The Michigan Triangle

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Three friends out for a boat ride, never knew they would have an encounter, that changed their paradigm, down to the core.

Unless you have been living under a rock, there is a good chance you have heard of the Bermuda Triangle, which is located between Miami, Florida, Puerto Rico and to the north, the island of Bermuda, hence the name.  

Over the decades, multiple ships and planes, actually dozens have disappeared, meaning gone without a trace. There are many theories why they actually disappear, from aliens, methane gas, alternate dimensions, just to name a few, and the same can be said for the Lake Michigan Triangle. It is commonly referred to as the Michigan Triangle, which is more or less centered in the bottom half of Lake Michigan. The triangles two northern points are Manitowoc, Wisconsin to the west, and almost directly across the lake to Ludington, Michigan, while the single, most southern point is presumed to be in Benton Harbor, Michigan, where I live and this is where the story begins. 

I have heard of many other people, who have had weird and unexplained experiences and then after a few decades, they finally tell someone what happened, well that is not the case here. This story is about three friends, on a boat, out on the lake, not fishing, we were just getting away from our lives for a bit, jobs, bosses, wives and kids, sometimes guys need to break away, I am sure that some of you reading this can relate.  

We had chartered a boat from St. Joseph, a neighboring city of Benton Harbor to the south, where we were all from originally and like I had said, just for the day. My two friends, Mike and Tom, were high school buddies and just both happen to work in Chicago, for Merrill Lynch and someone else, doing stock broker things, myself, I had taken over my dad’s new car dealership in town and was doing quite well. None of us had a captain's license btw, there were actually four of us out that day, it was Capt. Ricks boat, a fine vessel she was, a 30-foot Bay Liner named ‘The O.K. Coral’, he said he bought it in Florida and never changed the name, it made sense after that, we thought it was a typo.  

We left the dock at 6 am, fully loaded, and since Rick was in charge, we reserved the right to get loaded as well. We had plenty of food, snacks and bottled water but no hard liquor, just a couple cases of some local microbrew from somewhere Tom goes to a lot. We were set for a boy's day out, out on Lake Michigan, unknowingly headed north, toward the center of the triangle. Hindsight is definitely 20/20, cause had I known then, what I know now, I would have asked the captain to go south. Now I understand, that many people reading this are going to have different views on what is possible and what isn’t, that is natural. I had seen a few documentaries on the Bermuda Triangle, I don’t know if either of my friends had or not, it never came up. Also, the subject of the Michigan Triangle didn’t come up either.  

So let me set the scene, it was July 12th and the day couldn’t have been better, it had already gotten to 74 degrees, and there was a cool breeze coming from the north, and yet the lake was like glass. We were happy that there weren’t many other boats out that morning and Capt. Rick, had suggested a small spot, somewhat of a sand bar he said that all the big ships avoid and he also mentioned that at that time of year, the lake is crystal clear out there, so off we went. Upon arrival, we dropped anchor, so we could all just relax. Capt. Rick had some side duties to do and said he would join us for lunch, “soda only for me boys” he said, and we all laughed. We were all happy about that, not just because he was the D.D. so to speak, but we were starting to think we should have brought more beer.  

We were hanging out at the bow, the front of the boat, where there were very nice lounge chairs, end tables, even a bistro table and stools at the bow point, one of those small, round higher tables, like in a café, anyway, we wanted to relax, not drink cappuccinos and eat cupcakes. About an hour later, the captain came on deck, explaining his different jobs and such, it was all a learning experience for the three of us, not growing up with boats or owning a boat ourselves. We saw very few boats that day, but the sun was shining, with the occasional fast-moving cloud and about two hours later, it was lunch time, which meant beer time.  

We had all brought something different with plans to share of course, Mike brought four huge Italian subs his wife made, plus some chocolate chip cookies, he said he stole from his kid's pantry (whatever that means?) Anyway, Tom brought some shrimp and macaroni salad, German potato salad, sliced cheese, some salami, crackers, apple wedges and peanut butter. We all had a good laugh, teasing him he thought we might end up on a deserted island or something, I brought a huge bag of corn chips with salsa, guacamole, pretzels and some deep fried, breaded cocktail wieners my wife made me defrost and, “finally eat them” as she put it. So, we ended up with a lot of food, the captain was quite shocked, happily so, it was easy to see that he loved to eat.  

We laid everything out and we were feasting like kings, a few beers in, just sitting around, chatting and also venting, about work, family, our sex lives (or lack thereof) ya know, guy stuff. Throughout all this, the captain had excused himself several times, to check this and that, we heard him on the radio a few times, mostly talking to fishing boat captains about their luck and the currents, tides, stuff like that.  

