Christain Cinderella: Blossom Story

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the power of prayer brought a little faith to a crowned positioned position of faith

 Christian Cinderella/ Blossom 

By: Kimberly Gonzalez


There is a saying in the word that if you believe in faith in God that everything in your life changes. When you put God on the line, he will direct your path; This was what a little girl believed and prayed everyday of her life as a child. Let I tell the story of Christian Cinderella, and you will see the story itself will come to life. It really happened a long, long time ago. For starters kids what you cannot see but believe in God is all you need to know that he hears prayers, God comes in time and will answer prayers in his time.

One winter night as the stars were bright in the city of New York skies, that there lived a little girl name Blossom. She had beautiful long curly brown hair, big yet beautiful brown eyes. She was an artist by heart but Christian by faith. She decided to do a prayer as she roller skated in Thompson square park. She swirled around in a circle, looking into the stars saying “I pray to God who see my heart that although I’m seven, that I am smart. I pay that this ugly duckling that everyone calls fat, will soon be accepted as a voluptus Beautiful Model/Artist/activist/singer, that every man may one day like me, but the one that God has for me, will see me for me, and would look skin deep in my faith in God, and as the bride God choose for him. Thereafter, she begun to fast and pray.

Blossom tried to be the best woman she can turn out to be. She went to school but was treated by other kids unfairly for they didn't like that she was a geek. Blossoms books always were thrown off her hands in the hallways from elementary school by her classmates. She would be teased by her classmates by being called ugly duckling, big fat blob, and so many sad words. Kids would sneak in the bathroom and put her head in the toilet and flush it. She would always run home beginning to be taken out of the school, but no one would listen or care. She would cry herself to sleep.

Blossom prayed one day as she stood over her grandmother’s house saying” Dear Lord I might not have all the bestest looks for my husband to barg about me to his friends, but give me smart like Queen Esther, make me strong, and help me intercede in prayer when I need to, so you can protect my husband until we are ready to be together. Make my name your banner.” Then Blossom's Grandmother came over and said “I pray your husband finds you, and loves you, for you deserve to be loved. I pray the God of the up above will listen.”

Years passed and Blossom has now become a nine and a half old child. She desired to learn about the many women in the bible and spoke out to missionary teacher from a program called the Missionettees, where she had studied the rainbows, Daisy, and desired to study the stars. Although, there was a problem she was too young to study, so she prayed, and begun to learn how to speak like a woman in authority under God. She read and saw videos of powerful woman God use to cause change in history. She would watch Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth. Then she would also watch powerful man that would change the community that she now lived in. She would watch and practice speeches from Doctor Martin Luther King, and Pedro Albizu history of how these men changed the community.

Blossom decided to use the speech tactics to reach out to the teachers of the Missionettees and speak to them every service she had a chance to go to. Unlike many other children Blossom was thicker than most, her clothes at times were patched up, for her parents where poor and could not afford new clothes. Therefore, with her long curly brown hair that had highlights of blonde undeath, she would walk up to the teachers and begin to speak.” Have you decided to teach a less privilege yet poor peasants like myself, who wants to gain knowledge so she can fight in battle with her husband one day?Teacher” Well there is your age. See, only teenagers can get this class” Blossom “well aren’t the classes to expand ones arisen knowledge in the word properly. Isn’t it not so that this training gives instructions to gain wisdom to be a Warrior Princess in God’s eye?” Teacher “You speak to me as if you’re not a child of your age… you have such great knowledge. Let me pray and get back to you,” Then right when Blossom went to take a seat, the teacher comes behind her. Teacher “I will teach you and try to round up a few other girls. See, God answers prayers.” (With glee Blossom smiled and was told to sing a song to the Lord in the front. Blossom. (2x) “If you have faith like a muster seed, that is all he is asking. (2x) You can tell that mountain to move if you have faith like a muster seed. (3x) The mountain has to move (Repeat)

Thereafter, Blossom begun her classes, then it hit the teacher hard when all the other girls’ students begun to lose interest and stop coming. Therefore, one day before the teacher can say anything to Blossom; Blossom approaches her. “I know everyone is dropping out, but would you be willing to stand in the fire for this one disciple? “Then teachers all over the district heard about this little girl. They will come to the church every week and ask the teacher “have you made a decision?” The teacher said” not yet but speak to the little girl that has me puzzled.” Then they would talk to Blossom and each teacher would come out of the church with an open mouth for God has used the little girl to with them,

Thereafter, the district leader walked in the church sea of Galilee, and spoke to the teacher who said, “speak to the little girl.” Thereafter, the district leader stunned went up to the alter where the teacher was praying and gave a go and told her” I’ll stand in the fire too.” The teacher got up and walked to Blossom and told her for my wise speech the programming and lessons will continue. This pleased little Blossom so much that as she left the service and was being driven home with a few sisters in Christ; she sung" I got a joy like a river. Joy like a river, joy like a river into my soul. I got a joy, joy. joy like a river. Joy like a river to my soul."

