Princess Loria and the Rose plant thief nights

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story about magical rose plat and a princess called Loria. They encounter a cruel wizard and defeats him

Princess Loria and the Rose Plant thief nights

Narrator : in a village called Dunloor there lived a princess called Loria

She was a kind hearted and a great princess

Her mother queen Maria and father king Arnold  were really innocent

One morning she got a thought of getting a plant

Loria: Good morning mom and dad

Maria and Arnold together: Good morning Loria

Loria: Mom and Dad can we buy a plant for our house

Maria: well sure dear

Arnold: of course we will get it by this evening

Loria: thank you so much Mom and Dad

Maria and Arnold together: you are welcome dear

Narrator: By that evening Loria bought a rose plant. Her Mom and Dad

Agreed to this immediately because Loria cares about nature

She treats her pets and animals well. speaking of animals

Loria had a pet dog called Bubbly he is so cute and he is white in colour

And is really fluffy he is the guardian of Loria

After princess Loria got her rose plant she was keeping it in her room and watching it for about half an hour because it is Shiny than any Gold, Diamond, ruby and any other jewels that flower was her life. While she was watching this flower her Mom came in and said
Maria: Loria are you still awake dear
Loria: oh yes mom I was just admiring this flower’s beauty
Maria: I know that this flower is beautiful but tomorrow in your school there is a fancy dress competition Did you forget about it dear?


Loria: no mom how will I  forget about it

Maria: ok you better get tucked in before you run late to school dear

Loria: ok mom

Narrator : well forgot to mention princess Loria is studying in a school

Called Princess school tomorrow she has a fancy dress competition.

She bought an Unicorn suit for that competition. She really loves Unicorns

The next day………

Loria: Mom I am  ready In my Unicorn suit look at this

Maria: Wow you look amazing dear I love it

Loria: Thanks mom

Maria: Now you go to your room and I will come there and put your Unicorn makeup and hairstyle
Loria: Ok mom
Narrator: Loria went to her room and she sat beside the flower in her dressing table and started admiring it 
then the Rose plant started to talk to Loria

Rose plant: Hi Loria
Loria : What a Rose plant that can talk? I love it. Hi there
Rose plant: Oh please don’t tell anyone that I can talk
Loria: Well ok
Rose plant: Thank you. You can even name me
Loria : Ok I will name you rosy
Rose plant: That’s a great name I love it for sure
Loria: Thank you Rosy
Rose plant: You are welcome
Loria: I want to ask you something why are you so shining
Rose plant: Um….. well I was a plant of the greatest kind hearted witch she is called  Lilly she always cares about nature she always takes care of me she always maintain’s me the right amount of water
Loria : Sounds interesting then why did you come to this plant shop

Rose plant: Well she had to go to another country because of a work to get done
Loria: What work
Rose plant: I don’t know about that but she left me in this plant shop and your mother and father bought me I have to say that they are so sweet
Loria : I know right they never scold me
Rose plant: yeah
Narrator: one night when princess Loria was  sleeping a thief came to their house they thought to steel the Magical Rose plant because it was so shiny and the things in this palace
but the magical thing that the thieves didn’t  know is that the rose plant can protect this house from enemies so they got killed. Only Loria saw this from the plant some golden beam hit the thieves and they got killed Loria was shocked of seeing what happened. Then Loria asked the rose plant

Loria: what happened
Rose plant: Oh I thought you were sleeping
Loria: I was sleeping but then I saw something bright a Golden beam that killed that guy is that Golden beam from you Rosy?
Rose plant: yes
Loria: Well why
Rose plant: I have to tell this to you. The man who came to our house was a thief
Loria: A thief ?
Rose plant: yes, that is the thief ok wicked cruel wizard named Masif. he has every single power even a power that kills a dragon

Loria: oh my tell me more
Rose plant: he is trying to steel me and the thing in your house
Loria: why would a powerful wizard wants to steel you and the things in our palace
Rose plant: yes because if I am in your house the things in your house are magical
Loria :Oh even my bed
Rose plant: yes
Narrator: well every night the same thing happened the wizard sent thieves.
One day Masif the wizard didn’t have any thieves to steel the magical flower so he decided
to make  a  potion to make powerful thieves he had every single thing in his secret layer to prepare this thief potion but except the dragons breath he decided to get it in the cave of a dragon that lived for over twenty thousand years [20,000 years]  he came to the cave and saw the dragon slowly he creeped behind the dragon and he came in front of the dragon. The dragon tried to kill the wizard but the wizard Masif put his staff in front of the dragon and chanted this spell quickly in fear

Masif: oh dear staff please save my life from  this dragon to be nice and fine
Narrator: The dragon got killed and the wizard said to himself
Masif: oh no what have I done. Now I cant make the powerful thief potion
Narrator: now Masif decides to make the normal potion and he sent two thieves in  EVERY night he created about a hundred thieves

On the other hand Loria was just seeing all of this Rose plant’s magic
one day  the wizard didn’t have any thieves again he didn’t have the dragons breath and also the normal thief potion is a one time use so he decided to
go by himself but the Rose plant’s one and only weakness is Masif. She cannot protect the house from Masif
now as Masif entered the house, the roof of the house jumped for a second the Rose plant and Loria were scared

Loria: what is happening Rosy
Rose plant: I think masif has entered to steel me .Loria we have only one way to defeat him
Loria: tell me what is it quickly because mom and dad are not home
Rose plant : Ok don’t panic just keep me tight in your hands and chant this spell whole heartedly
dear spell save me from this magical sea

Loria : ok I will chant it. Dear spell save me from  this magical sea
Narrator: After princess Loria said that immediately  Masif got killed After that they lived happy ever after


Submitted: June 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Srishti Sivakumar. All rights reserved.

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