Tom was in mid-sentence, when we all heard what sounded like rolling and zooming thunder, it’s hard to explain and we all looked at each other knowing, that none of us had ever heard that noise before. Just then the captain came running up screaming, “look at those babies, WWII vintage, I think they're B-17 bombers, there must be an air show close,” he continued, “man, you don’t see those babies any more, wow!” He seemed quite excited, like a little kid, it was awesome to see the planes yet in a weird way, more awesome to see his passion for them. We all stood there in awe looking up, there were three of them, flying in a tri-pattern formation, and just when they were over our heads, we all noticed another plane behind them, a WWII Ki-84, “the best Japanese fighter plane ever made,” the captain told us later.  

We all took our eyes off the three U.S. bombers and stared at the smaller fighter plane, with a huge red sun on the side, just then, every bit of noise those U.S. planes were making, suddenly stopped, instantly and as we turned to look for them, they had vanished, just vanished! We all turned toward the Japanese fighter and as it flew over us, it disappeared also, right in front of our eyes, about the same spot, midair that the other planes vanished at, all four, just gone! We all stared at each other, speechless, then looked around, there were no other boats to be seen, anywhere and this happened right over our heads!  

Tom looked at us, “What the hell just happened?” he said, I mean he didn’t ask it, although it was in question form, because he knew none of us could answer it. We looked at each other, then all turned quickly to look at the captain, the only sober one on that boat, and he looked very serious and I'll never forget what he said, “as God as my witness, I am as sober as a mountain priest, but let me tell you what I just saw.” He went first and we all said this or that, but very much agreed that we saw the same, exact thing, no ifs, ands or buts.  

But that wasn’t the only thing, the captain soon told us that almost two hours had passed, two hours since we first heard the planes approach us. “How can that be?” I said, “I mean we were all standing here, we all watched it happen, at most it took two to three minutes, right guys?” “I’m with you man, we all are”, Mike said. But when we checked our watches and phones, almost two hours had passed. Then Tom spoke up, “o.k., explain this, the beer in my hand is still cold, I had just got it from the cooler, cracked it open, then we heard the planes, then they disappeared and this beer is still cold, and you want me to believe that almost two hours has gone by, where!?”  

We all just stood there, still in shock, just then someone called on the radio wanting to know our position and how the fishing was where we were, and the captain replied with our heading and added, “not fishing today boys, just sightseeing,” they both laughed, because they knew it was easy money. Just then, Capt. Rick asked the other captain, “Say Hank, did you see any WWll bombers fly over anywhere?” Hank replied, “today ya mean?” and Rick fired back, “Ya, just a bit ago, did ya?”, Hank replied, “Nope, nothing here, did you?” But Capt. Rick didn’t respond, he just said, “o.k., good luck to your guys fishin’, over and out!”  

With all that happened, and we all knew it did happen, we had some choices. Ya, what happened was weird, but none of us wanted to head back right away, either scared or to tell everyone what happened. The captain spoke up, “you all paid for a full day's charter, might as well enjoy it.” He made a good point, we still had lots of beer and food, plenty of day light. So, we spent the rest of that trip talking about all the possibilities, of course the Lake Michigan Triangle came up. Mike said he actually saw a few documentaries on the subject, but it was years ago and he had forgotten about them, ”Now you lived it!” I said and we all knew, that we all saw that day, something very strange. With the sun finally setting, and most of the food and beer gone, we started heading back. We all agreed, that we were all free to tell whomever, whenever, why ever we wanted about what happened, there was no reason to hide it we all figured, but Capt. Rick said it best, “This wasn’t the first strange encounter in the Michigan triangle and it probably won’t be the last.” 






Submitted: June 02, 2021

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88 fingers

An opening in the time/space continuum. Three US bombers and a Japanese fighter plane from the Pacific war theater finding themselves over Lake Michigan. It's possible.

Wed, June 2nd, 2021 8:15pm


Strange and some what scary...hahahahaha....

Wed, June 2nd, 2021 1:17pm

Strange and Scary Stories

I don't know why the paragraphs are so spread out, their not in the edit mode, nor in the other four places I just cut and pasted it to...has to be a glitch here....maybe, a time slip...hahahahaha

Wed, June 2nd, 2021 8:20pm

Strange and Scary Stories

I have 'cut and pasted' this story about five times now, comes out the same.....w a y spread out, I uploaded this no different than my previous 10 stories, and this is the first time this has happened... anybody else have this issue??

Wed, June 2nd, 2021 10:23pm

Strange and Scary Stories

Amazing, not even a month here, and over 1,000 reads, with 16 short stories and only ONE comment. Do people really read them, or are they fake reads??? No constructive criticism or nothing? No "you suck" or "you rock", yet, I know that no one will read this comment, let alone reply...

Fri, June 18th, 2021 2:37pm

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