Elementals & The Tree Of Life

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Book 1 Of The Jake Conner Series

There is a tree that is lost in endless agony. There are beings with a hunger evil and intent. There are Guardians with hearts pure and strong. This is a tale of Sacrifice and Battle and Love...that will be met with the undeniable future no one will be able to predict.

In this world a battle has raged for longer then time even had a name. Back when eternity was not just a simple word but existence two powers were embroiled in an ceaseless war. Lives have been lost, darkness has spread and now in a new era, in a new time, the war will finally end. Here in these dark times a prophecy is all that holds the darkness back.

Jake Conner is a normal boy. He knows his family's past, he has dreams of his future, he attends middle school with his best friend Tyler. Everything is normal, sleepy and easy, but in the back of these two friends minds they both know that they aren't normal boys at all.

They know, feel, and can even do things that no one but Jake's
Aunt understands. Things that normal boys shouldn't be able to do. Yet life continues forever normal, and unbearably boring until suddenly everything changes.

Jake and Tyler's lives get completely turned upside down after the disappearance of his wise Aunt Tulsa.

Chaos, Danger and secrets begin to tear Jake and Tyler's world apart. Confusion swallows them as a mysterious group begins to hunt them. To unravel it all before they are caught Tyler and Jake will have to undertake a dangerous quest and trust a mysterious boy know only by a code name.


Following Q and searching for answers wont be easy, but Jake and Tyler know deep down that this death defying journey will eventually lead them to understand their Destiny.

Table of Contents

Epilogue(P1) - THEY

The Elementals and the Tree Of Life (Not My poem. Unfortunatly IDK where I got it from anymore. Sorry.) An ash I know t... Read Chapter

Epilogue(P2) - P&R

Part 2 Peace and Restoration They poured their souls into its restoration, and the tree in turn gave all of its self to the being... Read Chapter

Epilogue(P3) - NEVER ENDING

Part 3 A Battle Never ending It groaned and shifted as if a man were shrugging its shoulders. With slow even swaying of its trunk... Read Chapter

Epilogue(P4) - ONE PATH

Part 4 One Path There before the sleeping Yggdrasill  stands three paths choked by the armies of darkness as they continue t... Read Chapter

Chapter 1 - Batman Begins

Chapter 1 Jake was afraid to move. What did one do in a situation like this? Were you supposed to scream? Did you cry? Run in wild ci... Read Chapter

Chapter 2 - Code names X/Y/Z

  Code Names Q/X & Y Six Years Later.... Q sat waiting, his eyes bored down at the one thing that could save his life. S... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 - Zone

Chapter Three The Zone "Hello? Answer me Q...I know you can hear me...I feel you. It has been so long since we have spoken last. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 - Battles Unseen

Chapter Four Battles Unseen Q screamed as he rounded a corner tripped and slammed down onto his hands and knees. Throaty growls f... Read Chapter

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