American Stories of High School Book One

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

At Danielson High School in 1973, Mark Patterson, a thirteen year old teenager in New York, arrives there, where he finds love, and makes enemies, there. The first romance Young Adult novel in a new series of books, by Robert Helliger.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

This book is PG for sex references, coarse language, adult themes ___ Mark Patterson arrived at Danielson High School. His face w... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

___ Mark awoke. He had breakfast in the small kitchen. 'Have a good day, Mark'. 'Okay, Mom'. 'Your Dad's at work', she ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Mark attended class.  Afterwards, he and Emily, went to Library. By 3:00 PM, school was over.  And his Mother picke... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Part 2 __ Randal Moore glanced at the sign. It read: Men's Restroom. He walked to the door, and opened it. Afterwards, ... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

___ Mark was home.  'Mom's here, Dad'. 'Good. What are you going to do tonight? See a movie on TV? Or homework', Mark's ... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Anderson Ropert walked along the path that led to Central Park. Rose Murphy, and Irish-American woman, stared at the ducks in the pond ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

___ Part 3 ___ Tracie was with Carter. 'Mom is concerned about guys coming around', he said. 'I'm sure they're nice', T... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

--- 'Mom!', Mark said. 'Yes', she said. 'Emily is here. She says I can visit her at her house'. 'I think so. She's not Ca... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Part 4 ___ Miss Maggie Hirschenson watched the clouds loom over her room. She wrote down the papers; she yawned. It was 5:45 PM. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

___ The New York skyline was dark. As the shadows hovered above the city that never sleeps, the next morning's glow wss eight hou... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

___ The first sign of the colorful sky in Lower Manhattan in New York shifted; the sky was blue, creating a sense of beautific colors... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

___ Mark was with Emily.  'How are you doing Miss Hirschenson?', he asked her.  'I'm fine. It's going to be bad sin... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

The woman was crying.  She looked forlornly at the battered newspaper. She sighed with frustration; she wasn't used to be alone ... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

___ Last Part ___ Kaley watched the rain felling down. She saw her Mother. 'It's time to go'. 'But, cheerleader p... Read Chapter


---- Epilogue-August 2, 1973 Mark was glad to be with Emily.  The meeting with their families wasn't awkward. It was fri... Read Chapter

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