Then time pass it was time for Blossom to take a test to become crowned as Honor star. There she finished. The teacher says, “I’ve been authorized to send this exam to the district, Good luck.” Then that same Sunday as Blossom went to the alter and prayed” Dear Lord, I help with the chores in the house. I A’s my grades in school. I try to be the best Christian daughter for my parents, and I devote my life to you. Let I A’s the exam so I know I learned the type of woman Warriors that are in the bible, so I can stand firm for our people like an Esther soul.” Thereafter, Blossom was sent by the daughter of the teacher’s name Mary to come upstairs on the second floor. Blossom walked to the floor and the teacher looked at her hard, this made Blossom bewildered with her emotions. I have news to tell you.” Blossom seat...” The test scores came back and regardless of what I am about to say, always be yourself” Blossom” I will” Teacher” Congratulations you score a perfect score of hundred, and you are going to be crowed honor star." Thereafter, Blossom jumped up from her chair with so much joy. Blossom” thank you for allowing God to have used you to teach me,” 

“I am going to be Queen just like a crowing of a princess in a fairy tale “said Blossom as she ran downstairs and her mother Celestine, dress in a flower dress, saw her daughter with so much joy; Blossom” Mother, Mother I am going to be crowed” Then, mother signed “My dear we are poor. We do not have all the fine wears to give you for this day of celebration” Blossom” Mother do not worry I will wear my special shoes, and my bestest dress, and that will be enough. God has seen my heart, and my prayers have been answered. "Then Blossoms mother said” I don’t know my little princess for your father Nico, and I don’t have all the funds” Thereafter, Blossom, said “Then I shall fast and pray that God provides away and clothing, and shoes to wear,” as she teared to herself for, she could not believe her mother had little faith. She could not believe, she had to go thru this dilemma Then Blossom begun to pray at the alter every service, believing God can. She was Gods little princess.

Then suddenly, on a winter Tuesday and rainy night, while Blossom was praying on the alter, there came her aunt name Angel , whom was walking to the alter of the Lord. Angel had used Blossom once as a negative example of why her children should not be fat, but today thatwas all going to change. The Aunt Angel taps Blossom” I’m sorry for interrupting but I have something to say to you.” Blossom looks up onto her “Please forgive me for all my wrong doings, and Blossom gets up and turn to her aunt Angel and say," I forgive for if I don't forgive, I can't go to heaven and I want to go to heaven" The aunt Angel cries and falls on her knees as a sign of humbleness. The aunt Angel states, " please will you accept a white dress my daughters has worn only once that's new still for the crowing" Blossom said "yes, I will humbly accept." then Angel states “my daughter next Tuesday will bring you the dress which she too wants to apologize. We have been so cruel to you.  we want have you want to also be right in God's eyes . we know you're serving the Lord and we want to change our relationship with you”, with tears of joy in Blossoms eyes she thanks the Lord God for what he was doing. Right after a Samaritan woman who happened to be a missionary, saw all this And walked humbly to the little girl anonymously. she told little girl Blossom "I saw everything and heard. I too want to put apart to this beautiful journey of yours. I want to buy you shoes since although you are child you will be competing with teenagers. therefore, I will buy you shoes that a teenager wears, but I would need your mother's consent to do so where is she?” Then Blossom pointed to her mother Celestine, and the Samaritan missionary walked over to the mother sitting at the right bench on the side of the church where the lady’s ministry sat. All Blossom  could remember was that her mother look at her daughter and began to cry. Thereafter, little blossom told her mother to come to the altar of the Lord and the mother came and celestine was told by blossom about the white dress that her aunt Angel was going to lend, and on that very moment the teacher Mary kindly walked to the altar of the Lord. Mary was an anointed woman of God; you knew she was one of Gods as she had  a special prescence with her, and she looked toward Blossoms mom and said, “I’m going to lend you a cape like a royalty robe I made and don’t worry about the transportation for I have it cover.” Then the teacher Mary walked away.

Baffle for words yet joyful with praise mother Celestine was worshiping God asking God to forgive her for not believing in the power of prayer but thanking him for the all the wonderful material things he had just shown her that he has provided to her daughter. See Blossoms parents couldn’t afford the ceremony for they had two other children to take care of that were graduating from school and an apartment, clothes, and food to supply for them. Therefore, it made it difficult for the parents to help Blossom get the crown ceremonial clothing wear and transportation for when it was her turn, they didn’t have enough money, but God supplied. God saw the hearts. Before, leaving the church Blossoms mom Celestine turn to Blossom and says smiling “Now all we need is permission from your father. Waite till you at less get the white dress next Tuesday by your cousin, for next Sunday the shoes will be in your hands, and cape same day of ceremony. Let cross our fingers, hope, and pray to God” with excitement said Mother Celestine with the joy that God only put in her heart as she grabs her daughter hand after putting their coats, grab their bibles, and walked out of the church to go home.

