Rites of the Warlock

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

My practice of Dark Magic and the worship of Satan.

For ten years, I have worshipped Satan and practiced the dark arts in his name. I have learned many things about what magic is and is not capable of doing. I will teach you from my own experiences and not from what is conventionally accepted within various sects. 

What I worship is the unholy trinity. Samael, Baal, and Leviathan. These fallen Angels serve as the sinister counterparts of The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Where the Christian Trinity brings life and creation, the Trinity of Hell brings death, hunger, and lust. Samael is the most powerful of the three, even though in the infernal realms they are treated as equals.

The place of torment known as Hell was as the bible describes it, but over the many centuries, the demons reshaped their prison into something similar to our world albeit much more terrifying.

These demonic lords desired to build their own kingdom in mockery of Heaven and although many powerful cities were constructed, all the denizens of the fire could achieve was a cruel parody of Earth. Always it is expanding, growing, and changing. With each condemned soul rejected by the light the realm, we call Hell expands a little more.

Dreams are the primary means by which I have communicated with my master and learned closely guarded secrets that others have rejected. To achieve this I had to avoid the vices others embraced like drugs and alcohol. For me to teach you magic, I must first teach you about what it is not.

You can not use magic to control heat, cold, or the wind. No grimoire can help you learn to throw a fireball at someone or call down lightning to strike something. Chances are very good you will not be able to develop telekinesis or telepathy as these are advanced skills that I have yet to obtain and have not witnessed in practice. Hollywood has spread so many misconceptions and outright lies about witchcraft that this tired and moronic generation can not tell a Catholic from an atheist.

Myths and falsehoods about witchcraft are extensive and beyond the scope of this article. The few I will explore include the myth that witches can be harmed by salt or that we can not set foot on holy ground which is only half true. Due to the fact that Jesus was considered the only truly perfect man the blessings of the modern priests are obsolete and few such Holy grounds are scattered throughout the middle east. The Christian priests of today are far too perverse and secretly in love with evil that their every effort to consecrate churches and graveyards usually has the opposite effect.

A witch or warlock will know if the land they are on is holy by how the area makes them feel. It starts as flu like symptoms that drain the witch of their physical strength and can momentarily inhibit the witches ability to cast spells if the land is truly divine. 

One form of magic I have found to be functional in terms of spell casting is a curse. A curse for those of you not familiar with witchcraft is a spell that grants the caster the ability to cause harm to another. This type of magic operates by a simple set of rules:

1. The curse must be first written and then spoken out loud.

2. For the curse to work you must have an object belonging to the victim. This object must remain under your control for the curse to be effective.

3. Birthstones that are either loose or set in a ring are highly coveted by warlocks. Often these gems are used to control the curse via gestures of the hand in instances involving the infliction of pain.

The next type of magic is used to invoke a demonic protector to harass one's enemies or increase the power of other spells. This is often achieved through a simple prayer if the Warlock is very well-liked by the Trinity or great work needs to be finished then prayer is absolutely necessary. This must be done carefully as not just anyone can approach Samael or any demon for that matter with meaningless requests. If you feel the need to say anything then start with something like this:

Samael, Lord of Darkness and of Hatred! Hear the cries of your servant whose heart is the coldest of the shadow world. For I serve thee, Lord! As I work black miracles in your name defend your servant from the tyranny of the light. Bless this curse I bind that I may further Hell's glorious cause!

For a prayer like this, you would speak it before invoking your curse. We also consider how to use prayer during the worship of a demon as seen below:

Praise be Leviathan God of Hunger and Lust! I offer myself to your servants that they may know me and partake of my flesh. Take pleasure in me as I offer myself freely to be ravaged by succubi in the dead of night. Let my cries of ecstasy fill the air. Let all who can hear know that I belong to you, my master!

An altar for worship and spell casting should be created that is simple and easy to conceal should a need arise to hide your activities from others. Use as few objects as possible and all objects involved should be consecrated according to the will of whatever demonic agency has inspired you.

Aside from the powers and limitations of a witch, one must also remember that in order to truly be a witch you must pledge yourself to Satan and adopt a service mindset. After all, it can not be just about your needs. To receive you must first give of yourself. One should think carefully of offerings given to the Lords of fire.

The practice of giving offerings is not what you may think it to be. I do not encourage or condone human sacrifice in any way or for any reason. The master has forbidden it because he is in a war of popular opinion with the church on earth just as he fights a physical war in the spirit world. He has gained ground against the Catholics because of their sexual perversions being made public, and the last thing he wants is to draw negative attention to himself. His way of fighting is to make less harmful sins like premarital sex and greed the new norm. Over time he can cause humanity as a whole to gravitate to more sinister proclivities.

Despite Satan's need to compete with the God of Light offerings are always given in the form of a person's deeds. The evil you encourage others to do is in fact the best offering of all. Simple suggestions which are well placed and inspire the sickness of insanity in those calling themselves Christians or wise men will be like candy to demons. They will reward your efforts as long as your requests are not too excessive. 

If you are an experienced warlock as I am he may offer you special chores to carry out in his name in exchange for rewards or protection.

Other considerations are how you should look in public or during rituals. This is really a matter of taste and some may choose to take theatricality a little too far without harming their private goals for learning magic. It's not about the clothing you have on or the money in your pocket. Masks and rams horns are opitional.

This article only scratched the surface of what one can do once they embrace the forces of darkness but I can not elaborate more on this subject as it is forbidden. You will have to learn the rest on your own!



Submitted: June 02, 2021

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