The Mist Of Astoria, Oregon

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: From Pen To Keyboard

With Astoria, Oregon celebrating the town mayor's 80th birthday, a chilling mist rolls in. That night, a night of festivities and lights, the mist overwhelms the town. The mist has a toxin in it that will turn people crazy.

Jackson Carens, 15 year old kid, and his best pal, Isaiah Keplin, along with his longest friend for over 13 years, Lily Booker, must survive the mist. The will have to travel through the town, collecting supplies and shelter as they go. Will they find a way to defeat the threat and it's psychotic creations? Or will Jackson and his gang succumb to the mist?

The microphone feedback startled and surprised the audience. It was a loud piercing sound that could be heard miles away. Mrs.Witlees, the mayor's wife, tapped on the microphone two times.

"I apologize folks. Ahem. I would like to thank all of you lovely people that took time out of your lives to celebrate our beloved mayor. We truly appreciate all of your support. Our mayor has done an abundance of good for our town. He has not only boosted the environment sustainability but he has also increased the economy without any decrease in public morale. So, without further ado, I present to you, your mayor, and my husband, Mr.George Witlees!" Mrs. Witlees said with a thunderous applause following.

A rustle from behind the curtain could be heard. Then in a sudden, the lively, yet wilting, 80 year old mayor appeared on stage with a black suit, a top hat, a cane in his right hand, and a microphone in his left. He slowly made his way to the podium. When he finally got there he hooked up his microphone and began his speech.

"Well. It's been 80 long years that i've lived in this town. I've seen it all. The crisis, and the revolts, the good times, and the bad times. Heck i've even seen the meanest person on the block crack a smile once. I'm looking at you Dave. Haha. I'm just messing around. My point is, in all my time in this town, I have never lost hope. Never lost hope that this town is forever. Which is why I trust my town and my people," Mr.Witlees said as he started to tear up.

"Awww," The crowd said in unison, for they adored their beloved mayor.

"Thank you, thank you. As all of you surely know, I am an old man. Heh. So I would like to take this opportunity to make an announcement. I am stepping down as mayor," The mayor shocked the entire crowd as all he could hear was gasps.

"Now now everyone," His wife chimed in,"George, tell them the rest."

"Ok Martha. Now folks. I am retiring...but, I am leaving you in good hands. The hands that just so happen to share my DNA. I know that there legally must be an election, but the retiring mayor must also elect a candidate. So my candidate for your future mayor grandson, Jackson Carens!" George Witlees announced ecstatically. 

Everyone turned towards Jackson. In the middle of the crowd everyone could see a young boy with headphones on connected to a Walkman. For what felt like 20 minutes, everyone was staring at Jackson. His friends Isaiah and Lily tried to snap him out of his trance.

"Bro, you're the mayoral candidate," Isaiah said.

"He chose you," Lily said.

Jackson finally looked up and saw everyone. He took off his headphones and put his Walkman back into his backpack.

"Wait what happend?" Jackson finally said.

With this outburst, the entire crowd went ballistic.

"He is a child!"

"You expect HIM to be mayor?"

"The kid is like 15!"

"The hell is wrong with you?"

"What is going on!!!!!!"

That was the main crowd response. What was going on?

"Now c'mon guys. Sure he may be young but my grandson is a worker. A hard one too. I think he can pull this off. But for now I think we all need to rest so with my still active mayoral power, i'm instating a one time only curfew. Starting now," Mr.Witlees said.

With that, the crowd dispersed and everyone started heading home. It was a strange night. A town as vibrant as Astoria, a town known for there festivities, asleep and lights out by 9pm. Though what would follow that night would be far stranger.

Isaiah and Lily filled Jackson in on the happenings of the night. He thanked them for their help and told them they better leave and get home to their parents before they get in trouble. Besides, Jackson had his own problems to deal with.

13 years ago, Jackson's parents died in a car crash just outside of Astoria. They were on their way to Portland to visit family. That left Jackson in the care of his grandpa, George Witlees, the town mayor. That was also around the time when he met Lily. She made him feel safe in his time of pain.

A few years later, when he was 6, he met Isaiah. Isaiah was the best friend you could ask for. He took the fall for Jackson all the time. He would also be there for Jackson whenever he needed anything.

However, tonight Isaiah had to go home, unable to aid Jackson in his newest battle. A battle against his grandparents. Jackson walked up to the stage. He saw his grandfather sitting on a stool. His grandmother over him and comforting him.

"Umm...I'm sorry grandpa. I didn't mean to ruin your night. Grandpa? Grandpa, are you ok?" Jackson asked after not getting a response.

"Just go home Jackson. Your grandmother and I will be there shortly," George replied.

"Grandpa c'mon. I said I'm sorry. Ple-"

"I said go home Jackson. Please just... go home," Mr.Witlees replied, not sure if he should be mad at Jackson or not.

Jackson looked at his grandmother and she gave him a nod, seemingly saying 'it will be alright'.

Jackson decided to listen to his grandpa and go home. He turned to leave and noticed a thick fog rolling in. It almost looked like mist. He shrugged it off and made it home. 

He didn't live in a big house. It wasn't a house you would think a mayor would live in. It was very nice, however, just not big.

Jackson made it to his room and closed the door. He took off his backpack as he laid down on his bed. He took out his walkman, deciding to chill with music, and donned his headphones. He looked out his window, just for a split second, and noticed the mist like fog getting closer and closer.

