The Audacity of Defending the Indefensible

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The 2020 President election is over. But it is still a topic of intense interest, discussion, and most certainly, continued political shenanigans at every level.


By Al Garcia

The 2020 President election is over.  But it is still a topic of intense interest, discussion, and most certainly, continued political shenanigans at every level. 

Prior to the election, Auston B. Cron of Alamo, Texas, wrote a Letter to the Editor of The Monitor, (McAllen, Texas), entitled “Trump Defended.”  I was flabbergasted by Mr. Cron’s outrageous and even contemptable assertions for his woeful and pathetic supposition that “Mr. Trump deserve[d] a second term.” 

The problem was not the President, the Electoral College, Mrs. Clinton, Never-Trumpers (American patriots?), or even the George Floyd or COVID-19 “catalysts” that Mr. Cron blamed for the chaos in our nation.  The problem, were individuals like Mr. Cron.  Individuals who refused to hear or see the incompetence, the ineptitude, or acknowledge the systemic attempt to shred our Constitution and defile the legacy of hope and faith that men and women had died for on battlefields across the globe, and that ordinary people of every type and creed across this majestic land had sacrificed for, with their blood, their sweat and their tears. 

In his letter, Mr. Cron, correctly stated that the “[t]he United States of America is a limited republic. The limit on the republic is that the college elects the president and the vice president; the individual states select the members of the House and Senate.”  However, as so eloquently stated during the deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, outside Independence Hall, someone asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, "A republic, if you can keep it."

With the deteriorating and diminishing separation of powers between the Legislative and Executive Branches, the politicization of the Judiciary, and the derisive and hate-filled rhetoric that was spewing from the then President’s mouth, and through his Twitter account, could anyone, including Mr. Cron, honestly have believed that our Republic could have endured and prevailed after another four years of Trump?  It has taken the blood and toil of fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, and even children of each generation since the inception of our Republic, to feed and sustain the ever-evolving heart and soul of our Republic.  And now, people like Mr. Cron, and others like him, through their arrogant and supremacist views of whatever ilk, dare attempt to tear down the very foundation of our American Dream, through their ignorance, arrogance, and their inability or deliberate failure to acknowledge Trump’s simple-mindedness, his recklessness, his crudeness and gaucherie, his imprudence.  And people then, and even now, after his loss and continued disruptive and divisive behavior, still have the audacity to say, “Mr. Trump deserved a second term,” or worse yet, “should be reinstated” after his loss?

In his letter Mr. Cron acknowledges that “Mrs. Clinton did receive a majority of the popular vote . . . .”Did Mr. Cron realize that that statement alone could possibly get him kicked out of the MAGA club?  Trump has never acknowledged that fact.  What he has acknowledged is that there were millions and millions of illegal and fraudulent votes for Mrs. Clinton, and that as a result, he really won the popular vote, along with the Electoral vote.  Mr. Cron’s comments surprised me, that you would dare contradict his “President’s” lies and misinformation.  And of course, I am sure Mr. Cron would agree with him on the crowd size at his inaugural?  Correct?

And then, Mr. Cron dives right into the minutia of his argument in defense of re-electing Trump for a second term.  He stated that in his Letter to the Editor, that the “. . . unconscionable murder of George Floyd and the riots and looting have nothing to do with” the defense of your argument.  He then takes on our military, by stating that “the negative commentary from former military officers against Mr. Trump are never-Trumpers who desire the implementation of the New World Order . . . .,” and that they “may even implement Shariah style laws and regulations.”  He further stated that “[t]here is some evidence on the Internet that the riots and looting are a result of years of planning by radical liberal groups just waiting for any excuse.  Mr. Cron stated that basically “everything” that has happened, that highlights and accentuates Mr. Trump’s incompetence and simple-mindedness of leadership, were the “result of years of planning by radical liberal groups” (the Deep State, Mr. Cron?), and that these people, these situations, these conspiracy theories are “the catalyst for this chaos” that we find ourselves in today.  And to that I said then, and say now, how wrong, and how dangerous you and your cohorts are, Mr. Cron.

The coup de grâce of Mr. Cron’s Letter to the Editor, however, were his statements that “Mr. Trump has done more for the poor of the nation than Johnson’s War on Poverty and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, . . . [and that he has] implemented many of MLK’s ideals against racism, including moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, . . . has refrained for escalating a war with Iran, has obtained more responsible trade agreements and ended many government regulations that hindered small business people.”  He finally ends his fanciful diatribe with the assertion that Trump has “done more to assist those at the lowest income levels than any president has been able to do in the 244 years of the USA.”  Open your eyes Mr. Cron, and those who are wearing the red MAGA caps so proudly, and just look at the shattered and traumatized state of our nation because of lack of leadership and stewardship.  I guess, there has to be a standard of simplicity and obscurity of mind to belong to your club.  And I for one, will take a pass on joining your club, as I believe in truth, justice, common sense and common decency -- everything you and your members obviously know little or care little about.

In the end, your letter epitomized Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany words uttered at a press conference at the White House, when she said “Science should not stand in the way of” schools fully reopening.  I guess what you are saying in your Letter to the Editor, Mr. Cron, is that “truth and facts should not stand in the way of all the lies, all the disinformation, all the misinformation, the deceit and the utter corruption” that has defined and characterized Trump’s presidency.

We thank you for your insightful words, Mr. Cron, and for your coming out and revealing your contempt for our nation and for the men and women who sacrificed their lives for your right to kneel on their memory and take their breath away with your misplaced patriotism, at the very moment our Republic cries out for a breath of leadership.

And still, after the loss of the Presidency, the House and the Senate in 2020, the attempt to undermine and even overturn our democracy continues.  The lies have gotten bigger, the misinformation more pointed, the greed more insatiable, and the disregard of our national wellbeing and security more blatant and flagrant. 

On January 6, 2021 we heard and saw, the shot heard around the world, of their overt attempt to overturn our government.  It failed.  The question now is, when will the next shot be fired, because there will be another.  This type of cultism will not end with a whimper, but hopefully, neither will it end with members drinking the kool-aid of fanaticism that has ended in other cult tragedies. 

Submitted: June 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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