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“Alicia, I am afraid that dare is too hard for me to do,” said Estella. Well dear Estella, I hope you’re not thinking that I will change it for you? It’s a dare and you have no choice but to do it. Alright, alright, I accept this dare. “That’s great. I can’t wait to see it, said Alicia. “You’re such a pervert Alicia,” said Estella. “It is okay, Estella. The dare may be a little challenging but it won’t last for a lifetime you know,” said Faye. “Oh God, please let the first person to talk to me be a girl, that way I can escape from any awkward state,” said Estella. “Come on Estella, stop it. If it’s a boy, just give it to him on the lips and run off. Don’t look at his face in the act and don’t even spare him any time to react to it. But Faye, what if? No but what if’s Estella. Just pretend as if nothing has happened and that you’ve not been given any dare.” “Alright, thanks. You’re the best friend ever,” said Estella. Bye Faye, see you at school tomorrow. Bye Estella, shouted Faye. “Hi” Estella’s sister, Bianca, peeped through the kitchen door way. “Hi, how are you feeling now?” said Estella. “Pretty good,” said Bianca. How’s school today? Estella sighed. It wasn’t at all bad but I hate this dare I have to do tomorrow. Bianca’s face brightened after this. She entered after her sister right after that. Bianca lay on her sister’s bed with her cheeks in her palms and gave her sister a look that said it all to her.  Please Estella, don’t keep me waiting anymore. The thing is, Estella began, Alicia has dared me to kiss the lips of the first guy that speaks to me at school tomorrow. I never even thought she would give me such a horrible and nasty dare, if I had known better; I would not have joined in the first place. “Well, that’s a pretty awesome dare if you should ask me,” said Bianca. “And I am not asking you,” said Estella. Bianca stretched and continued, never mind. I still think it would be awesome to give some nice guy some nice guy a good morning kiss. I’d just love to see my sister kissing the lips of a guy for the first time. “Oh yeah?” Estella said, staring at her sister. What makes you think of this terrible dare as a cool thing for me to do? “Estella dear, you’re sixteen already and will be turning seventeen very soon and yet, your lips have not touched any guy’s. Here, take this. “What on earth am I going to need this for?” said Estella, frowning at her sister. “You’re going to need that to make tomorrow a memorable day. Trust me; your lips are going to be just soft for a morning kiss,” said Bianca. “Go ahead and use that for yourself,” Estella said, throwing it at her sister. I don’t enjoy flirting as much as you do and you know that. Estella found herself something to keep her occupied. She glanced at her sister and continued, I’m already nervous about this and you’re here showing me how to make it a memorable one. “You’re no fun Estella,” Bianca complained. All you know is to read those boring books you have in that library of yours. “If I may ask Bianca, how many of my books have you read to the end?” All you do is to read the first page of the book and then you decide whether it’s boring or not. I don’t think if it had been a love letter as big as a reference book addressed to you, you would have grown tired reading it. “Why should I?” said Bianca. “Do you grow tired chatting with Faye, or having long talks with any of your other friends?” “That’s different Bianca,” said Estella. “Oh is it?” Bianca said. You’re just behaving like a kid Estella. Grow up. Bianca and Estella Jones are both teenagers with different personality traits. They both have long, curly ebony hair. Bianca had blue eyes and a mole on her right cheek. Estella on the other hand, had dark eyes and a mole on one part of her eye. She had pink lips and dimples on her cheek that appears whenever she smiled or laughed. Her slender body and dark skin made her look just like her mother. She really was a breath taking girl but the strange thing is, she had no boyfriend. People just can’t stop wondering if she always turned them down or no one ever asked her out because they were afraid she would turn them down. Bianca loves it when there are parties and enjoyed it more flirting with hot and handsome boys at school. She loves to gossip with her friends and to go to the mall to get every one of the newest fashion styles in town. Estella on the other hand was introverted and didn’t really enjoy parties and having to socialize at some point in time. She loves to hide her face in a story book. She did like to have long talks and chat with her friends but not gossiping around like her sister. She was messy; nonetheless she knew where to search whenever she needed anything. The two sisters were fond of each other but because they had different personalities, they argued on little things sometimes.

Bianca sat on her study chair with a groan. “I can’t believe Violet went to the mall to get those new colorful bikinis and a few sporty clothes without inviting me.” Violet, Bianca’s best buddy, was the only child of her parents and so was pampered a lot and also had whatever thing she asked for. “I’m really missing all the cool guys and my friends at school,” Bianca announced to her sister. “Yesterday at school, Tyler had offered to see me off.” Estella raised an eyebrow at her sister. “I didn’t realize you were crushing on him too Bianca.” “Of course I’m not,” said Bianca. “Oh yes you are.” Have you any idea how dreamy your face looked when you said that? Besides, if you weren’t crushing on him, you wouldn’t see a kind offer as something strange or special. Bianca stretched herself and reached for her phone hoping to see her inbox full but to her dismay, it was rather empty. Really, I’m so bored I wish tomorrow would be here soon for me to go to school again. “You don’t miss class, Bianca. You just miss gossiping with your friends and flirting with Ivan Vas.” “And Lenny Well,” Bianca added smiling. Estella looked at herself in the mirror. If only something miraculous would happen next morning to save her from Alicia’s ridiculous dare. Estella wanted to find a way of making all the guys not talk to her first but no idea would come to her. She glanced at her messy room and caught sight of one of her favorite books.




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