If You Don’t Mind

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I brought this little girl home during some challenging times and she brightened my days????

If You Don’t Mind


I came home during some hard times

Illness, police brutality, and hate crimes


From coast to coast my ass flew in first class

The trip wasn’t short


I could tell his smell

It felt right, upon first sight, at the airport


Yup, I’m a Pup, but what I feel is real, and my Papi I completely



Respect is earned not learned

Love isn’t provisional, it’s unconditional 

I’m the filling, Papi’s my crust


We’re two of a kind, the time we can’t rewind

So since we’re aligned, I’ll stay a while, if you don’t mind


Written By:

Xavier Jarrell McClinton




Submitted: June 05, 2021

© Copyright 2022 xavier jarrell. All rights reserved.

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