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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story about a loving old couple


By John Ross Hart


The old couple walked hand-in-hand through the shady park.They often took this walk.  It always brought a contentment.

As they came to a clearing, they noticed a couple of 20-somethings, passionately making-out on the grass, oblivious to everything around them.

The oldsters looked at each other and smiled.That was them, 45 years ago.Once they were young and sharing the same level of passion.The old man gave his wife a hug.They walked on.

As they came to a shaded knoll, they noticed another young couple.Here, they saw the mother gently rocking a baby while the father sang and played guitar.The old couple had been here.Three times.Three girls.The two oldest had given them four grandchildren.The youngest was still in college, but had a boy friend.

They walked on to a bench next to a babbling brook.The two old lovers snuggled-up to each other while still holding hands.They kissed and whispered "sweet nothings."This was as passionate as it could get.Age, worn parts, and several medications made their sex life a memory.

The old man looked at his wife.He remembered a long-haired brunette with a shapely suntanned body.He still saw the young girl who had turned-him-on, even though the hair was now short, gray, and the body much plumper.

She looked into her husbands eyes as she had so many times.For a moment, he was the star football player of muscle, speed, and grace.His knees were shot now but the memories were not.

They met in high school.By graduation day they were seriously dating.They went to community college together.At the Starlight Drive-In, during a John Wayne movie, they could no longer wait.Within a year, he had a job in construction.Then they got married.

Now he was retired.She had recently retired as a bookkeeper.The old lovers got up and began retracing their steps.They talked about the grandkids and fixing-up the trailer for a fall of travel.Somehow, there were still sparks of youth as they walked and talked.

Of course they were still in love.There were gifts, flowers, trips to the movies, dinner dates.Same as it ever was.

For this couple, only the numbers were old.  Their love was as fresh as always.



Submitted: June 02, 2021

© Copyright 2022 John Ross Hart. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

Awe, I love the message and sentiment of this story. It has a very hopeful tone, which I think the youths of today would find comforting and important. Lovely story! :)

Sat, June 5th, 2021 3:34am

Pink Wish

I adored reading this heartfelt story that has reminded me of the hope of love and relationships. You have made me feel better.

Tue, July 20th, 2021 7:29pm

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