Eye Am Greater Now!

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I am amazing, I have a magnificent mind, I have a beautiful soul, I am beautiful, I love myself, I have an incredible destiny, my blessings are unstoppable, my worth cannot be defined by anyone else other than me, I am still growing up, I am a divine being, I have the best family of soul brothers and sisters, I am completely honest and comfortable with myself, I love everything about me including, the good, the bad and the odd. Eye am me, and will forever remain beautiful.

Taking a few steps back from the illusion I've accepted as reality, which is constantly changing. A few days ago I was able to truly give myself a round of applause, as reruns of my entire life flashed before me over a period of three days, frequently when going about my daily routines. The first set of flashes resembled the resolution of a VCR tape, as to say it was the focus of my first segment of 1-10 years of age. I recall when I was about 2 years of age, I had a dream of a visit from what I now describe as three wise men who took the form of what you would call "aliens". They approached my crib with a gift of a plush toy duck which had a blue mark on its beak. The duck symbolized clarity, nurture, grace and balance for me personally. The three wise men spoke a language that was of a tone, which honestly causes my heart to settle whenever the memory of such a tone comes to mind. They said they'd always be with me, and the path I was to take will start off rough, but no challenges up ahead would ever break me. They mentioned important names I still to this day am not mention to anyone, but those chosen before hand. I felt the prescence of a comfort I for so long chased until I later in life awakened to that power in myself. I awoke from the dream, and there was that plush toy duck sitting upright in the corner of my crib. My mother questioned where it came from, but later let it be as she thought a family member gave it to me upon visiting.

At the age of five, I was admitted to my first public school setting. My first day of school was a scary one as I cried most of the day up until lunchtime. I met my first bestfriend, his name was Michael. Michael and I were like two peas in a pod, as just his prescence alone had a way of stopping all the discomfort from the tears I cried most days that school year. No teachers, staff or any other students knew how to comfort me when I felt overwhelmed back then. However, Michael always knew exactly what to say. We knew nothing of what race, color or religion was, as we were completely present and blessed. One day during school, Michael, approached me with some news of him having to change schools and relocate. I still remember his last hug and a gift that meant the world to me, which was a Buzz Lightyear watch he had taken off his right wrist. To this day, I hold that memory dear to my heart as I've lost track of the watch years ago. Michael, presented to me the beautiful blessing of a best friend. The direct reflection of a pure soul, and that love can turn anything challenging into something so beautiful much like the flowers in the Garden Of Eden. Thank you, Michael, I'll alway love you my brother.

Thus acquiring the sense of what it means to be a true companion, I've grown to see it was easy for me to make new friends from each of the four corners of the world. Life had gotten a bit rough around the age of 10, as I had to take to an unexpected turn on my journey. The foster care system claimed my family for years. For so long I thought no one would ever come get us, but I still remained strong as I had two younger brothers that looked up to me who accompanied me. A lot of which highlighted elements of a leader within myself at such a young age. I learned to appreciate the insight of seeing what the true meaning of love was in people that didn't know me at all, but were ever so grateful as to share with me their time, wisdom, love, hugs and hearts. For years until I was about 14 years of age I saw a view of my journey from a deep perspective which was filled with many lessons, and a beautiful view of the power I held within myself. To this day I thank all those beautiful souls that crossed my path at the right moments helping me fill that void that grew upon departure. I love you all for the prayers, and blessings that brought me to heights never before imagined. Those memories playback to me like a DVD blue ray set which can only be accessed through my own thoughts and spirit.

The age of 14, marked the year my journey would become enlightened so to say. My first love, my beautiful best friend, my beautiful queen I met back in high school. She's highlighted the soulmate connection we both had early on in our relationship. I studied alongside her the meaning of myself by paying close attention to my thoughts, feelings, actions, astrological experiences and even my dreams. I was blessed with the gift of creativity as I took my art seriously, and played instruments that I arose early risings to go in the backyard and play to the birds chirping away. Each individual in such an ecosystem was very vital in this flow of life. My feet in the grass allowed my mother to communicate clearly to me. My mother, Earth or Gaia. She will forever be my mother and I love her dearly. Mother, has shown me signs of my divine path through the beautiful species that inhabit this wonderful world alongside us all. We are all one. I am many animals, but I am the same beautiful beast since the beginning of time. I am truly powerful, and with power comes boundaries as well as discipline. I shall not display such knowledge to those not chosen before hand, nor will I allow anyone other than my soul tribe to see the real me. I shall remain respectful of every walk of life, and I shall love unconditionally within my limits. I haven't the perfect life, but my divine love for those that are always at my side shall take me further than most can imagine in this lifetime. I've witnessed truth on scales much larger than your own heart's capacity. Staying true to myself will forever be my priority as I climb heights greater than mount Everest. There are no challenges the universe will bare upon you, that you cannot push through in order to continuously evolve as I have.

As the growth I've undergone consistently transformed me with each moon cycle, I have much growth I am achieving with each experience blessed to be initiated. Today I met the love of my eternity. She just like I have an entire universe to explore within ourselves as well as each other. Never would I have thought that I'd be blessed to come into contact first hand with the most beautiful goddess in the universe. The past has no energetic cords attached to me anymore. It's as if she has been watching my life like a motion picture from a projector screen all this time, and finally has said I am ready to begin this beautiful soul union with her. 2021 sets a new mark towards this eternal love factor that is multiplying as each second passes through us both. Just before meeting her I received signs from the Mother Gaia, as she has sent white butterflies on my path. Along with the white butterfly came a double rainbow which grew the flame that resides inside my heart. The great leaders who stood by my bedside all those years ago, have each brought me through a series of lessons to be learned, thus acquiring the much needed skills to be applied in securing a prosperous future for not only myself, but our future set of angels we'll give birth to in the years to come. She just like I am of a divine allegiance where we have gifts that will blessed those worthy of receiving our love as well. Her hug today shifted the stars in my own universe to that a remarkable phenomenon that I feel could only occur once in each lifetime. She grabbed my hand, and removed the negative feelings attached to such flashbacks of the past. The work I've put in on job sites that took me through various levels of depression has become obsolete. She's seen my tears in dream and visions from her own guides, and she assures me with every word and action that everything is going to be more than beautiful. She is all that I ever want and will ever need in a divine feminine. She is my twin flame. Together we are unstoppable, and we shall continue to rise to the highest positions destined for us to assume leadership in as our time here is vital. We've created a future that truth has brought forth in the light away from the shadows we used to wonder in with faith in our hearts. I love her dearly as she is now here, and our souls have become one in this union. The flame that burns in us both has grown ten fold, and this cannot be stripped by any other. We are the definition of love and beauty. Eye am she, and she is me, we are one.

Submitted: June 02, 2021

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