The Dog

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ever heard of the smile dog? Well, in this story, A woman named Kate meets this dog and it's not happy.

Kate looked up at her new house in disgust. It was a dreadful gray color, the windows were boarded up, and there were holes in the roof, but she could fix that. She just didn't like the the feel of it. It felt like an evil presence was in there waiting for her.

She strode up to the front steps and opened the door with one arm. She set down the box she was holding and looked around.

The front room was dark and dusty with cobwebs in the corners. Most of the furniture was either scratched or broken and the rugs were ripped to shreds.

Kate walked up the stairs and and jumped over two steps that were broken. When she got to the top she noticed five rooms with doors that had just colored stains.

She opened the first door on her right to peek inside and saw a bedroom.

In the bedroom there was a dresser full of old , moth eaten clothes,A closet filled with crumbling hats, some dusty figurines on a purple nightstand, a bed with two legs missing, and a comforter with holes all the way to the other side.

The other two legs were across the room and looked like they were chewed on. Kate was surprised that the bed was still standing.

She stepped out and went to the second room and saw a crib, small clothes, stuffed animals, and a rocking chair in the corner.

The third room was a bathroom with a window painted black, but the other two rooms were similar to the first. She assumed that they were guest rooms.

Kate went back downstairs and stepped into the kitchen.

The dishes were cracked, the handles on the faucet were missing, and the fridge wasn't working.

She saw a door in the kitchen and opened it. She saw that it went down to the basement, so she grabbed a flashlight from her car and then crept down the stairs slowly.

Once Kate got down the stairs, she moved the flashlight around to have a good look at what was there.

There was only a rusted washing machine and dryer, and they both didn't work.

Kate went back upstairs and walked out of the house towards her car to get the rest of the boxes.

After she got them all inside, she decided to unpack the box of cleaning supplies so that her house would be clean-ish when her parents visited.

She put on her gloves and started dusting the furniture that was still intact.

Kate stopped to brush her hair out of her face and heard dishes falling and shattering in the kitchen.

She grabbed a broom and walked into the kitchen slowly. She saw plates and blood all over the floor. There was also blood dripping from the ceiling onto the counter. Kate looked up to see bloody paw prints going towards the front room.

She followed them and then stopped when she saw what they came from.

On the ceiling was a dog with a sloppy triangle shaped snout, A pig nose, teeth all on the outside of it's mouth, bloodshot eyes, red fur with blood dripping from it, and no ears.

It turned it's backwards to look at her and she almost threw up. Kate couldn't move an was afraid to even breathe.

The thing stared at her for a while and then it dropped to the floor with it's claws extended.

The dog came towards her with a slight limp but showed no pain. It looked like it was smiling at her and she got even more creeped out.

It started growling and opened it's mouth to show more rows of teeth as it kept creeping towards her.

It stopped two feet from Kate and crouched.

Suddenly, it pounced on her and the jaws clamped around her neck and she heard a tearing sound. She tried to fight it ofc but she was losing strength quickly.

She collapsed and watched as her blood splattered on the walls and floor.

Kate saw the dog climb on top on her but she didn't feel a thing. It started lapping at the blood coming out of her throat.

The world got smaller and smaller until she knew no more.

There was nothing else for her to do. She was gone, never to remember the beauty of life.

Submitted: June 07, 2021

© Copyright 2021 C.N.Hunt. All rights reserved.

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