He got up, keeping his headphones on and looked out his window. He realized he couldn't see through the mist. It was thick.

His music was loud now so he could barely hear the rain that began to pour outside. As he kept looking out the window he noticed a silhouette forming in the mist. He looked closer and watched as a man ran through the mist, another man chasing behind. 

The two men ran into an alley. Jackson tried to see what was going on but couldn't. He reverted his attention back to the mist. Then he started to hear a thumping noise. He assumed it was his grandparents getting home. 

He took off his headphones, turning off the music as well. He turned around and saw a crazed looking person standing in his room.

The person began to charge at Jackson but Jackson, being a basketball player, had quick instincts. He side stepped at the last moment and the person went headfirst through the window.

Jackson looked down and saw a bloody corpse on the ground. His stomach dropped. What had just happened? What was that? His mind was racing.

He quickly jumped over his bed and ran to his dresser. He opened the third drawer down and started throwing his clothes out. AHA. He reached in and grabbed a pager. One his grandparents didn't know he had.

He sent a message to Isaiah and Lily. 'SOS meet up at the spot!!! u need to bring a weapon'. Luckily for Jackson, they both live on the far east side of town, while the fog was coming from the west side.

He sprinted out of his house and through the street, looking back at the fog; the fog being the most terrifying thing Jackson had ever seen. He took a sharp turn followed by another sharp turn.

After a few moments he was finally there, wielding a baseball bat. Lily had a kitchen knife and Isaiah had a hockey stick. They gathered together in the treehouse they built together as kids.

"We need to head back west," Jackson said.

"Are you crazy? Like are you mentally ill?" Isaiah replied, harshly.

"Jack, we can't go back there. The...the...whatever that is will kill us right?" Lily asked.

"By my guess, it won't necessarily kill you but instead drive you mad. Anyway we need to find my grandparents," Jackson said.

"Fine. But we need to go now," Isaiah agreed.

They lept out the treehouse and started running towards the mist. They followed the lights and quickly enough, they were there. 

They ran up on the stage and began to look around for Mr. and Mrs. Witlees. Isaiah backed off and looked out into the sky. He saw the mist was getting closer and closer.

"Uhh guys? Maybe we should hurry up. I don't think we have very long," Isaiah said, trembling.

"They are here somewhere I know. They must be in a room somewhere. Or they could be behind the curtains. Or on their way home already. Or...." Jackson got lost in his train of thought, his mind going to the unthinkable.

"Jack, we need to leave. I'm sorry," Lily said.

There was silence for a moment. Well, a somewhat silence, seeing as the wind was howling. With everyone focused on eachother for those few seconds, no one noticed as a silhouette formed in the ever closining mist.

Suddenly a large man jumped out, grabbed Isaiah, and threw him back in the mist. Jackson and Lily were stunned, but luckily not for too long. They both picked up their respective weapons and Jackson picked up Isaiah's hockey stick. They covered their mouth with their shirts, counted to 3, and emerged themselves into the mist.

It was dark there. They could see dust particles floating around them. The weather seemed to change from a normal rainy night, to a stormy, clouded, thundering night. They couldn't see 5 feet ahead of them so they were forced to use their ears.

They moved closer, following the sound of Isaiah fighting. They traveled probably 20 yards before finally making out the shape of a large man and a skinny teenager. They new it was them.

Jackson slid the hockey stick to Isaiah on the floor, distracting the man in the process. Lily came from the other side and gashed the man with her knife, piercing his back.

Jackson jumped up while Isaiah slipped from the man's grip. Jackson came down and smashed the man's face in with his bat. He was out.

Jackson and Lily were losing the ability to breathe so they motioned to Isaiah to follow them. He nodded in understanding. They went to turn away but then they heard a crunching, squishing noise.

They turned around to see the large man standing behind Isaiah. He had his arm through Isaiah's chest, holding his heart. Isaiah was lifeless. The man pulled his arm out, Isaiah dropping to the ground, now pale.

The man dropped the heart and stared at the two kids. He charged at them but Lily expected this. She pulled her knife back out and hurled it at the man. It hit him directly in the head. The man stumbled. Then to Jackson and Lily's utter shock and horror, he pulled the knife out and dropped it. 

The two of them booked it. They ran out of the mist and all the way to the far east side of the town. Their minds raced.

"Isaiah is dead"

"How did he survive that?"

"What happens when this spreads to the rest of the world?"

"Are we the first to be attacked by this and if so why?"

They were confused to say the least.

Then out of nowhere, Jackson saw a hockey stick fly through the sky. He watched as it hit Lily in the chest. She fell to the ground. Jackson ran over to her. She was cold and shaking.

"R-r-run," She said.

Jackson looked up and watched as 100s of people charged at him, emerging from the mist. He waited for a second and then finally made a decision. He grabbed the hockey stick out of Lily.

He held it in the sky. The people were almost upon him. He dropped to his knees. He then pushed the broken stick into his chest, killing himself so as not to have to endure the torture from the people.

His body dropped next to Lily's, at peace. Then suddenly the mist cleared. All of the people that were affected by the mist dropped dead on the floor. Then all the way back on the west side, Isaiah found himself awake. Standing in front of him were Mr. and Mrs. Witlees. Mr. Witlees began to talk.

"Congratulations! You are the sole survivor."


Submitted: June 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 J.J. Brooks. All rights reserved.

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