"dare me season 1 episode 3 priorities"

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

episode 3











*Jim shacks a little as he drinks some coffee from a mug Skeeter gave him.* “Ok so you must have seen some shit what exactly happened? “I was inside the building looking from room to room wasting time. I ran into a teenager all I know is he locked me inside.

 The killer was in the basement and the Murder weapon he used on this poor girl was a chainsaw. I was trapped in the basement and the killer had fallen asleep, I tip toed my way around him to get upstairs and leave.

*Jim sips more of the coffee.* “So does this change your mind about playing “Dare me?” are you done with the game? “Oh god no I honestly can’t wait for my next dare. I can’t really explain myself other than this when I was inside the building I thought I was going to die. But something had awakened inside of me something kind of sinister and now all I can think about is getting my next dare on.” “I understand Dare me does sound fun I have been thinking of signing up.

Skeeter says. “Man you would have a ball you should sign up.” Jim tells Skeeter as he finishes the coffee. *Jim’s phone rings* “It’s my mom hold on.” “Hello hey mom how’s it going?” “What you’re at the hospital? Maddie’s cancer is back? Shit. Should I come to the Hospital?

Ok tell her I love her.” *Jim hangs the phone up.* “Is everything ok do you need to go to the hospital?” “My mom said to just stay put. We’re not sure what’s going on but Maddie my little sister’s leukemia is back.” *Jim said a silent prayer* “Look whatever happens Jim I’m here for you.” Skeeter says. “Thanks I appreciate it.” Jim says as he nods to Skeeter.

 A few hours go bye and Skeeter decides to put on the T.V. the news was on.





This game put two of my family members Kids into the Ground. They would have been alive to this day if they hadn’t signed up for this cursed game.” I want every parent out there to know this is a very seriously dangerous game that should NOT BE ALLOWED IN YOUR HOMES.” My kids were 12 and 17they were both set to graduate from elementary and high school this year But Argh I can’t read this anymore I’m going off script sorry.

 “Please I beg all you parents this is a very bad game help me get it banned I am making a petition to ban “DARE ME” once and for all. Help me out I’m begging you do what’s right for your children and for you as well.” “Everybody always wants to ban everything.” Skeeter said out loud. “Now before we go on break we have one more person for you to listen to 35 year old “Dennis Tromble” “Now Dennis I understand you are a champion in “DARE ME” So the fact that John is claiming that it’s a dangerous game must make you upset how would you like to defend “DARE ME”? We want to hear your side of the story as well. “Well I’m glad you asked.

 You see Dare me helped me out as a kid. I wasn’t popular and I didn’t fit in with clicks. I was a lone wolf I would go out of my way to avoid people and places. Until I saw an ad for a game called “Dare me.” I searched it and did some research and I wanted to give it a try the next thing I knew I was signed up and the game let me experience things I never thought I would in my life. It was great.

There is nothing like the feeling of dangling off a skyscraper for an insane amount of cash. Or the thrill of standing on a train track as a train approached and jumping off at the last second. I’m not by any means a crazy person I go to church every Sunday I work a full time job I am like everybody else but I am an adventure taker I rise to different levels than most.

Most people can’t even comprehend what I do. I am a professional dare devil at the end of the day and I am very good at what I do. I have won the championship three years in a row I am a millionaire. I’m not saying “Dare me” Is safe or saying it’s not safe. But what I want everybody to understand is that there are people out there who just want to seek thrills and there’s nothing wrong with that.

 It’s good for people who want to make a quick buck. But by No means do you have to play in fact “Dare me” Says that on the sign up page. “It says three times are you sure you want to sign up?” You don’t have too.

But I want everyone to know it is dangerous but as long as you know when enough is enough and when you shouldn’t do something don’t do it. At the end of the day you are all responsible for yourselves and nobody else. Now this is all I have to say. I am Dennis and I’ll see you later.” “Thank you for your time Dennis.

Back to you chuck with the Weather forecast.” *Skeeter turns the T.V. off and walks over To Jim. “Are you ok?” “Yeah I’m just worried for my sister.” “Has she had leukemia before?” “Yes when she was six she was in the hospital for about eight months but she beat it. I really had hoped it was gone. Especially right know. We were better financially back then but now we don’t have enough money I’m afraid for her.” Jim says. That’s why I need “Dare me.” I need to take these dares and make money this $12,000 is a start but not enough to help.

I need more. I need these dares. Jim says as he looks at the fire place. “It makes sense.”  Look I’ll sign up for “Dare me” as well. And I’ll help you with the money.  “I can’t ask you to do that. Skeeter. “I know I’m not asking my mind is made up I want to help you so I’m signing up to help your sister. “Thanks you’re a true friend.” Jim says to Skeeter.

 Now my laptop is upstairs I’m going to go grab it. Skeeter walks upstairs and grabs his laptop and returns to Jim. *Jim helps get to the game’s web page and helps Skeeter sign up.”






*Skeeter checks the box for “Insane dares.” “OUTSTANDING” the app replied. “You will receive a text message in a few hours for your first dare. “Good luck.” Jim tells Skeeter. As Jim gets a text message “Good morning Jim, You have a dare coming your way today.”

“What is it?” Jim asks. The app responds back several minutes later ‘How do you feel about alligators?” Jim got chills. Jim and Skeeter visit his mom and Maddie at the hospital. Jim walks up to the door where his parents and sister are staying in.

 Skeeter puts his hand on Jims shoulder. *Jim opens the door and see’s his sister hooked up to a machine. Jim’s mom and dad are clearly upset and scared they thank Skeeter for coming. Maddie looks at Jim and says “I’m scared Jim I don’t want to die.” “You won’t. You will beat this again you will. Jim says as he hugs his little sister. Jim’s dad deliberately puts a box down on top of the bill so nobody can see what the cost is.” Skeeter tells Maddie she is very brave and can beat this.

Jim receives a text message. He looks at it. It’s from “DARE ME” “Go to the SWAMPS.” But first get some raw chicken from a bait shop. Complete the dare for $12,000. Jim nods. “Time to go.” He shows Skeeter the text.” “But you just got here you should stay with your sister. Jim’s Mom said. “Let him go with Skeeter. His dad says. As Jim and Skeeter leave the hospital. Skeeter gets a text from “DARE ME” as well. “Hello skeeter it’s time for your first dare. Head to the cemetery tonight. After 10 pm for $10,000.”

 “Ok well this is it we both have dares. Jim says. “Good luck.” Jim says to Skeeter. “Same to you.” Skeeter says as Jim and Skeeter both start to walk away in different directions.


Submitted: June 07, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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