The Fortress With No Door

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Faith and Trials

Book 4 of the Series, Parables of the Game Master.
Arthur Pye is in Rick Hennenburg's Land of the Heart. But where is Rick?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The howling wind drove Rick Hannenburg without mercy across the twilit desert. Ahead, a mountain glowing ghost-like in the moonlight th... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

The next morning, as they strolled along the dirt track that was the Eastern Road, Arthur asked, “What’s with this about your name?... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

As Arthur lay on the ground, his face and hands puffed up and bleeding, and barely conscious after the day’s circuit, Joyful-mercy an... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

“He wavers!” Shadow-claw cried triumphantly. “I have beaten him!” Joyful-mercy, dressed in full shining armour, appeared in f... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

In the middle of the afternoon, down on the plain below, Rick glanced behind them, looking annoyed. “What’s up?” Arthur asked. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Biblos leaned back on his stool and stroked his short beard. “The Heart of Darkness. … I have heard rumour of such a gem, but have ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Several hours later, Arthur and Daisy arrived at a smallish castle surrounded by a town bustling with people buying and selling, with n... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

“Rick,” said the dog as the four of them strolled along, “you lied to your parents on the morning of the day you came here to you... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

While Rick went off to fight monsters and get breakfast for everyone, Arthur perched himself on Daisy’s head. “I wonder if Rick’s... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

“Hey, Tweetie,” Rick said to Arthur as they prepared to enter the nether world the next morning. “Didn’t you say you’d been i... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Some time later, while Arthur perched wearily on the top of a wall after coming up empty, inspiration came to him again—the outside o... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Several days later, as the three of them stood at the entrance to the Eastern Mountains, Arthur chirped to Daisy, “Well, um, I guess ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Rick stood on a low hill surrounded by forest, and darkness covered everything except where fires raged on the horizon all around him. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

As Arthur sipped on his drink box, he pushed his rook into position. “Checkmate.” “Checkmate?” said Timothy. “Does that mea... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Rick had returned. Breath-of-death watched his human subject stride resolutely along the narrow dirt road, then stamped its feet. This ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Half way back, there was a rush of large wings, and Rick looked around. “Poochie?” “Aye, ’tis I.” The creature came up besi... Read Chapter

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