Gold Butterfly to Gnat

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Here comes some scribble to a powerful figure of prestige who declined to do what many would have liked him to do.

Dear Sir Gnat,


I have been aware for some time that Souls occasionally ask other Souls to terminate their “Human Being Host” because they are sick and tired of dealing with us or our unholy, sick or mentally ill behavior. This CAN be done in the Astral and Occult Spirits who have bodies alive on the Earth Plane, also arrage it or have their Soul do it while their Human is asleep. Some people go out of their bodies at will and curse the chosen Human, even killing them.  No one is the wiser.


Humanity also is unaware Souls are given FIVE OUTS when their Earth Incarnation is too gnarly to continue, or too humiliating, which mine was, etc. I can even SEE the Alternate Timelines and HOW those “Outs” (your Soul’s pre-planned, pre-meditated murder options) will occur.


Something about love . . . love . . . love - ehhhhh.


When one has almost be murdered by witches and warlocks, spiritualists and those who practice Santeria, one tends to research the Occult to the nth Degree, so One can find OUT how they do, what they almost did to me.


A Soul known to me asked a relatively famous fellow to ghost me. I can see Astral activity even when I am awake. I SAW this Being ask his Soul to arrange this. Despite all the talk of Love and Light from Source, those authorities and Masters know DARN WELL this is done, yet somehow no NDErs speak of it, nor do those Souls in Past Life Regression Hypnosis.  “Love And Light" is for Soul Fireflies and not for Humanity, as I have complained loudly and bitterly.


Not only that, I remember quite well from my Near Death Experience that Love and Light planned the Pandemic - not some odd, mysterious Illuminati.  Yes, the alleged god of All That Is planned the COVID 19 pandemic. I knew that, I saw it and thought - “well, no one is going to believe me”, and most NDErs come back to their Human Body full of all that Light and Love frequency of vibration AND their Souls are afraid to speak the truth about their Weird Heavenly World.


Nevertheless, I have done so. Apparently my Higher Order Self has a very different kind of God, as I have mentioned repeatedly.

Thus, Gnat - I know you were approached to arrange such an abrupt departure from Earth for Miss Kern.


<< This message won’t make any sense but TO that person, so please pardon the public thanks. >>


He would not do it, as he told that Being - “I will not do harm to that Good Woman.”


I know you are familiar with my Soul and her Soul Family and my own Being, (certainly not my Original Being,) has worked for your family for generations. Great psychics have told me even my genetics recorded that fact, both unknown to me OR them until I contacted them for help. The psychics did not favor your Family, but I have no issue with them, as long as they don’t bother me.  Rather, I like what I read about them.


That is my sole Rule: Don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.


So, Gnat, your family did not think much of you. They felt you were a vapid-minded playboy with no mind for business or anything else but partying.  You realize, it was an Old Stags/Young Stag negative role-play, right?


Well, they were wrong. So know this, feel it in your heart:


I know ALL about you. And I hope and I pray every single day that you become the wealthiest man in the entire globe. You will have so much coin poured out on your head you can never spend enough of it. May you live long and prosper.  Miss Kern is praying and counting on it.



Guinevere, Indeed A Good Woman.

Submitted: June 03, 2021

© Copyright 2021 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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