Midnight Bond

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Willow is a disabled woman. Willow does not have any friends. Willow works part-time at the library. Willow does not know much about her mother’s family and her mother will not talk about her family. Willow is bored with her life and she wants to start dating. Willow’s coworker tells her about an online dating site. Willow signs up for the website. Willow starts chatting with Alex Nicholson.
Alex Nicholson is a vampire. Alex has been alone since his wife left him and he tries to take his own life. Alex asks Willow not to tell anyone they are chatting and she agrees. Willow does not know that Alex has been planning to kidnap her. Alex does not want to share Willow with anyone.
Will Willow be able to escape Alex or will she be his prisoner forever. ? Proofreading & Editing by @Julie_ProofEdit

Table of Contents

Victory's Plan

A vampire named Victor kidnapped a woman name Linda
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Natalie leave her husband
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A New Life

Steve is looking for his sister Linda
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A New Job

Natalie gets a new job.
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The Quest for the Truth

Steve hired a private investigator.
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Years Later

Linda's son is a grown man.
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Online Dating Idea

Willow sign up for a dating site
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The Mystery Stalker

Andrew sees a man following him
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Andrew sees a painting that looks like his mother
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The Search

A vampire named Drew Grey helps Andrew find Willow
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Linda goes back home
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