they knew one thing, that they were Stasis’s last hope because they were like a parents figure for him. And so the journey to save the balance prince who lost balance of his feelings began.


Chapter four: the return of the balance

After a week of the tragedy the man and woman were ready. So… we have everything packed and ready and now we only need to locate Stasis, but how? Said the man in confusion. Hmmm I don’t know, maybe by following the convenient beacon piercing through the sky. Screamed the woman sarcastically. They headed of to Stasis and in their journey they faced a lot of hardships but stayed determinated because of their little prince. They didn’t want to lose another child. When they arrived there was a castle… a big one. After navigating their way to the throne room they finally found their child. Stasis. We finally found you. Said both of them. But hey got no respond. Come on, let’s return back home. Said the woman not knowing what she just did. Home… did you say home. There is no home anymore, no revolution, no one just us. They are all DEAD. After I found you guys I tried to leave the past behind, and when I thought I succeeded this happened. There is no place for me once again. Stasis was crying while saying all of that. We don’t need them we can live together as one family. Said the man. A family? I lost my family! And when I thought I found a new one lost it too, so don’t go around talking about family! Both of the man and woman got angry and screamed: we also our child! What? said Stasis. He died at a young age after he got kidnapped. All we wanted is to have a family again and then this happens. We are so sorry Stasis. As they said that and cried he remembered his parents last moment and fell crying too. I’m also sorry. Said he as the darkness began leaving him. After that they went to the old revolution headquarters and lived there as a family in peace. Finally after 17 years of suffering Stasis got to live in peace. With no distraction, no war, no blood. Nothing, just peace and peace only. After that they lived to get old and all three of them die in peace.


The end

Thank you for reading my story. Special thanks to all the people who reviewed the story an gave me feedback. I love you all and hope to see you in my next work.

Submitted: June 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 peacefulchaos. All rights reserved.

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