Clovis Marne And the Red Lights

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

2nd book of the Clovis Marne series. After defeating the first emperor, Haiken.... they go to the palace of the second guardian, Turneel. Will they win like last time..... or will they lose?

Table of Contents

The Twin Guardians

CHAPTER 1 The Twin Guardians         The Team BlueSword trained and rested for a month in the... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 2 Fight         ‘Enemy in the palace. 5 people with 3 creatures. It matches the exa... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 3  Kai         ‘Clovis! You can’t fight any more. You’re injured’, shout... Read Chapter

The Red Lights

CHAPTER 4 The Red Lights         ‘What do you mean by the real ones who defeated Haiken? Yo... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 5 Training         ‘Well, it will be helpful to us if we train’, said Laine. ... Read Chapter

Red Light Attack

CHAPTER 6 Red Light Attack         ‘Okay, everyone. Let’s go and defeat them’, said Kla... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 7 Future         In the present: There were still few soldiers standing in front of t... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 8 Jura         The five of them sent a message to everyone through the communication ... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 9 Flames         ‘You’re going to use that attack?’, asked Laine. ‘Yep’... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 10 Phoenix         The flames covered the ground. On one side of the flames were Harr... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 11 Choro         ‘Speaking of Clovis, where is he?’, asked Laine. The people of t... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 12 Occluden         They went in the direction which Clovis had seen in the map. When... Read Chapter

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