The Bleeding

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

When sharing goes wrong.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Adam

He was the first man off the plane after a twelve hour flight. He practically shoved his way to the cabin door almost knocking over an ol... Read Chapter

Chapter 2. The First Lady Lasts

Her husband was the first to be diagnosed as well as the first to die from, The Bleeding. She had been in close, intimate contact from th... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 – The Beginning of the End

Before Patient Zero could be autopsied the reports of deaths started to come in from across the globe. It was initially thought that he w... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 – The Baby

Her crying was the only sound that filled the walls of the maternity. Her mother had died just days after her birth and she was expected ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 – Spreading the Joy

All those attending the ceremonies mingled together exchanging air kisses, hugs, handshakes and all the routine manner of greetings that ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 – The Twins

Her eyes were dry as they lowered the casket into the ground. After crying for five straight days she had no more tears to shed. All she ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 – Homes and Horrors

The MARY girls were the first group to feel the impact of The Bleeding once it invaded their elderly home. The four women had arrived at ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 – The Long Ride

He felt like he weighed nothing when the EMT’s pulled him from the floor and placed him as gently as possible on the gurney. It was lik... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 – Sarah, Save Me

She hung her head trying to hide her tears as she rode the almost empty train back home after her fourteen hour shift. Her arms were sore... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 – The Degree

He stared at the framed diplomas and certificates hanging on his wall. He had worked hard and had been at the head of his class when he g... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 – Sharing the Juice

He had been hiding for so long he didn’t know whether it was day or night. The virus that was sweeping the globe was causing the entire... Read Chapter

Chapter 12– Dave and the Dead Man

He wheeled the gurney with the latest corpse through the long dark corridor beneath the hospital. It was the third time today he had whee... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 – The Peril and Pauline

She heard the man coughing as she approached him on the sidewalk. While he was a vagrant, someone she didn’t know personally, he was so... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 – Fred’s Final Fever

Fred checked the thermometer and confirmed what he already knew. His fever was 103 and the sweat on his brow was dripping. He slumped bac... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 – The End Times

He chanted along with the throng of believers that had gathered on the common. Together they would take control of their own fate. They h... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 – The Time’s End

The end came as suddenly as the start. While the people had given up hope, the politicians continued stoking fears and battling in partis... Read Chapter

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