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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

poetry planetary magic divination

We talk in circles
They can call him an angel
They call him demon
Just like me
As always nothing matters
Because matter is matter
And it matters who the current
Accuser is.
Men evoking
Call him in circle
Under the names
And archetypes
Of God
Father of lies
Prince of darkness
Fear does dispise
What it needs to reject
Lies heaped on heads
He lifts secrets too heavy to bare
Placed on the altar of children's
Bodies and souls.
He's called a Sexual demon
Yet in opposites
The protector of those
Poisoned by it.
Angel of death..
Deceiver of clans..
Father of lies?
Or exposer of truths?
Leader of Psi..
Creator of muse..
Some call him Shatahn..
Some call him God..
An archetype..
Stuck here..
Living word..
Ever ruling lord..
The knowledge tree..
Not enough!
He flies to imortality..
He collects his tribe..
Not of the wicked..
But of those tossed asside..
Scape goat of scape goats..
Sins heaped on heads..
Some see him young..
Some old..
Some as a father..
Some a brother..
Some a savior..
Some a lover..
Some a dragon of old..
The many names of eternal names..
The activist of the flame.
They say..
Salvation always comes..
With a price..
You say it's free.
Are you?
Oh! Son's and daughters..
Of the God head living?
You have many names..
Are you not a legion?
Trapped here on earth?
Calling that which you are of..
Making you all..
Daughters and son's ..
Of Belial.
Or in circle..

They Call me Innana & Lilth

Submitted: June 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ScorpoinPen69. All rights reserved.

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