Meeting Peanut

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Old things introduce us to new possibilities.

Oscar has a new playmate.  You notice I did not say, he asked.  Sweet Pea and Belle were both in front of the dryer when I got home from the doctor's office.  I looked up to find Oscar in his cat tree on the back of the dryer.  I said hello and did my kissing thing before starting into the bedroom.  I have learned it is not good to ignore Oscar.  Both the dogs whimpered.  Then Bella began to bark at the dryer.  I glanced back and Oscar had his back turned, and he was waving his hands at someone inside.  I thought it might be Grammy, his wife.  Something moved inside the cubbyhole of the cat tree.

 OMG!  It is a cat!  An orange tabby cat.  It spotted me and immediately darted off the dryer and into the kitchen.  It darted from place to place looking for a place to hide.  I clapped my hands and told the dogs to stop talking about it.  Then I got out the old kitty box and set it up in the corner of the kitchen. I got out a can of tuna and set up a bowl of water as well.  I then shut off the kitchen from the rest of the house residence, so the new guest could calm down a bit before introductions.

I tried several times to enter the kitchen without arousing panic.  I did catch the new guest eating the tuna and I also spotted him using the kitty box.  I felt sure he would come around eventually.  He looked to be very young, kind of teenage cat.
Then he disappeared.  I looked into every small space in the kitchen, dinning room, living room, and the front bedroom.  No cat to be found.  Could it have found a way out?  I was truly puzzled.  I let Sweet Pea in first to help me.  She started sniffing around, polished off the tuna.  Oscar was riding on her back and seemed to hold me responsible for the disappearance of his friend.  I apologized... several times.
Then Belle came into the room.  She started at the kitty box and sniffed her way to an old box that I had not yet unpacked from my move here three years ago.  The box was labeled Grandmother's treasures.  I had vaguely remembered packing it.  Oh, yes.
It was Grandmother's old hats from the 1920s.  My sister and I used to play dress up with these things.  The last time was when I insisted upon wearing one to do our charity run for the year.  Each year just before school was to start we all went through our clothes and got them ready for the charities we donated to each year.
Our shoes were very important.  We always got new shoes and new clothes, so we gave away the old ones to place where the poor people could have use of them.  I loved sharing my things.  I always included at least one or more toys.  That particular day I did not want to give my shoes away.  I loved my old shoes even if I got new ones.  Grandmother said we would carry them with us just in case I changed my mind.
While we were there I spotted a girl I had recognized as being new in the school, like me.  She did not see me, but I realized she was in line of those who were to receive donations.  I also remembered the kids making fun of her because she had on old clothes.  I think I scared my grandmother a bit.
I told her I did not want to leave anything at all.  I wanted to take all my stuff back home.  She seemed very disappointed in me, but I did not care.  I knew my grandmother would not make me give my stuff away, I had to want to do it.  When I got home I put on my old shoes and put on my one of my old dresses.  "I want to wear this to school on Monday."
"Why don't you want to wear your new things?"
"I want to give them away to a friend."  I quietly packed my prettiest new dress, new shoes, and petticoats into a box.  Then at the last minute I put my favorite doll in her prettiest dress and nestled her into the box.  "I have to get to school early, so it gets to the right place."
Grandmother knew not to argue with me when I was in my determined mode.  Everything went without a hitch.  I was able to find the new girl's locker.  I carefully placed the box inside and just left a note.  From a friend.  I never wanted her to know who it came from.  Grandmother said the best gifts are those that are given anonymously.
I had also worn my grandmothers old hat to school.  I let the kids make fun of me and laughed because they did not know how special my hat was.  My old shoes pinched me a bit, but I did not feel that either.
It was the next day when I got my reward.  The new girl walked into school wearing the dress, shoes, and petticoat I had left her.  I felt warm all over.  I could hardly wait to get home and tell my grandmother.
What a wonderful memory.  I reached in to pick up the hat.  An old handbag was under the hat.  I put the hat on and said, "Hello, I think your name will be Peanut.  You look like a peanut."
Peanut started purring as I stroked him.  Then he crawled back inside the bag.  I laughed and told Oscar he could let the cat out of the bag and tell his friends he now works for peanuts.  He gave me a funny look, but I knew what I was talking about.
The golden rule is not a secret.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Giving is the most rewarding action one can do.  It can bring laughter, love, and blessings to both the giver and receiver.  Let the cat out of the bag and do it without the pat on the back.  Let the satisfaction be that someone felt blessed from your gift.  I promise it will be returned tenfold.  Put on an old hat, let the cat out of the bag, give away a smile when ever you get the chance.

Submitted: June 03, 2021

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