he started to beat me

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He started to beat me...is a story about a girl who escaped the hands of the wrath man

He started to beat me



“He started to beat me, felt his crocodile palm rubbing off my cheeks”

That I swore it was my last scintilla of breath now that day I knew the definition of a lion it attacks when you never expect it

“He looked me straight in the eyes with my ears eavesdropping insult after insults”


I don’t know but do I deserve to be swore on, am I not worth the respect?

Is it because some man still wake up in a patriarchal life, I mean is trying to be independent as a young women is such a sin to champion blue eyes at the end of the season called a game of love!


“That dog hit me and hit me nonstop”

The only thing that was on my mind was how will I escape there, can the angels come through for me

I tried holding his hand but the power and insults stripped me off my strength


“That dog was well aware of what he was doing.”

All those women he'd regularly dump at the college gate and the ones he'd depart with at the club, it occurred to me, could have been his first victims...

Why does he treat me so badly...

What kind of ruse is he attempting? I'm not sure if I'm the first or one of the victims... Yes, I enjoyed the money and the gifts, but this is not what I intended to see

“I did not sign up to be treated like some sort of a creature” was trying to reason up maybe it might hook up his mind
But no I was spitting paraffin on fire


“That bastard blew flames as he made sure his wrath is felt upon my gentle skin”…….

His feast feasting on my make up, it was as if he bought me it

Why is no one ever reaching out to my cry or are they that numb to avail themselves.

But I get it a women’s cry goes unheard nor their voice reach out to the world


“I saw history repeating itself right in the very deepest of my eyes”

It was the homo trap mama fell for, thinking that man can do anything they want because they have money. Just because you man you have an advantage of resources or some sort of power over women. When will this cruelty strong!


For a moment, I thought to myself, "Oh shit, who am I kidding, this isn't the first time I've been beaten like this." How many times have I turned a blind eye expecting he'd change when everyone warned me to get out of the situation? "Hahaha, a leopard never changes its spots," they said.

But then my mind wandered back to my childhood, and that's when the puzzle came to me: Mama had taught me the weakest spot in a cruel guy....

“Kick him in the balls so hard he wishes he hadn't been born” is the weakest area to defend oneself against a male, my beautiful daughter.

Mama had never ever given me wrong advice so I shot my shot, prayed to God I hit the right spot…boom heard him screaming as he fell helpless on the floor.

“I held it on the near end and woke myself up bleeding non-stop but at that moment how i look was futile, getting out reaching for help s what kept me going”


Oh Lord I was just one the luckiest one’s to come out alive and tell the tale that no one ever had a chance to breath.

“When I got outside people were so baffled”

Luckily I ran unto a nurse who had coincidentally had a night shift. So she called an ambulance and it dispatched to pick me up


I realised I was so much a fool to believe in a bastard that preys on weaklings like women, I realised that women need care not scratches

Are you bruising her for another man to feel suffer her fears?

Are woman worth the treatment?


Submitted: June 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 tiishdepoet. All rights reserved.

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