The big Tuesday had arrived. The day Blossom dad finds out about the crowning of honor stars ceremonies blessings. It is Tuesday evening and Blossom came out of school did her homework, did her choirs such as fix her bed, sweep the floor, and clean the bathroom. Thereafter, she showered fixed herself to go to church Sea of Galilee and sat to watch some of her favorite after school show for half hour. Thereafter, Mother Celestine and Blossom walked to the church. Blossom was so thrilled she couldn’t wait to talk to papa God like she called the Lord.

The doors of Sea of Galilee were open, and Blossom ran to the alter. She prayed thanking God for many things that she was grateful for. Then as she was praying, she received a tap on her right shoulder by someone who interrupted her prayer, but Blossom calmly took care of the situation. There she turns to see her teen Cousin Heaven bowing down to her with a white dress in a dress bag “my mom sent the white dress to be cleaned, so you can wear it freshly press. Also, I have a great guilt in my heart. Please forgive me. I have done so much wrong to you behind your back that you don’t deserve it. I understand if you don’t want to forgive me, but I had to get this off my chest. I have not been able to sleep at night.” Then Blossom spoke” I forgive you for you apologize is sincere the Lord tells me this. Also, if I can’t forgive then I can’t enter the kingdom of heaven and I want my crown to have its ruby’s.” The girls laugh, Blossom continued “I use Jesus’s example for he protected a prostitute from harm by saying to the men if anyone has not sin then throw the stone, but no one was able to. Jesus told her to stop living that lifestyle and to go back to her husband. If he is God and that merciful then, why can’t I be, and we suppose to learn from him you know.” Thereafter. Heaven handed the dress and asked Blossom” Can you pray if I can find a good man of God to love me, I trust you?” Blossom said, “Of Course let us pray”.


Blossom and her mother Arrived in front of her apartment.  The little girl knocked on the door knock, knock, knock, knock, then the father opens the door. then blossom speaks daddy Nico guess what daddy Nico “what my child” “my God answers prayers” “really tell me more” dad” he supplied me with a white dress, white shoes ,transportation, and the robe; all I know is I need your permission to go to the ceremony so I can get crowned in the honor stars. can I go daddy?” then out of nowhere daddy Nico started crying and he speaks “I have something to say God does answer prayers I really want you to go to the ceremony. I didn't have enough money to pay for your dress, for your shoes, for the transportation, for your Cape, and so I pray to God to supply what I can't; because I'm paying for the house, and the food that you eat; and he answered.” Hens’ daddy Nico cried with tears of joy kept saying “God it's good God is good”. Daddy Nico looked at his wife celestine and said, “make sure before you go to the ceremony of the crowning that I get to see you guys I want to see what the Lord has done and what the Lord's is going to finish.”

The day of the crowning came which led to a Saturday spring morning. Mother Celestine help dress her daughter. Everyone in the house was up that early morning for even Blossom siblings wanted to see their sister before she left so they can pray for their mother and Blossoms safe travels. See the ceremony was going to be in a big church in Connecticut for everyone wanted to meet the little girl who had defeated the system but at the same time gave glory to God and taught even the leaders of the district. Thus, Blossom’s mother Celestines learn to trust God more and decided to do Blossom hair in a bun with two curls coming down in the front of the face. As Blossom was finish with the dressing up and her hair and lipbalm in place, her father was called in to the bedroom. He fell down on his knees crying and saying, “God answers prayers” Then Blossom askes her father if he wanted prayer and he said “yes”. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior.  Then Blossom walked out of the room and the siblings joyous in the lord saying, “I will be praying till you get to the church, Mom will call the house to let us know that you have arrived safety.”

As the transportation arrived it was the new transportation for the church that just came out of the car shop. It was Blossom sparking pumpkin carriage she had a Schaeffer and concierge. They drove off and as they did await as they arrived in front of the church in Connecticut was leaders from many nations. Little Blossom came out and her teacher that was in the shining van as well said “walk like you’re a Queen Esther today” and Blossom greeted everyone under the grace of God and as she enters everyone was stunned to find that she was a little girl greeting her but felt to bow.

Then everyone waited in their seats and an announcement was made” For the first time in history a score of hundred and the youngest of all the honors stars we call Blossom to the front to be crowned Honor Stars or Stars” Stunned and worshipping God like the strike of twelve hit and all rejoice in the lord. The nine-year-old girl walked up to front sat on her throne and was crowned given flowers, two trophies, one medallion, and was anointed by the Lord which everyone there bow down and prayed for the Lord chose this day to change the atmosphere.

See never underestimate the power of the Lord. God does answer prayer and I bet there are more Christian Cinderella out there that I hope to hear one day or read myself. This story is a true story. The fairy God mothers were the good Samaritan women. Children have expectations beyond what you think. God can use a child to change the atmosphere. Dreams can come true with the Lord on your side

Submitted: June 07, 2021

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