Neighborhood of The Strange (After Corona)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

As a continuation of the on going strangeness, a few things have popped up since Corona has been lifted in the past few months.

The first most noticable strangeness is with people's Corona manners.  Biden's win ended the daily news death count on Yayhoo and MSN, so people who got vaccinated go about without masks to infect people wearing masks with unknown varients. The Corona death count now is replaced with Fentanyl and opioids, which at one time replaced with Corina deaths.  Drug deaths and drugs were not a problem under Corona. WTF!

The WHO and CDC has renamed the varients. Using sequential alphabit designation. So dumb ass people have no clue to where the varients come from. If scientists were smart, they would use Bluray DVD region codes, to make it easier to know where the virus came from.

Like WTF!  If that's not all strange I don't know what is!

We had another bout with our rubbish technician's shenanigans.  We have a bi-yearly, anything goes pickup.  So we used it on a few things accumulated from family deaths, that needed sorted before tossing.  Well, it became a nice pile. Not one item got picked by our neighborhood scavengers, before the day of pick up. Our rubbish pickup, instead of taking out our mail box, like last year, they took a swath of sod.  A nice patch about the size of a door mat.  WTF!

On the lighter side... We had missed seeing the migration of the toilets last year, as Corona kept most of us indoors and global warming making wild life change their patterns.  This time we have a group of three. One stag, with two doe in his harem.  Late for spring rut, but spring none the less.

Chicago once did artistic sculptures of 'Cows On The Street' back in 2000 and other towns and cities did their own odd take on artwork on their streets.  Maybe we need to do 'Loos On The Streets'. Ha!  Any how, the three lined up, look like a community unisex toilet, maybe our neighbor is showing appreciation to our lawn goats.  They can work all day without having to hold it, til done.

For 6 months its been a bit quiet for strangeness, though my first installment was an accumulation from the years., up to then. 

Submitted: June 05, 2021

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sprinkly biscuit

Whoa glad you got all that outta your system ..
So we look for strangeness..
It sneaks upon us all and bites our bums ..we wonder what will happen next..
Embrace those strange moments..
You just never know if it will catapult itself into space ....

Sat, June 5th, 2021 4:43pm


Ha! Yeppers, you never know what strangeness will slap ye bum at any time. Mwhahahahahahahaha! Though our neighbor down ze rood, was kind enough to put some shrubbery in place, for privacy. Nobody likes to have cheeky monkey's being bum lookers! Ha!

Sat, June 5th, 2021 10:01am

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