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by Randy Goggin


The rocks called out to Cara - the earth, the sky.  She knew these mountains once as a girl, but now she was girl from the States, she was the Stranger.  Sadness now permeated every crevice of the land, every shadow cast by the clouds above.  Her parents years ago passed, in their graves.  The friends of her youth, a history lost.  The husband she knew now a stranger too.

She was different than the girl she’d been.  Life shaped her, she thought, like rocks pitted by lichens over time - broken down, scarred for good.  Every rock around her was scarred; the forces that shaped them have left their impressions.  She felt like an empty vessel run dry, but the doctor informed her that this would pass.  The sheep grazed in no hurry below, their days filled with weightless feeding.

A cold gust blew in off the mountains, and she pulled in tight within her fleece.  Were her parents truly gone, or eternally grazing?  Would the townspeople shun her?  Would they talk?  Would they show it?  Cara guessed they’d never accept her as their own.  Could she survive their collective deliberations?  A rock could stand against the raging sea (for a time), but their words carried the power of life and death (and judging eyes could darken the brightest of skies).

The sheep had drifted closer in their weightless grazing, their bent-backed caretaker trailing (with thoughts of his own).  She studied their dirt-streaked wool against green, snug within the fleece of their ancestor’s genes.  These creatures of her youth.  These peaceful souls.  No judgments to speak of.  No darkness within them.  No talk.  No lies.  If this truly was to be her home, then these royal creatures were to be her kin.


Submitted: June 03, 2021

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