The Post Melissa Days

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

taken from my book, "Our Founded Feelings"

The Post Melissa Days


When my mind's weak

It falls

Goes "splat!"

Your love in my life

It is not

Coming back

You won't be here

To love me like that

It's hard to face the music

But it plays anyways

The world's a loss, on me

And I can't learn to speak

These fuckin' women

Don't want none of me

Well, can you blame them?

They only want the best

And I'm thee exact opposite

I'd like to say "I ain't got time for a lover"

But what I really ain't got

Is "no excuse to not need one"

It's like all the normies just wanna smoke weed

And I can't look for love in the meetings

So how am I supposed to find anybody clean?

I slap myself at the thought of death

But with the G.O.P. killing ev'ry one

__who is not white enough

How can I avoid these thoughts?

The world's like a cracked open can of Spam

Everybody wants to eat

Whatever they can

Well, I'd rather die

Than continue to try

__for the rest of my life

To make anybody mine

I just don't like having to suffer

Without a hand to hold

And a body to embrace

Without a woman's arms around me

Instead, I live in a box

With paper and pen

Voices in my head

Telling me what to say

It's a dangerous world outside

Everybody thinks "we're all gonna die"

That "in 13 days

__we won't really be back to normal"

Well, how can we blame them?

I don't really think so either

The governor is kidding himself

But he ain't fooling me

England has just started to be dying

It's not like nobody in California

__has been going over there

____and coming back over here

They should have just stayed in a shutdown

Especially now that people everywhere

__refuse to get get vaccinated

All this bullshit goes 'round and around my head

I just want to be with some one again

Before I too am dead

But in the fields of loss

You will forever remain

Who knows if covid got to you too?

I don't have A Higher Power to pray to

If you're gone there's no reaching you

But if you're alive there's no getting you back

You can't put up with my past

Nobody can

And I'm not a mac

There is nobody else I can have

I'll spend my days tryin' ta connect the dots

And I'll fail tryin' ta do that too

I don't have you

And I don't have me

Not the same as I used to be

And when the stove

__it gets too hot

I'll remember to turn the heat off

You have your own life

__and I can't be in it

And missing you is like eating spinach

Though I've disgusted you with what I've done

You don't love me

From me you run


06-02-'21 #1

D. L. Cannon

Submitted: June 03, 2021

© Copyright 2021 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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