A Longing

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Lucid Crow

A poetic rambling about the way I feel.

The cage is small

Such an insignificant tiny world

Though I am supposed to be the knight

I have always been the princess in the castle

From a window seeing the world afar

Sentimental for something I’ve never known

Guarded by a dragon of fear



I caught a glimpse of it for a moment

In the stars I felt it

Nathris, the Raven of Night showed it to me

I heard it in the words of those far off

The smiles on their faces testified to it

And it sparked a longing in my heart to claim it

Just a small piece will do


There is a world I am missing

A shore awaits beyond the stormy sea

There is a soothing song somewhere amidst the noise

Its melody is different for all

The song calls to me across the horizon

But its lyrics are foreign to me

Sometimes I feel like I unable to sing along


I have reached a crossroads many times

And I have chosen paths from those before me

But now I see them all

And they all appear to lead nowhere

Is it a trap or is it an illusion?

Can a pathfinder light my way?

Or must I find a road on my own?

And what if there is truly nowhere to go?


All I know to do is wish upon a star

And hope the folly is a self-deception

But if there truly is no rescue coming

And if should have to slay the dragon on my own

Then will I ever see the light?

Or will it always be a glimmer in the sky?

Forever out of reach.

Submitted: June 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Lucid Crow. All rights reserved.

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