Something Special Abt Friendship(PART — II)

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Lolita and Riya had joined in the same college and there they got a friend known as Deepak; he is likewise from the same school, but not in touch during school days because Deepak is having a twin sister that all the three hates.

But somehow Deepak ended up pursuing...


Note to the readers: Read Part – I before reading Part – II for continuity and better understanding.

Lolita and Riya had joined in the same college and there they got a friend known as Deepak; he is likewise from the same school, but not in touch during school days because Deepak is having a twin sister that all the three hates.

 But somehow Deepak ended up pursuing Viscom, where her twin sister, Dipanjali, selected not to do the same. So, the twins got separated for the first time. These three (Riya, Lolita, and Deepak) had been put in a group for doing research, then their friendship starts there, that they emerge as very close.

Deepak was in love with a girl that both Riya and Lolita know but do not longer realize who she is.

Back in school, Deepak was one naughty kid. He used to voluntarily take in punishment even earlier than he has given any punishments by the teachers.

Yes, he used to hate doing homework given at school, so the next day, even earlier than the start of the class, along with his buddy Ryan, companion in crime used to go “stand out of doors the class”–which became the punishment normally given for no longer finishing the homework.

One day the teacher came and asked everybody to take a seat and noticed these two standing out of doors without coming in and asked why they're standing? Deepak stated that they have not done their homework, and so they are already doing the “stand-outside-classroom” punishment. Their teacher intensely irritated and shouted in Tamil, “Neenga Elam urupuduve poradu ila !” And continued with her class! Some days the teacher would feel sorry and make them sit but these two never do the homework.

It turned into one nice morning and both Riya and Lolita were on the way to college they used to go on a bike and go college. 

Lolita will ride and Riya will take a seat in the back and will shout, even when she saw a lorry in the distance. Riya was saying to Lolita that yesterday on her laptop, she saw the 10th-grade last-day pics.

 She added that she does have pretty mixed emotions about that day, however, still one of the best days of our school life. Which indirectly tells that that was the last day all the three had been together, and then Khushi flew off to Paris.

Lolita sensed that Riya was feeling bad and, on the time, they arrived at the college, and they ought to walk for a few three mins after the parking region today, they were earlier to the classes, so no person turned into there in the class except those two and one more boys. 

Lolita told yeah, it was a wonderful day and the final part wherein we all began bitching about the teachers, random boys, and our enemy Dipanjali.

Then she brought you to remember how we crave for Maggie during school days and while Khushi bought the same, we will finish off the same during the break time.

Then Riya told, yeah, yeah, and then she added, do you remember the stalls near our school and the way it's far flooded through the students after school ends

Lolita gave one weird look, saying you madam only order things to me and Khushi, we have been those who pass and buy-in that crowd. Riya gave one mischievous smile.

Deepak entered the class, and he joined the communication and suddenly Lolita and Khushi began teasing him saying some of the naughty things he did in school like once, he locked himself with his friends inside the classroom and shouted like something to pretend that somebody locked them from outdoor and called out people for help and then got nicely from the principal.

That's no longer funnier than before you three fought before the class, Deepak replied.

Lolita and Khushi were like when? This guy is simply, adding stories.

Your best friend Khushi asks you to help her distribute chocolates among all students. And ma'am instructed, only two ought to try this and you three started fighting and finally, you both ended up in distributing chocolate as Khushi, the birthday girl, exhausted and wanted to stop the fight. HAHA.

All of them decided to go to the movie "piku" on a Saturday. Lolita and Deepak reached the place in advance and they had some half of an hour time left as normal Riya came late.

Then Lolita and Deepak goes to the beach, which was very close to the movie place and Lolita told Deepak that Riya's charming sister (journalist) called me for a dinner the next day. You can also come, so we will spend some quality time tomorrow with Riya's sister. This is the thing we heard in Part – I that Lolita was saying something about Riya to the boy who was standing next to her on the beach.

And that they each noticed Riya from the long and waves hand, but it turned into only seven minutes left for the film. They asked Riya to stop coming towards them and went there and finally watched a film.


Deepak couldn't go for dinner as he had some plan together with his girlfriend and Lolita does not want to disturb him.

The three went for dinner and Riya's sister as an investigative journalist shared about her works and it simply fascinated Lolita and told her that she was wondering that how she could get a sister like this. Two of them started laughing, and Riya became being grumpy.

Riya's sister asked about Khushi and they both started telling stories about them and about the delicious chocolates recently sent by Khushi and the way they celebrated her birthday by delivering flowers, cake, and gadgets. Even though they may stay miles apart, nothing can prevent the way they're celebrating their friendships.

After dinner, Lolita came for a night's stay at Riya's pleasant house. They each have been in Riya's room and Riya started showing her old tenth-grade pics, Lolita told that why don't we make a call to Khushi now, and they did a WhatsApp call but Khushi's line became busy, They both had been like madam was doing some busy work let's talk to her the next day and they started keenly watching this series called "Mismatched."

But Riya, a constantly an over-thinker, started wondering in her thoughts with whom Khushi will be speaking and all and after some time she fell asleep.

Yeah, how can Khushi attend a call while she is talking together with her boyfriend, who's none other than their best buddy Deepak.

The plan Deepak had with his girlfriend was to talk to her over the phone and that is the reason he hadn't come for dinner.

Since they're in long-distance relationships and with 3.30 hrs timing differences between both the places, it changed into hard for them to speak regularly.

 On the time when Khushi wakes up and checks her smartphone, Deepak might be already in college, attending the third class for the day.

 But every day, she will eagerly read the messages that Deepak left her before he leaves the house for college, and for that she will reply and those messages he's would take a look at during lunch break and reply each day this is going on.

Other than studies, Deepak is engaged as a freelance content writer and dealing appropriately with various clients and he turned into absolutely occupied after the classes and at some point, on Saturday.

Even Khushi carries out her part-time job for managing her personal expenses as she doesn’t want to disturb her father and it’s quite common there to work part-time after college.

Although they both have been busy, they make sure that Sunday night time that they each must be free and spend their quality time together.

When did their passionate love story start?

Are they in love from their school days?

Why Khushi doesn't inform anything their best friends?

What will be their reaction if Riya and Lolita get to know about this?


(to be continued in part III)

Submitted: June 05, 2021

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