Plant Your Placebo

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A good day to refresh its pages by the best within you. Let us wed this world environment day from our living vision so beautifully ever lived so far. May the next help for our living Earth recourse this beneficiary for all the greatness our life can offer now. Have a great day when this real estate finds place in others heart for exploring the meaning why you believe in yourself to be the change so loved and alive so blessed. Let us gift this wonderful moment for a honor from an infinite faith within to make difference where we are. I have written a simple poem just to thank God lost on this cloud.

Lost in the clouds, Mother Earth started stealing seconds for every dream making its difference,

Every moment dared to ignite our passion on this living Earth,

That just made the Sun miss days caught our human family more thankful,

Distancing somewhere in hope grumbles some overhead I try to renovate,

Could see the sky limits getting darker, always so curious,

Driving the rain, I felt the raindrops plop onto Her hanging forehead immense in the air,

Almost impossible to hear anything, this howling wind scream and shout some thunderous rumbles,

Living Earth stung enough things on this red storm and sore thundery days listening peacefully,

In Her ears roared aloud the biggest slipped squeeziest hug forever,

I felt a long time knelt down on Her feet will listen to you how you're feeling,

You are loved so much even if you just want a hug,

These memories will always be here for you,

Just playing in the yard as if by magic, the rain disappeared,

I had planted something beautiful that stretched across the land in this stormiest weather,

The rainbow came, and a new tree next to it, now bravely caught the thundercloud,

That's up there grown side by side in this stormiest weather,

Today I will plant a fresh flower watching over the rain from Her cloud near to help them,

And support our day-to-day lives now be at peace live every day to the fullest in this hopefulness,

Then the only victory comes and sings its tales of being kind for our living Earth.

Hard work is the definition of life

Those who have other desires in life.

Those who stop sleep and make dreams come true,

He becomes the charioteer of the chariot of life.

The storm and the hurricane are called them,

In which we bear the redundancy velocity,

Those who don't care about the storm,

Those who fight with the falling rocks,

Only they can reach any shore,

Those who fight till the darkness of life.

Whom even if the moonlight wants to seduce,

Even if you're going to apply a coating of softness,

Those protests increase taxes by themselves,

The rocks of calamities go up endlessly.

The difficulty in which the feet have deviated,

From him comes his own inspiration.

They live life by becoming

Blood makes writing ink,

Then only victory comes,

His world sings the tales..

Submitted: June 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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